101 Simple Adventures You Can Do Everyday: Bust Out Of That Rut

We all get stuck in a rut at one time or another where our everyday life becomes a little mundane and routine. Here are 101 simple adventures anyone can do to shake things up a bit.


Adventure for the unadventurous or the busy person

Adventure is the spice of life. You need adventure in your life once in a while. Some might go so far as to say that adventure is paramount to your happiness.

I’m not talking about climbing Mount Everest, becoming an international spy or buying a Ferrari.

Those are exciting things however most of us don’t have the stomach or the moolah for THAT kind of excitement on a regular basis. So how does the average person sneak a little adventure into their life from time to time?

Definition of adventure

The first thing you need to do is change your idea of what adventure is. Once you do, adventure and excitement can be had every day because adventure is a very individual thing.

What one person finds exciting is going to be very different from what another person finds exciting. For instance, my husband thinks gardening is exciting but I don’t. A friend of mine finds skydiving exciting whereas I would just find it terrifying.

My point is that adventure doesn’t have to be death-defying and just because something is not death-defying doesn’t mean it can’t be an adventure because simply breaking from your normal routine or trying something new can be an adventure.

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Want some ideas for some adventures which you can try every day?

Here is a list of 101 simple things anyone can do or try on a regular basis.  While you’re at it, why not start a journal and document your new adventures? Try to do something every day for 365 days. Most importantly, make sure you make time for new adventures. It’s hard to fit in new adventures if you are bogged down with mindless chores and tasks.

  1. Cook a recipe you’ve never cooked before. 
  2. Try a food you’ve never tried before.
  3. Apply for citizenship through descent to another country
  4. travel somewhere where they speak another language.
  5. Learn French or another language.
  6. Find a cause you are passionate about and get involved.
  7. Host a couchsurfer or become a couch surfer
  8. Volunteer to teach English at a community centre. I did this for a while.
  9. Adopt a pet- Rescue a dog or cat from an animal shelter.
  10. Look for a new job
  11. Change careers even if you don’t know what to do.
  12. Teach people English online
  13. Go volunteer abroad in exchange for free board and food. Workaway is a good place to start looking.
  14. Start crafting: Go to Pinterest.com and search for inspiration.
  15. Write a love letter to someone you love
  16. Set a workout goal. (lose 10 pounds, work your way up to 100 pushups etc.)
  17. Learn to dance a certain style, belly dancing, salsa, swing, hip hop- you choose.
  18. Go glamping (Glamorous Camping)
  19. Go geocaching with kids or friends. (need GPS enabled phone or device)
  20. Change your look, your haircut, hair colour etc.
  21. Make an entertaining answering machine message
  22. Learn calligraphy
  23. Start urban foraging.
  24. Go mushroom foraging like the French do.
  25. Find a mentor to help you do something you want to do.
  26. Join a mastermind group
  27. Downsize and sell things you no long need on eBay or on craigslist.
  28. Eat pancakes for dinner and or pizza for breakfast
  29. Learn HTML
  30. Build something
  31. Go a week without a cell phone or internet
  32. Learn to weld and make something useful
  33. Learn to play an instrument
  34. Learn to take beautiful pictures
  35. Learn to sew your own clothes
  36. learn to crochet or knit
  37. Learn to play chess
  38. Learn to play mahjong
  39. Passionately kiss in the rain
  40. Take a career break and do something worthwhile
  41. Snuggle in a hammock
  42. Change your eating habits and detox for a week
  43. Carve your names in a tree
  44. Learn and find constellations like the big dipper
  45. Take up kickboxing, tai chi or karate
  46. Learn to meditate
  47. Take up jogging
  48. Work at achieving the splits
  49. Go to the driving range and hit a bucket of balls
  50. Become certified at something like yoga, Zumba or scuba diving.
  51. Become an author: Start writing a book
  52. Become an internet entrepreneur
  53. Learn to be a better photographer
  54. Ride your bike to work
  55. Watch aeroplanes take off and land up close
  56. Read the entire Bible or Koran
  57. Learn to write with your other hand
  58. Visit a hookah lounge
  59. meditate in a temple
  60. solve a Rubik’s cube
  61. Walk through a graveyard at night
  62. Join a book club
  63. Attend local food, wine or music festivals
  64. Read books ( Novel idea right?)
  65. Make your own beer (easier than you think)
  66. Make your own wine
  67. Become a history buff of anything
  68. Become a connoisseur of wine
  69. Learn to sign
  70. Get a second degree by going to night college or earn it online
  71. Start a capsule wardrobe in a certain style, preppy, hipster, à la Française?
  72. Donate blood
  73. Learn to sing.
  74. Go to the circus: see the cirque du Soleil
  75. Go to a concert
  76. Call someone you haven’t heard from or spoken to in a while. Maybe even make plans to meet up with them.
  77. See a musical
  78. Watch a play
  79. Watch a movie in another language you are learning
  80. go to a drive-in theatre
  81. Go to a jazz bar
  82. Go to a karaoke bar and sing or do it at home
  83. Go to a museum
  84. Apply for a job in another country
  85. Have a video game competition
  86. learn to identify all the birds in your backyard
  87. Make a herb garden
  88. Grow your own tomatoes or veggies
  89. Make a terrarium
  90. Get a tattoo, get a French-inspired tattoo.
  91. Start a family
  92. Go skinny dipping with someone (or alone).
  93. Go camping and if you can’t then go camping in your backyard
  94. Go on a midnight bike ride with flashlights friends or family
  95. Get a second passport
  96. Take a train somewhere, anywhere
  97. Make Sushi
  98. Learn to read braille
  99. Take up hiking
  100. START A BLOG about something you are passionate about! Like I did.
  101. Find a penpal and write handwritten letters to each other.

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