Featured image: Witty and inspiring Coco Chanel quotes for fabulously classy girls who want to rule the world

Coco Chanel Quotes & Mantras: For Fabulous Badass Girls

Channel Your Inner Chanel With These Fabulous Inspirational Coco Chanel Quotes, mantras and witticisms for Badass Girls who want to live life on their own terms as Chanel did. (Original

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Biggest Regrets In Life: What Will You Regret On Your Deathbed?

We all have regrets: negative emotions that make us feel bad and or sad about a personal choice as we imagine some alternative outcome, usually a better one if we

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Woman looking at mountains asking herself how to be less boring

Why Am I So Boring? 10 Signs You’re Boring The Hell Out Of Everyone +How To Be Less Boring

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “why am I so boring?” or wondered “how to be less boring,” you’re not alone. Here is what years of experiments and trial and error have

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Getting permission from your ex to travel and live abroad

How To Travel or Live Abroad With Kids When Your Ex Says NO!

Is your ex refusing to sign a child travel consent form? Wondering how you can move abroad without his or her consent? Here’s how I obtained a court order giving

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Everyday adventures you can do when your bored

Bored? 101 Simple Adventure Ideas: Daring + Fun Things To Do Everyday

We all get bored once in a while or feel like we’re stuck in a rut. But what can you do about it? Here are 101 fun everyday things anyone

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Dance like no one is watching!

Dance Like No One’s Watching Instead Of Worrying So Much

Do You Worry Too Much About What Others Will Think? Here’s why you shouldn’t give a damn. Instead, you should live your life like a dance and “dance like no

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French tattoos: french pigeon with Eiffel tower

25 Fabulous French Tattoos: Ideas For Men And Women

Known as a country that produces superior wine, incredible art and mouth-watering food; when it comes to French-themed tattoo inspiration, you‘ll never be short of ideas! 25 Tattoos that make

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