40 French Halloween costumes: Inspired ideas for adults

Unleash your inner Francophile with one of these French Halloween costumes which you can buy or DIY. Perfect for a themed party or cosplay too.

By Annie André ⦿ updated January 10, 2024  
French halloween costume ideas and french themed cosplay costumes
French halloween costume ideas and french themed cosplay costumes

If you’re looking for French-themed costume ideas, whether it’s for Halloween, cosplay, or a themed party, you’ve come to the right place.

From iconic French historical figures like Napoleon and Marie Antoinette to costume ideas inspired by French films, literature, and culture, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s dive into the world of French Halloween costumes that you can buy or DIY. 

French Halloween costumes inspired by Films and Literature

Transform yourself into characters made famous in French films and literature. 

1) Three Musketeers costume (great group costume)

‘All for one and one for all’ is the motto of Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and Artagnan, four characters from the book “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas, the most famous French writer of the nineteenth century.

Few people outside of France realize that Dumas based his characters on four historical figures who were part of the King’s musketeers (mousquetaires du roi). These high-ranking elite soldiers were skilled in using muskets, a type of firearm, and are often depicted wearing distinctive uniforms with feathered hats and swords. (source)

Woman's Musketeer Costume

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Men's 3 musketeers costume

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2) The Count of Monte Cristo

Le Comte de Monte-Cristo is another adventure novel written by Alexandre Dumas. A 19-year-old sailor named Edmond Dantès is falsely accused of treason and imprisoned in the Château d’If. After he escapes from the fortress located on a small, rocky island 1.5 km (0.9 miles) offshore from Marseille, he adopts the persona of Count of Monte Cristo and seeks revenge on everyone who wronged him. 

To dress as the count, you’ll have to wear dashing period clothing from the late 1800’s to 1900’s. — Top hats, long fitted coats, cravats etc. 

3) Amélie Poulain

An easy DIY French Halloween costume that you can recreate with things you may already have in your closet is to dress up as Amélie from the famous French cult film Amélie, released in 2001. 

One of Amélie’s signature looks in the movie is a red dress, often paired with a green cardigan and black combat boots. Add props, such as the garden gnome, which Amélie takes pictures of in various destinations, and some dangling Raspberry earrings to represent the scene where Amélie eats raspberries off her fingers. 

How to dress like Amélie Poulin outfit

4) Les Misérables charcter costumes

les miserable Costume designs poster

Pay homage to Victor Hugo’s famous French novel “Les Misérables” by dressing up as one of the characters that feature the tattered clothing and props that reflect the misery and hope portrayed in the story.

5) Phantom of the Opera:

Recreate the haunting character from French author Gaston Leroux’s novel “Phantom of the Opera” with a black cape, half mask, and a single rose. Next year, repurpose it into a vampire costume. 

Phantom of the Opera costume

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6) Madeline

Madeline is a children’s book series which follows the adventures of a red-headed 7-year-old girl who lives in an all-girls boarding school run by nuns in Paris.

Madeline and the other 11 girls living at the boarding school all wear a uniform, which consists of a blue dress, white collar, ankle socks, yellow hat, and Mary Jane shoes.

Madeline Toy Doll
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Historical French Costumes:

These historical French Halloween costumes are based on clothing styles from various historical periods in France. 

7) Bell époque period clothing

The Belle Époque period lasted from about 1871 to 1914 in France. It was a time when culture and art flourished, and people felt optimistic.

Fashion during the Belle Époque was elegant, polished, ornate, and often flamboyant. Women usually wore long dresses or skirts, high necks, puffy sleeves, and large hats. Men typically wore three-piece suits with a waistcoat, dress shirt, and tie.

Belle Poque Striped skirt

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8) Cancan Dancer:

How fun would it be to dress up like a French Cancan dancer, like the ones who perform at the Moulin Rouge? 

