Here are 15 standout French Christmas markets in France, including the biggest, oldest and off the beaten track markets that rival the bigger cities. French Christmas Markets In France Something magical happens across Northern Europe,  especially Germany, from late November to early January, during

I doubt Halloween will ever be as huge as it is in the United States, Canada or Ireland, but there are Halloween options for Families with young children visiting or living in France. Likewise, there are enough possibilities to keep adults and teens in

In addition to the hot air balloon, the sexy little black dress and photography, the French may have inadvertently invented April Fools’ day. Here’s what you need to know about this fishy day in France. April Fools day in France April fools day just

Every country has its fair share of bank holidays and France is no different. Here is a complete list and timeline of all the holidays in France, French school holidays, plus a few notable celebrations and festivals.  Why it’s important to know the dates

The French version of Jingle Bells, “Vive le Vent” has the same catchy tune and is just as joyous as it is in English, however, the French lyrics and title are completely different and have nothing to do with the English version of Jingle