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Hello! I'm Annie, founder and expat travel blogger here at "The Live In France Guide".

I'm a Half Thai, half French Canadian/American whose been living in France since 2011 with my husband Blake and our 3 children. I've also lived and travelled to over 25 countries. I'm passionate about inspiring anyone interested in travelling more and helping anyone interested in learning what it takes to live, work, study or play in France.


Glamping In A French Bubble Hotel In The South of France: WOW!
If you’re heading to the South of France and you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary or unusual, I highly recommend glamping at this particular bubble hotel- conveniently tucked away in a picturesque woodland area just a few minutes outside of Marseille France.
The Fine Art of Greeting A French Person With A Kiss: How To Faire La Bise
Greeting a French person in France can be a complicated matter. Rather than shaking hands, waving hello or hugging, you lean forward, touch cheeks and kiss the air near the other persons ear while making a light air kissing sound with your lips. Here is a detailed look at cheek kissing best practices in France- the fine art of greeting a French person with a kiss: Who, when, where & how.
I’m In A Long Distance Relationship: 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Make It Work
I never imagined I would be in a long distance relationship yet here I am. It’s unconventional, complicated and messy but it can work. People do it all the time. It just takes more effort. Here’s some simple advice on things to do in a long distance relationship to help keep your bond strong even when you don’t live under the same roof
Happy New Years- Bonne Année: Top 10 Posts From 2017
Happy New Year's  and Best wishes. Here is a look at the top 10 top posts for 2017 and how they came to be born.  
15 Fabulous French New Year’s Eve Traditions In France
Here are 15 French traditions and customs to help you kick off New Years Eve and New Years In France à la Française “like the French”.
Best Convertible Garment Pannier Bike Bag For Professionals Who Commute By Two Wheel Gear
If you're looking for the perfect bike bag for commuters that can carry your clothes, a laptop and more, I have the perfect garment pannier bike bag for you. Made for professionals who cycle to work and need to carry more than just a laptop.

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