The Best French Revolution Books For Adults And Kids:

The French revolution was an important historical event in European and French history that many historians and history buffs have tried to explain. Here are some of the best French

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onomatopoeia: French animal sounds

25 Funny French Animal Sounds And Noises + Video Pronunciation

Ruff-Ruff, Oink, Moo and Meow are all animal sounds but did you know the animal noises in French(Onomatopoeias) sound different? Let’s explore 25 written animal sounds in French, which don’t

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photo of Catherine with her preschool teachers in Marseille France, 2011

French Preschool in France: What’s It Like?

Are you curious about what preschool is like in France? Do you plan on spending some time in France and wonder if French preschool is right for your child? Here

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Daughter at her first preschool in moyenne section in Marseille

How To Homeschool While Travelling Or Living Abroad: Beginners Guide

One of the problems, when people travel long term or live abroad, is how to educate and keep your kids on track with the rest of their schoolmates back in

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