speak French fluently?

Here’s Why You’ll Never Speak “Fluent” French, Even If You Live In France

Theoretically, yes, you could learn to speak French fluently but, most people rarely take the steps necessary to achieve that level of proficiency. There are also other things to consider

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Featured image: Witty and inspiring Coco Chanel quotes for fabulously classy girls who want to rule the world

Coco Chanel Quotes & Mantras: For Fabulous Badass Girls

Channel your inner Coco Chanel with these fabulous, inspirational Coco Chanel Quotes, mantras and witticisms for Badass Girls who want to live life on their own terms as Chanel did.

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French influence on Irish language

French Loan Words in Irish: The Forgotten Viking Connection Between Unrelated Languages

Irish is a Celtic language, English is a Germanic language, and French is a Romance language. These seemingly unrelated languages have more in common than you think. Here’s how Viking

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popular French terms of endearment

101 Cute & Romantic French Nicknames & French Terms Of Endearment

Hello mes chérs amis! The French language has a lot of cute, romantic, quirky and even raunchy French terms of endearment and pet names. I asked my French Friends, trolled

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RSVP Is a French abbreviation but French people don't use it. Find out why and what it means in French and English

How I Made A Fool Of Myself In France Using RSVP: The French Abbreviation

I was curious to learn why RSVP, a French abbreviation isn’t used in France. Here’s everything you need to know, its meaning in French and English, its origins, how to

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Sexy French Phrase You saying by accident that make you sound horny

French Dirty Talk:13 Naughty Phrases You Shouldn’t Say In Public

Some innocent-looking French phrases and expressions don’t mean what you think they do. They could actually be French sex phrases, curse words or French dirty talk: some are vulgar to

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Girl standing in front of Eiffel tower performing a yoga pose

Learn French While Watching French Yoga Videos: Plus 39 Yoga Poses In French and English: Printable PDF

Here’s how busy yoga enthusiasts and French language learners can kill two birds with one stone. Plus download my free visual yoga post chart with 39 yoga pose names in

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