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Hello There!

Sometimes life in France is "La Merde

But sometimes "C'EST SI BON"!

I'm Annie!

I'm a Thai born, French Canadian/American, digital marketer and bilingual author of AnnieAndre.com: 



I moved to France with my husband and three children back in 2011.

Like many bloggers, I started this site as a way to document our travels and experiences with friends, family, Francophiles and travel addicts.

Over the years this site has evolved into a labour of love about anything that's French.

I don't just focus on one French topic such as fashion or language, instead you'll find an eclectic mix of content ranging from:

French culture, French food, French Language, lifestyle, design, education, travel tips, French themed gift ideas and destination guides as well as personal advice and anecdotes on working, living and playing in France and beyond.

(equal parts weird, wacky and wonderful).

How we ended up

Moving To france!

Customers served! 0 Years Living In France and counting

How we ended up living in France

We were living in Montreal in 2010 when we decided to move to France for what was supposed to be a one-year family sabbatical.

Nearly 11 years later, we're still here with our three children, making friends (and enemies), sipping wine, eating baguettes and tanning in the Mediterranean sun.

We didn't have cushy corporate jobs or a company sponsor our move to France, and we didn't have family or friends living in France to help us either.

We figured it all out on our own. 

We've experienced the full gamut of emotions and experiences, both good and bad, and have the battle wounds and jaded French attitude to prove it!

I don't claim to have all the answers; however, as a result of our experiences, I've amassed an insane amount of knowledge, resources and information about what it takes to move to France and thrive, mostly through trial and error and by cozying up to my unsuspecting French friends.

  • Applying for visas so we could live in France legally.
  • Enrolling the kids in French schools.
  • Manoeuvring the daily hurdles of moving to a new country.
  • Learning the local customs.
  • Finding a place to live.
  • Jumping through bureaucratic hoops and more....

There's more to France than wine, cheese and unicorns!

The reality is this: 

France isn't perfect, and your life won't magically be better simply by moving to France. Sure, France is and has been great for us, and it can be for you too, but you have to put in the work to appreciate France, its culture and all the idiosyncrasies of living in another country. 

I love sharing what I've learned and my experiences in an honest, genuine, and fun way. I try not to sugar-coat or present life in France through rose coloured glasses by deliberately omitting all of the difficult parts like so many resources about France do. 

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