Sometimes life in France is  "La Merde"


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I write for internationally-minded Francophiles, friends, aspiring travellers, expats  living abroad like us and people interested in life with a French twist.

You'll find an eclectic mix of anything from travel tips, destination guides and inspiration to personal advice and anecdotes on working, living and playing in France. ( Equal parts weird, wacky and wonderful)

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how we ended up in France


Years and counting

9 years and counting

I've been living in France (as a foreigner) with my husband and 3 children since 2011. 

You can meet and read about our gang of five here.

If you do the math, that's more than enough time to eat plenty of baguettes, guzzle way too many litres of wine, make new friends and blend in with the locals. 

We didn't have cushy corporate jobs or a company to sponsor our move to France and we didn't have family or friends in France to help us. 


We jumped through all the French bureaucracy hoops for the right to stay in France legally.

my experience & what i know

From figuring out which visas to get, finding a place to live and enrolling our 3 kids in French schools to learning how to manoeuvre daily French life and more- we've experienced the gamut when it comes to life in France and I have the battle wounds and jaded French attitude to prove it. 

Obviously we figured it all out but It took a while with lots of bureaucratic hoop jumping, budgeting and time. I can't tell you how many dead-ends and road blocks we hit or how many times we almost gave up. 

As a result of our experiences, both good and bad, I've amassed an insane amount of knowledge, resources and information about what it takes to move to France and survive life in France. I love sharing that knowledge here on this blog in a way that's honest, genuine and fun. 

I don't claim to have all the answers, however, I've figured out a lot of stuff mostly through trial and error and by cozying up to my unsuspecting French friends.

my philosophy

There are so many resources out there that talk about how great France is while deliberately omitting all of the difficult things about life in France or by showing you France only through rose coloured glasses. 

The reality is this: France isn't perfect, and your life won't magically be better simply moving to France. Yes France is and has been great for us and it can be for you too but you have to put in the work to appreciate France, it's culture and all the idiosyncrasies of living in another country. 


Annie & Blake





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