Work Anywhere: 10 Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

jobs you can do from anywhere: 10 jobs you can do remotely

If you would love to travel or live overseas for an extended period of time but you’re not independently wealthy, don’t have a tonne of savings or a job lined up overseas, you’re only option to support yourself may be to find a job which you can do remotely. Here are 10 remote jobs that require skills you probably already have.

10 portable careers you can do from anywhere in the world

Thanks to the internet, video conferencing software and other modern technologies, more and more companies are becoming open to the idea of hiring remote workers.

Remote jobs not only benefit moms and dads who need to stay home with the kids but also people who want to live abroad or travel and need to keep working to support themselves.

Even if you’ve never considered it, you may already partially or wholly possess the skills necessary for certain remote jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world. Here are 10 remote jobs to get you started. Do you have any of these skills?

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1) Do you speak English? -Teach English Online

If your an English teacher or if English is your native language than you already have the skill-set necessary to teach English.

People around the world are clamouring to learn English. Fortunately for you and for those wanting to learn English, video conferencing software like Skype make it extremely easy for teachers and students to connect at a distance – to see, hear and interact with each other.

Getting clients on your own can be a bit tricky. You can set up your own website to attract potential students or search classifieds for people looking for English teachers.

If setting up your own website is not your cup of tea, you could teach at an online language school where teachers and students from all over the world come together to teach and learn through virtual classrooms using Skype.- like in a traditional language school, just online. Here are two online language schools where you can apply to become a language teacher.

Lingoda = 8.50 € / hour or about 8 USD depending on the exchange rate.

Premier TEFL = Charge your own rate. Most teachers charge about $16 to $20 USD / hour

You probably need to get certified to teach English

If you don’t have a teaching or education degree, you will most likely need to get TEFL certified which stands for “Teaching English as a foreign language”. It’s recognized around the world and can open the door to thousands of English speaking jobs worldwide.

Premier TEFL- Get certified online to Teach English As A Second Language

Do you speak English? Teach it! Online or Abroad.

Get TEFL certified & qualify for 1000’s of jobs. TEFL courses are English Government-regulated, Internationally recognized, and employer approved. Lower priced than most.

Learn More

2) Do you play a musical instrument? – Teach Music Online

If you know an instrument well enough to teach it than you can join the ranks of other musicians who are teaching music online. Learning and teaching music online has really taken off in the past few years and is still in its early years. My friend’s daughter learned to play the fiddle through online lessons. I am learning guitar through Marty Scwartz Guitar lessons.

Getting clients is again going to require you to use the internet. Many musicians put videos on YouTube by offering free lessons with the goal of attracting students to sign up for either private lessons or an online music course.

Another option is to join or apply to an online music school. For instance, Guitar Tricks is somewhere you could apply to teach music online.

Creating a sustainable career teaching music remotely is going to take time. It’s something that you will need to start building now so you can reap the rewards later.

3) Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) usually provides professional administrative, technical, creative or social assistance to clients remotely.

For example, you can become a real estate virtual assistant and perform various duties for real estate brokers such as updating their listings, responding to email inquires or managing their calendar.

Many virtual assistants have their own website but many people find work on freelancing sites such as, Upwork and Golance .

4) Can you write? -Copywriter freelance writer

Like teaching English, freelancing as a writer or copywriter is not the best paying job but if you enjoy writing, you can earn around $15 to $20 / hour depending on how fast you can write. A growing number of businesses are hiring freelance writers and content creators to create news articles, blog posts and other web-related articles rather than having in-house writers on site.  Look at traditional job boards and on the freelancing sites for work.

5) Can you write and do you know a specific industry? Technical writer

Similar to a copywriter, you can become a technical writer. You have to be somewhat technical in a specific field and be able to write clearly about it. whether it be the software industry, medical industry or some other domain.

6) Can you type fast? Transcriber

A transcriber listens to dictated recordings and transcribes them into written reports, correspondence and other materials. Many professional transcribers use a special foot pedal to pause and play the recordings but many do not. You’ll need a computer and word processor to transcribe and be able to type fast since you are usually paid either by word or by the length of the recording in terms of minutes.

