Easy French Themed Party Ideas, Food & Decorations For Lazy Hosts

Throwing a French-themed party doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for an easier, simpler, less complicated way to throw a French-themed get-together, dinner party or birthday party, I’ve

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interesting facts about france

50 Crazy Interesting Facts About France That’ll Blow Your Mind

If you love facts, trivia, and French culture, you’ll love this list of lesser-known and extremely interesting France facts. You may already know a few of these facts about France

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FRENCH chips in France: unusual flavours you can't get outside france

28 Popular & Unusual French Potato Chip Flavours You Can Only Get In France

The world is full of interesting and bold potato chip flavours that are hard to come by outside their home country. Here are some of France’s most popular potato chips,

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Hello Fresh France packaging

HelloFresh France Review: + I Tried Their Best Competitors

Here's my HelloFresh in France Review plus an unboxing video and a special discount code for up to 60 euros for new signups. I've also included several alternative meal delivery

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Why French women don't get fat or is it a big fat lie

10 Reasons Why French Women Don’t Get Fat: Or Is It A Big Fat LIE!

Maybe you’ve heard: French Women Don’t Get Fat! But is it true, and if so, how does this nation of cheese-eating, wine-drinking people stay relatively thin? Especially women? On any

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The ultimate gift guide for cheese lovers for every personality and budget.

Ultimate Cheese lovers Gift Guide:100+ Gift Ideas For Every Personality & Budget

Find the perfect birthday present, Christmas gift or housewarming gift with this cheese lovers gift guide filled with over 100 cheese-themed gift ideas (grouped by personality and interests). From cheese-loving

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fascinating facts about crepes

Fascinating Facts About French Crepes You Didn’t Know But Wish You Did

You know they taste good, but how much do you really know about crepes, France’s second favourite dessert? Want to learn more? Here are some fun and fascinating facts about

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