Nice Carnival 2018 theme Space, Trump and Kim Jong-un

French Mardi Gras Traditions: From Pagan Party To Crazy Carnival

Here’s a look at how Carnival and Mardi Gras are celebrated in France, plus we’ll explore the origins: how Christianity and several ancient Pagan celebrations most likely influenced today’s party

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Lyon France, Christmas Market

15 Fabulous French Christmas Markets In France (The Real France)

Here are 15 standout French Christmas markets in France, including the biggest, oldest and off the beaten track markets that rival the bigger cities. French Christmas Markets In France Something

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A TIMELINE AND dates of publich French holidays, school break and some fun French annual celebrations

A Complete List Of French Public Holidays in France Explained + Timeline

Every country has its fair share of bank holidays, and France is no different. Here is a complete list and timeline of France’s holidays, French school holidays, plus a few

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April Fools day in France: Poisson D'Avril

April Fish Say: Poisson D’Avril: The French April Fools Day In France

In addition to the hot air balloon, the sexy little black dress and photography, the French may have inadvertently invented April Fools’ day, known as “poison d’avril” in France, literally,

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