About Annie, The Live In France Guide

Are you a Francophile? Do you dream about visiting, working or living in France? Do you already live in France?

I don't claim to have all the answers but I have figured out a lot of stuff mostly through trial and error and by cozying up to unsuspecting French friends.

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Hello, I'm Annie André, born in Thailand, raised in North America and a foreigner living in France with my husband and 3 children since 2011.

That's over 6 years- eating great baguettes, guzzling wine, mixing with the locals and battling with French bureaucracy for the right to live in France.

Through the years, I have amassed and documented an insane amount of knowledge, resources and information about our experiences and I have the scars and jaded attitude to prove it. 

Sometimes life in France is "la merd" but sometimes "c'est si bon ici".

Follow along and join my journey to get a humorously pragmatic look at the joys, the trials and tribulations of it all. I hope you're a glutton for punishment!.

How it all started!

Me (Annie) and my husband in Paris on mini sabbaticalA few years ago, I was right where you are now- dreaming of moving to France,  researching unanswered questions, drowning in all the information and struggling to make sense of it all. I can’t tell you how many dead-ends we hit and how many times we almost gave up.

The information on moving to France was out there but it was scattered, unreliable and sometimes incomplete. Plus there wasn’t a lot of information for someone like me who was married with children, who had a house and a lifetime of possessions that comes from living a conventional life. Someone who didn’t have a company to sponsor us to move to France.

Obviously we never gave up because we eventually made it to France- with a few battle scars of course and grumpy demeanour from all the hoop jumping we had to do with regards to our visa.

Taking time off from life, can give you a chance to do all the things you put off because you were too busy to do them while running on the treadmill of life. Write that book, learn French, become a yoga instructor, teach English, learn a new skill or jump start your freelancing career.  It’s a way to reboot.Whatever you do, it is sure to be unique to you and your circumstances.

Click here to learn how we ended up in France.

If you want to meet my wonderful hubby and three kids than come on over and Meet The Family. Below is our little family album.

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