A French Cancan dancer costume typically includes a ruffled dress with frills designed to flare out during the high kicks, fishnet stockings, a garter belt, and black boots or heels. Complete the costume with a headpiece, feather, and choker and some dramatic makeup. 

9) French prisoner costume

French prisoners in France used to wear a distinctive black and white striped prison uniform known as the “pyjama,” which made it hard for escapees to blend in with the environment. 

French prisoner costume

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Famous historical French people’s costumes

These French Halloween costume ideas are based on clothing associated with well-known figures from French history. 

10) Napolon costume

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who declared himself emperor of France in 1804.

A Napoleon costume typically includes a black or navy blue tailcoat jacket with matching trousers, a black or red bicorne hat, and black boots. Consider adding a sash and medal to represent his military achievements.

Men's Adult Napoleon Costume
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11) Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was a French female military leader and a symbol of courage and patriotism. She is often depicted wearing a men’s suit of armour. 

Joan of Arc costume

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12) King Louis XIV aka “The Sun King”

Channel your inner royalty by dressing up as the most famous French king of them all, King Louis the 14th. 

King Louis Costume
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13) Templar Knights costume

The Templar Knights were a medieval Christian military order and brotherhood co-founded by Hugh of Payns. He was a French knight and the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar who swore to defend Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem and the holy land during the Christian Crusades.

These holy warriors are usually depicted wearing a white tunic with a red cross on the chest and a white hooded cloak. Some costumes also include chainmail armour and accessories such as a sword, shield, or gauntlets (a type of glove.)

Templar Knights costume

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Medieval Knight Chainmail

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14) Marie Curie

Do as Sheldon did on the Big Bang TV series and dress up as Marie Curie, better known as Madame Curie in France. She was a Polish naturalized French physicist and chemist famous for her work on radioactivity and the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, which she won in 1911 for discovering the elements radium and polonium.

To become Marie Curie, forget about a white lab coat which she rarely wore. Instead, you’ll need to wear a long black dress — period clothing from the late 19th century. In photos, she usually has frizzy hair, which she coiled into a bun or chignon. Throw in some laboratory props like a test tube, flask, or beaker — made of plastic, and voila.

You could also get creative with the symbols from the periodic table of elements she discovered, “RA” for radium and “PO” for polonium. 

15) Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel was a famous French fashion designer known for popularizing women’s clothing inspired by menswear. She was often seen wearing tailored tweed or houndstooth suits, chic quilted handbags, sophisticated hats, tasteful bracelets, pearls, and sunglasses. Don’t forget to put on a bit of Coco Channel perfume for a 4D experience.

16) Bip the clown

French halloween costumes bip the clown Marcel Marceau

“Bip the Clown” was a famous French clown character created by Marcel Marceau, who is also one of the world’s best-known mimes.

He typically wore a white painted face, a beat-up top hat adorned with a red flower, a striped shirt, and white trousers.

Famous French couple’s Halloween costumes

Here are some French Halloween costumes that would be great for couples. 

17) Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI

Put a regal twist to your French Halloween costume by dressing up as Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, the ultimate French power couple. They were the last king and queen of France until they lost their heads, literally. Both were beheaded during the French Revolution. Some gruesome variations to this costume are to add elements that reflect their beheading by adding dripping, dripping blood to their neck, tattered clothing and tarnished jewelry.

Marie Antoinette Halloween costume: Her signature look included a white powdered wig, regal gown, ribbons, and the distinctive touch of Rococo makeup and beauty marks. Don’t forget the cake. Marie Antoinette is often given credit for saying let them eat cake.

King Louis the 16th costume: To achieve his extravagant royal look, you’ll need a long ornate coat, also known as a tailcoat, Knee-length breeches, white stockings, and a white ruffled dress shirt with cuffs. In terms of shoes and accessories, you’ll need a pair of buckled shoes and a cravat, a type of neckband similar to an Ascott. Don’t forget the powdered wig and maybe a big gold ring. 

