French Business Etiquette

French Business Etiquette In France You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know

French business etiquette can often be difficult to understand for those that aren’t familiar with France and French customs. Whether you’re travelling to France for a business trip, a new

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YouNg coco chanel before she was Coco

Secret Facts & History Of Coco CHANEL: A Timeline Of Her Life & Brand

Chanel ruled haute couture for over 6 decades, rejected the corset, and revolutionized women’s clothing and fashion by taking inspiration from masculine attire. Here’s a timeline of the fascinating history

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Easy French Themed Party Ideas, Food & Decorations For Lazy Hosts

Throwing a French-themed party doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for an easier, simpler, less complicated way to throw a French-themed get-together, dinner party or birthday party, I’ve

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Amélie Poulain at Studio 28 in Paris Cinema

Discover 17 Iconic Amelie Movie Locations You Can Visit Including The Café

If you’re an adoring fan of Amélie “the movie” who would like to follow in Amelie’s eccentric footsteps, here are 17 delightful Paris filming locations including the popular Cafe from

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interesting facts about france

50 Crazy Interesting Facts About France That’ll Blow Your Mind

If you love facts, trivia, and French culture, you’ll love this list of lesser-known and extremely interesting France facts. You may already know a few of these facts about France

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plan your move to France

Debunking 10 Fears About Moving Internationally To Another Country

Despite all the detailed resources about relocating internationally, many people still believe that moving to another country is an impossible dream. While it’s true, moving internationally is not simple, it

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advantages of living abroad

25 Unexpected Benefits & Advantages Of Living Abroad:

There are so many reasons why people relocate internationally, whether it be to work abroad, study overseas, retire,  learn a new foreign language, or take a gap year before university;

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