Amélie Poulain at Studio 28 in Paris Cinema

Discover 17 Iconic Amelie Movie Locations You Can Visit Including The Café

If you’re an adoring fan of Amélie “the movie” who would like to follow in Amelie’s eccentric footsteps, here are 17 delightful Paris filming locations including the popular Cafe from

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interesting facts about france

50 Crazy Interesting Facts About France That’ll Blow Your Mind

If you love facts, trivia, France and French culture, you’ll love this list of lesser-known and extremely interesting facts about France. Some you may already know, but most of them

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Unusual & Off The Beaten Path Paris Spots (That Aren’t The Eiffel Tower)

Paris is full of hidden gems and has so much more to offer than the Eiffel Tower and croissants! If you like quirky, unusual, or even macabre things, this list

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French influence on Irish language

French Loan Words in Irish: The Forgotten Viking Connection Between Unrelated Languages

Irish is a Celtic language, English is a Germanic language, and French is a Romance language. These seemingly unrelated languages have more in common than you think. Here’s how Viking

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saint-valentin-gazebo where you can get married

Saint Valentin: An Uber Kitschy French Village Japanese Couples Love

Here’s why so many Japanese and French couples are clamouring to renew their vows in this small French town that turns itself into the most kitschy, romantic, amusing place for

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carnival roi of Nice France

Mardi Gras France Traditions: From Pagan Party To Crazy Carnival

Here’s a look at how Carnival and Mardi Gras are celebrated in France, plus we’ll explore the origins: how Christianity and several ancient Pagan celebrations most likely influenced today’s party

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photo of a lone croissant on a plate

44 Fascinating French Croissant Facts For Curious Foodies & Francophiles

Everyone loves French croissants, but how much do you know about them? From its Viennese origins to the wacky things people do with croissants, here are 44 interesting, unusual, and

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