Sexy French Phrase You saying by accident that make you sound horny

French Dirty Talk:13 Naughty Phrases You Shouldn’t Say In Public

Some innocent-looking French phrases and expressions don’t mean what you think they do. They could actually be French sex phrases, curse words or French dirty talk: some are vulgar to

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photo of a lone croissant on a plate

44 Fascinating French Croissant Facts For Curious Foodies & Francophiles

Everyone loves French croissants, but how much do you know about them? From its Viennese origins to the wacky things people do with croissants, here are 44 interesting, unusual, and

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photo for French movies to watch

Fantastic French Movies On Netflix For Francophiles & Language Learners

If you’re a French film buff or French language learner who’s looking for some French movies worth watching, here are my top French drama and French comedy recommendations which you

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French Christmas songs in France

Christmas Songs In French Popular in France (Lyrics + Video)

Kick up your holiday Christmas cheer with this round-up of 15 popular Christmas songs in French. 9 are original French Christmas songs from France and a few are internationally famous

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Best French Textbooks To Learn French At Any Level (Review)

Here are my top pics for the best French textbooks for French language learners at any level. Best French Textbook for Any Level Reviews Almost everyone dreams of learning how

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10 Largest French Cities by population infographic

Top 10 Cities In France You’re Pronouncing All Wrong

Here’s a look at the top 10 French cities in France by the largest population which you’re probably pronouncing incorrectly and what makes them so attractive for both tourists and

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