You can look for online transcription services and apply online like at this site

If you’re familiar with medical terminology, you can specialize in a certain type of transcription such as a  medical transcriber. You’ll need to comprehend and accurately transcribe medical recordings and may need to know about anatomy, physiology or legal issues related to healthcare.

Although Medical transcriptionists are not required to have a university degree, many employers prefer to hire those who do. There are vocational schools and community colleges that offer degrees or certifications. There are also online schools that offer medical transcription training.

Here are two certifications that you might want to look into- (RMT) Registered medical transcriber and (CMT) Certified Medical transcriber which can take you anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete. Career-step is a good place to start your search for online medical transcriber certification and will cost about $3,000 USD.

7) Do you have good phone skills? Call-Center Representative

A growing number of businesses are going the route of hiring customer service workers who work remotely from home. This eliminates the need for office space and the need to purchase equipment for workers.

You will be responsible for answering phones- possibly at all hours, assist customers, process orders or deal with returns.

You’ll also need your own computer and may need specific software or equipment in addition to a pleasant phone voice.

There are dozens of sites that list job openings for call-center representatives, including and however you should also look at traditional job sites including and even job listings.

8) Do you know your way around a 10 keypad? Data Entry

If you’re fast a data entry than you could try your hand at turning that skill into a job. There is a wide range of businesses that need workers to enter data into their systems.

According to the Bureau of labour statistics, the median salary for a data entry clerk is about 30k / year topping out at 44k per year. You can find many data entry jobs on,, and, as well as dozens of other traditional job boards.

9) Can you speak another language?


If you’re bilingual or proficient in English or some other language, you could work as a translator. Many translating jobs are done remotely and also on a freelance basis. Look for translating companies, book publishers that publish books in multiple languages and websites that publish news stories and articles in multiple languages. Check out Day Translations

According to the bureau of labour statistics, the median income for a translator is about $44K per year. If you work for the government, it could be even higher.

10) Do you have a nursing degree?

Telephone Nurse

Health insurers and other health management companies such as Aetna, United Health Group and Humana hire registered nurses remotely to perform duties such as case management, patient education and treatment authorization. Check out for telephone nurse jobs.

Tips on finding and choosing telecommuting and remote jobs more easily

There are so many other jobs which you can do remotely just however there are also some pretty scammy “work from home jobs” that just don’t pay a livable wage – remember envelope stuffers? They would get paid pennies for stuffing hundreds of envelopes?

Always use reputable job sites for your searches or go directly to a companies website and search for the jobs they offer remotely if any. Check Glassdoor to get feedback about companies work environment from other current and past employees.

Lastly, if you don’t have time to sift through all the job posting sites and just want to see jobs you can do remotely aggregated in one place than you should try FlexJobs. It does cost $50 per year but it’s worth it if you value your time. All the jobs are added manually so you won’t see any scammy jobs on their site. Just the quality jobs.

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  1. Hey Annie – thanks for spreading the word on this on behalf of families. I always love getting reassurance that LI isn’t only for the young and single.

  2. i’ve finally crystallized what i want, and how to get it. now i’m preparing for it. and when the time comes, i will be ready. just a few roadblocks out of my control that I need patience to wait out
    i was frustrated with having to wait, but i know that the universe wants me to wait because in the mean time, i need to sharpen my skills to be ready to pounce! :)
    Noch Noch

    1. Noch Noch, love your “attitude”. I think you will definitely make things happen. You’ve already jumped over so many hurdles that i believe nothing can stand in your way.. I’ll be rooting for you to

  3. I think you hit the nail on the head with desire and the difference between wishing and wanting. It’s so true. It might seem like a small thing, but it can really change your attitude and thoughts about what you want. In fact I’d say that the first step to living abroad is to change that desire into something you need to have instead of just being something that would be nice to have.

