Language culture shock

10 Real Examples Of Culture Shock That Will Amaze You: Dog Poop, Food And Beyond

Not all cultures share the same beliefs and values about what is normal, or socially acceptable. These differences can cause severe culture shock. It’s a term that people throw around

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featured image for useful VPN tips, tricks and hacks

Really Useful Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Things You Can Do With A VPN

If you thought a VPN was only good for protecting your personal information against hackers, think again. From accessing geo-restricted websites while travelling abroad to getting better prices on plane

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FB here's why you can't watch streaming websites like Hulu outside of the USA

Can’t Watch Streaming Websites Like Hulu Outside The USA? Here’s Why

Instagram in China?  Hulu in France?! Pandora outside of the USA? pffft! If you live in the US, you probably take for granted the fact that you can watch streaming

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Shoes you can wear for a home workout

Can’t Go To Gym? 13 Fun Beginner Home Workouts: No Equipment

If you love group exercise classes, but you’re stuck at home with the kids, social distancing or simply too lazy to go to the gym, here are 13 fun beginner

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How To Elope And Get Married In Australia: A Guide For Foreigners

Whether you want to elope to Australia and have an intimate wedding or renew your wedding vows, Australia is a great place to have your destination wedding, especially if you

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New year's resolution ideas for expats and travellers

Achievable New Year’s Resolutions Ideas For Expats And Travellers

Life can be unpredictable and unexpected while travelling or living abroad, often making new years resolutions and annual goals doubly challenging to keep. Below are 15 achievable New Year’s resolution

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How To Pick The Best Rewards Travel Credit Card For You:

How To Pick The Best Rewards Travel Credit Card For You: A Beginners Guide

Whether you travel domestically, internationally, frequently or just once a year, travel reward credit cards can unlock free flights, upgrades and other perks. Here’s what you need to know about

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