King Louis XVI Costume
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18) Mona Lisa & Leonardo Da Vinci

The Mona Lisa, painted by the Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, which is displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world and a national treasure of France. In French, the painting is called “La Joconde” from the Italian “La Gioconda” because it’s believed that the woman in the painting was Lisa del Giocondo.

Mona Lisa Costume: You could dress up as the Mona Lisa painting, which you could buy online or make at home. Another option is to dress up as Mona Lisa herself. You would need a dark-coloured dress and to fix your hair to match Mona Lisa’s style in the painting. Apply your makeup to create a pale complexion, and outline your lips so you can recreate her mysterious smile. A fun little accessory would be to include a bag with a print of the Mona Lisa on it. 

Da Vinci costume: To dress up as Leonardo Da Vinci, you’ll need a long, scraggly white beard and, of course, a beret or peasant cap, which were signature accessories of artists during the Renaissance period. Choose earthy-toned Renaissance clothing such as a robe or tunic. Don’t forget to wear Renaissance-type boots or shoes. And just for fun, wear a pair of Mona Lisa socks. 

Stereotypical French costumes

There’s no end to French clichés that can be turned into French Halloween costumes. 

19) French maid costume

The exaggerated stereotype of the sexy French maid is a fun alternative to other seductive costumes. French maid uniforms typically consist of a short black dress with a white apron and some sort of headpiece. Add a duster to complete the ensemble. 

French Maid costume
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20) French Ballerina

Get ready to Plié and pirouette in a French ballerina costume. You’ll need a ballerina leotard, tutu and some comfortable ballet shoes you can wear outdoors. Don’t forget to slick back your hair into a bun and apply some sophisticated and dramatic makeup. 

Women Ballerina costume

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21) French mime Halloween costume (a great couples costume)

French mimes, short for “pantomime,” have historical roots in France that date back to the ancient Romans and Greeks. These silent performances use exaggerated facial expressions and gestures to tell a story and convey emotion, which means you don’t have to talk to anyone if you dress up in a French mime costume.

What do mime artists wear?

French mime costumes typically consist of a horizontally striped black and white shirt, Black Pants, suspenders, a beret and sometimes white gloves. Don’t forget the mime makeup for Halloween, which consists of applying thick white face makeup and red lips, which emphasizes their expressions more.

22) Air France flight attendant

Join the “Mile High Club” and show off your love for travel and France by dressing up as an Air France flight attendant.

Air France uniform

Air France uniforms typically include a navy blue suit or dress and a light blue or red scarf to match the airline’s brand identity. You can also add gloves and a retro pillbox hat that you can make out of cardboard and fabric. You’ll need to look up some pillbox hat tutorials on Google. 

23) French sailor costume

Dressing up as a French sailor is an easily recognizable symbol of the French maritime culture.

There are so many ways to put together a French sailor costume, but it typically includes a navy blue and white striped shirt paired with either white or blue pants or shorts and a white sailor hat. You can keep it traditional or add some flair and go for a sexy French sailor theme.

French Sailor Costume

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24) Rude French waiter costume

An easy homemade French costume would be to dress up as a rude French bistro waiter. 

You’ll need a waist apron, a white shirt, which you could pair with a black vest, and some props, such as a wine bottle opener and maybe a drink tray.

Add some finishing touches, such as a fake moustache and a rude attitude, and you’re good. 

25) A French man cliché

Stereotypical French man costume is easy to put together. It’s based on cultural clichés and iconic imagery associated with France. 

  1. Beret:
  2. Striped Shirt: The Breton striped shirt, known as a “marinière.”
  3. Suspenders: Suspenders or braces can add a traditional touch to the costume.
  4. Baguette: Carrying a baguette (French bread) or a bottle of wine can be a humorous prop.
  5. Blue or Red Scarf: Like the ones worn by French labourers
  6. Black Pants 
  7. Red, navy blue or black A-line dress or skirt:
  8. Nice shoes:
  9. Fake cigarette:
Stereotypical French mans costume
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26) A French woman  cliché

9 piece French Women costume
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Sexy Striped French girl top

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Funny French food-inspired Halloween costumes

These French Halloween costume ideas draw inspiration from French cuisine in a humorous or amusing way.

