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Step into my cabinet of french curiosities

A blog about France, and the Fascinating World of French Wonders

Are you a Francophile at heart in love with French culture, it's history, cuisine or the French language? Or are you a curious traveler who simply wants to learn more about the land of baguettes, berets, and the Eiffel tower?

Like a cabinet of French curiosities, is a blog about France and life with a French twist.

You'll discover fascinating and sometimes quirky aspects of French culture, surprising or little-known facts and trivia about France and its people. You'll also find practical travel tips, and information on how to work, live, and play in France like a local, from someone who lives in France full time.


I'm Annie André

Blake and Annie photo at the beach in the South of France

I'm a Bilingual North American with Thai and French Canadian roots who's been living in southern France with my husband and three children since 2011.

I'm also the author and creator of this Travel, Live Abroad Lifestyle Blog With A French Twist. 

I started my site as a hobby. It was a fun way to document and update friends and family. As my blog about France has grown, I discovered I had something going on with this France lifestyle blog with a French twist, and it morphed into my full-time passion. Continue reading

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