    1. Steve,
      i think that must be it. Most people think its just a small thing. it’s just a word, wish vs want vs must but it’s also a state of mind that you have to believe like you said it’s attitude.
      thanks for sharing your thoughts steve.

  4. Oh, this hits home so perfectly Annie. I’d even take it Desire a step further. Not “I wish,” not “I want,” but “I will.”

    When I make it something that must inevitably happen, then I’m naturally taking the action steps to get that reality in motion. And you are one of my greatest inspirations, Annie!

    Thanks for spelling it out so directly and giving us a kick in the pants!

    1. Sarah,
      You are so right about. you CAN take it a step further from Wish, to want to WILL and even further to MUST!

      But you already knew all that sarah..

  5. I can guarantee desire and the need to do more. What I haven’t done yet is convert desire into action.

    That is primarily because of my kids and I am not the sole decision maker as to where we live.

    But I expect that in the future this will change.

    1. Jack i can sympathize with your situation more than you know. I won’t get into the specifics of it but my two eldest sons are from my first marriage which lasted less than 6 years before the unravel. Moving the kids just 70 miles was a big deal let alone across country from California to the east coast and then across the ocean to Europe.

      So yes sometimes circumstances will make certain situations impossible although… nothing says you can’t take a summer off to ride elephants in Thailand. :) wink…

  6. Very valid points Annie and this is going to be a great series…

    Okay so I don’t have the desire to move anywhere right now. Someday though but you’re going to laugh. I have NO idea where.

    I remain where I am because of my Mom. As I’ve shared with you, I’m the caretaker of the family so I want to remain close to my Mom. I pray she lives for a very long time still but once she does leave this earth, I will be free to live anywhere I want.

    I haven’t traveled the entire US and have only been to a few places outside the US. All I know is that I’m tired of this heat, the humidity and this flat landscape. I would like cooler temperatures but no harsh winters. I would love to live where there are some mountains or at least hills to see.

    I don’t know if I’d be able to easily adapt to a whole new culture in another country. I certainly don’t want to learn a new language but I would love to travel more. I know, I’m a wimp…

    But I love how brave you are and you go after what you want which is why I admire you so much. I get to live through you. For now, that’s good enough for me.


    1. You know Adrienne,
      I have a funny feeling that when the time is right you will be doing a lot of exploring.

      oh and the place you speak about sound a lot like the place where i lived for over 20 years. The bay area located in California.

      It also sounds a lot like Marseille weather too and landscape too.

      Thank you for all your support Adrienne. It means the world to me.. Really it does. hugs kisses and for Kayla too.

  7. Absolutely loved your 3 points to action Annie!

    There is indeed a lot of difference between wishing or wanting something. I think if you want anything, you would put everything of yours in wanting that thing – the need from within should arise.

    But yes, in my case, its my family and kids who are in their teens now – that really stops us from moving out anyplace in-fact. I feel these are their crucial deciding years to choose their careers, and they are deeply into their studies and I just can’t really be selfish presently.

    However, once they are on their own and I have a little free time in hand, traveling around is surely something that I am going to be doing. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing :)

    1. Hello harleena,
      It is very tough to travel with teens. I can certainly understand you wanting to wait until the kids are on their own. Not everyone has the same needs and wants for their kids. ( i have two teens and 1 toddler).

      It was something we didn’t take lightly when we made our choice to live abroad but having said that it was for their education too. It was important for us to give them a chance to be fluent and even bilingual in French the mother tongue of my father and his relatives.
      Now that we are here there are positives and negatives but we are dealing with it.

  8. We just booked our first ticket and we are headed to Ireland on April 24th! Let the world travel adventure begin! :) I love your excitement and your spontaneity!

    1. Meg this is amazing!! you’re lives will never be the same. We need to do a video interview while you guys are on the road. i think it will be a great way to inspire other people and show them all the hard work and planning that went into this to make it happen.

  9. Lovely.

    Desire. Check.
    Action. Check. Check.
    Determination. Check.

    I feel so much better about myself ;-)

    YOU are the best.

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