This cheese lovers gift guide is filled with over 100 cheese-themed gift ideas grouped by personality and interests rather than category. From cheese-loving golfers and knife obsessed cheese fanatics to starving college students looking for their next cheese fix, I know you’ll find the

You know they taste good but how much do you really know about crepes; France’s second favourite desert? Want to learn more? Here are some fun and fascinating facts about French crepes you you didn’t know you wanted to know.    Fun Facts About

Everyone loves French croissants, but how much do you know about them? From its Viennese origins to the wacky things people do with croissants, here are 44 interesting, unusual, and random French croissant facts: Plus a primer on how to order a croissant at

Are you pining for something new to up your dinner party game? Try serving some interesting French after dinner drinks, “un digestif” like Calvados brandy made with apples or the unusual French liqueur from the Alps made with fir tree needle tips. Digestifs are

Crepes and wine aren’t the only Christmas market food and drink you’ll devour at holiday markets across France. From mulled wine and oysters to regional foods such as Socca and Mannele, here’s a list of tasty treats and dishes you won’t want to miss.