Getting permission from your ex to travel and live abroad

How To Travel or Live Abroad With Kids When Your Ex Says NO!

Is your ex refusing to sign a child travel consent form? Wondering how you can move abroad without his or her consent? Here’s how I obtained a court order giving

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onomatopoeia: French animal sounds

25 Funny French Animal Sounds And Noises + Video Pronunciation

Ruff-Ruff, Oink, Moo and Meow are all animal sounds but did you know the animal noises in French(Onomatopoeias) sound different? Let’s explore 25 written animal sounds in French, which don’t

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Why you should carve turnip jack o lanterns instead of pumpkins for halloween

Why You Should Carve Scary Beet & Turnip Jack O’Lantern For Halloween- Not Pumkins

In remembrance of the original Jack O’lantern, which was NOT carved out of pumpkins, try something so old it’s new. Carve a Turnip Jack O’Lantern for Halloween just like the

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photo of Catherine with her preschool teachers in Marseille France, 2011

French Preschool in France: What’s It Like?

Are you curious about what preschool is like in France? Do you plan on spending some time in France and wonder if French preschool is right for your child? Here

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speak french fluently

Will I (or my child) Speak French Fluently If I Live In France For 1 year?

If I live in France for 1 year………….. How much French will I learn? Will I be able to communicate easily in French with French people? Will my child be

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