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Hi there, I'm Annie
I'm a Bilingual Thai-born North American with Thai and French Canadian roots. Since 2011, I've been living the French lifestyle, soaking up the South of France's laid-back charm alongside my husband and three wonderful children.

That's the beginning of my story. I'm also the author and creator behind this Travel, Live Abroad Lifestyle Blog With A French Twist. What started as a hobby and to keep friends and family updated has grown into something truly special.

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French grocery stores and supermarkets in France: A tourists guide

Whenever I travel to a new country, one of my favourite things to do is explore the local grocery stores. Wandering up and down the aisles of foreign supermarkets is a delicious way to discover

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Choosing between Public, private or international schools in France can be confusing. Get an honest opinion from someone with 12 + years of experience who’s been there.

Public vs private & international schools in France! Our Experience

What to expect & steps you need to take to enrol your children in public and private schools in France for children ages 3 to 18 years old.

How to enrol your kids in French schools In France: 3-18 years old

From preschool through secondary school and high school, here’s a look at the French schooling system and the confusing names of the different grade level names by age.

French school system & grade levels in France explained: 3-18-Year-old

Here’s everything you need to know about the French school system at the preschool and kindergarten levels.

Kindergarten & French preschool in France: What It’s like!

Here are some of the best French revolution books for anyone curious about this tumultuous time in French history that brought down the French monarchy and sent shockwaves across the world.

The Best French Revolution Books For Adults And Kids:

“Ouaf Ouaf”— that’s French for “ruff-ruff, “and what a dog sounds like to French people.  Here are 25 written animal sounds (Onomatopoeias) that sound so cute.

25 Funny French Animal Sounds And Noises + Video Pronunciation
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