I doubt Halloween will ever be as huge as it is in the United States, Canada or Ireland, but there are Halloween options for Families with young children visiting or living in France. Likewise, there are enough possibilities to keep adults and teens in

Are you curious about what preschool is like in France? Do you plan on spending some time in France and wonder if French preschool is right for your child? Here is a peek at what school is like for my daughter and my thoughts.

If I live in France for 1 year………….. How much French will I learn? Will I be able to communicate easily in French with French people? Will my child be bilingual or fluent after a year in France? Can I speak French fluently by

After having lived in France for several years, we’ve encountered plenty of people who celebrate Halloween in one form or another. However, we’ve also learned that Halloween is somewhat of a controversial and confusing holiday to the French.I would go so far as to

Do you want to travel around the world or live abroad with your kids but you’re afraid of the backlash and negativity from others? Been there! others shame you into conforming to their idea of what is the right and wrong way to live your life