27) Bonbon girl

How sweet is this bonbon costume? “Bonbon” is the French word for candy. 

French bonbon girl costume

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28) Baguette costume

If you’re the kind of person who would wear a banana costume, why not go for a French baguette costume? 

29) Nutella costume

The Nutella obsession is real. 

30) French Mustard Bottle

Grey Poupon is a well-known French brand of mustard famous for its Dijon mustard, originally from the French city of Dijon.

31) French Champagne costume

32) Couples wine and cheese costume

Wine and cheese are two symbols of France and French culture that are perfectly paired. 

French Symbols and Icon costumes

These French Halloween costumes are inspired by well-known symbols and icons associated with France. 

33) La Marianne costume

French costume: Marianne French symbol of France that represents liberty equality fraternity

In French culture, Marianne is the goddess of liberty and the national emblem of the French Republic. She represents the French values and motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”.

She is often depicted wearing a red Phrygian cap, aka liberty cap, a white dress, a brown belt and carrying a French flag. An example of this is in the French painting “Liberty Leading the People” displayed at the Louvre. 

34) Rooster (le coq Gaulois)

Every true Francophile knows that the rooster (le coq) has been the unofficial symbol of France since Roman times. It’s used on souvenirs, jerseys, and flags and was even used as a symbol during the French Revolution. 

French Rooster Costume

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35) French Coq hat

A French cockerel hat (coq hat) is a type of headdress that is often worn by supporters of the French national football (soccer) team, especially during international tournaments. The coq hat gets its name from the Gallic Rooster (le coq gaulois), which is the unofficial national symbol of France, symbolizing the fighting spirit and pride of the French people.

36) Elegant French Paris Eiffel Tower dress

If you want to embrace a French theme for Halloween without wearing an actual costume or need an outfit for a French-themed party, look for accessories and clothing printed with French icons.

37) Soccer player for the French team

Soccer, which is called “football” in French, is a big deal in France. Show your spirit for French teams by dressing up as a French football player. (Kylian Mbappé is one of France’s most well-known professional footballers.)

38) French Mardi Gras girl

Embrace the lively spirit of Mardi Gras and the Carnival season by wearing French flag-coloured clothing and accessories. For a touch of class, add some rose-coloured glasses to represent the French expression “La Vie en Rose,” made famous in Édith Piaf’s f mous French song. The song conveys the idea of seeing life through rose-coloured glasses.

39) French flag face

Don’t forget to decorate your face like the French flag.

French flag colour makeup
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40) Statue of Liberty costume

If you’re looking for a French-themed costume with a twist, look no further than the Statue of Liberty. Although most people associate her with the United States, she was actually designed by a French sculptor and built in France, then shipped off to the US as a gift. 

The entire costume can easily be created at home. You’ll need a green dress or green toga-type robe to mimic the weathered oxidized copper of the statue. There are plenty of online tutorials that show you how to make the torch and crown with construction paper. And don’t forget the tablet she’s holding with the inscription “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI” (July 4, 1776), which you can make from foam or cardboard. 

Lady Liberty Costume
$63.00 $39.64

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41) Human French flag costume

What better way to honour France and show your patriotism than to dress up as the ultimate symbol of France, the French flag? All you have to do is find anything with a blue, white and red flag motif.

Wrapping up French Halloween costumes

With the ideas shared in this post, I  hope you’ve found some inspiration for your own French-themed Halloween costume

For anyone who likes funny French Halloween costumes but doesn’t want to waste their money or effort on one that will never be used again, get a funny printed T, which you can wear as pyjamas later. 

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