25 Fabulous French Tattoos: Ideas For Men And Women

25 Fabulous French Tattoos: Ideas For Men And Women

Known as a country that produces superior wine, incredible art and mouth-watering food; when it comes to French-themed tattoo inspiration, you‘ll never be short of ideas!

25 Tattoos that make you think of France

When you think of France, what comes to mind? 

The Eiffel tower?  A French baguette? Perhaps something less obvious like a sprig of lavender or a painting by Dégas?

Whatever images your mind conjures up when you think of France, they can easily be captured in a French-inspired tattoo- and why not? France has been the most popular tourist destination in the world for over 25 years.

So whether you’re a Francophile in search of immortalizing your love of France or simply like the look of an Eiffel tower tattoo, here are 25 awesome French tattoos to inspire you.

French Map tattoos

1. Map of France Tattoo

French map tattoo

Photo source: nicklesg

A cartographer’s dream tattoo if (s)he loved France. A tattoo of a map of France is not only a fun way to show your love for the country but also your wanderlust heart. It’s not overly obvious like the Eiffel tower’s tattoo– most non-Europeans might not even recognize the famous hexagon shape, which all Children in France learn at a very young age. But that’s OK because it’s a great conversation starter.

2. French Flag Tattoo

French Flag Tattoo

Photo source: j_ed3n_art79

As one of the most recognizable flags on earth, no one will have to guess which country this blue, white and red striped flag belongs to. The number of designs that can be dreamed up to make your ink look individual and distinct is endless.

French-inspired bird tattoos

3. Swallow tattoo

French inspired sparrow tattoo photo source unknown

Swallow tattoos were originally made popular by British sailors of the past. French fashion designer Coco Chanel incorporated it in her designs, making it a chic fashion symbol.


Coco Chanel  swallow necklace Tattoo Photo unknown

French Perfume Tattoos

4.Chanel N5 tattoo

French inspired Coco Chanel no 5 perfume tattoo

photo source of Chanel no 5 tattoos via Nyki Bell

Chanel No 5, Guerlain Shalimar, Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne- are just some of the classical French Perfumes that have long been synonymous with wealth, class and, of course, elegance! A tattoo of your favourite French perfume or even a generic photo of a perfume bottle is a classy way to elevate your tattoo style.

French plant and flower tattoos

5. French Lavender Sprig Tattoo

lavendar tattoo

Photo source: nothingwildtattoo

Provence France is known for many things, but the most recognizable might be the colour, the texture and the scent of its world-famous lavender fields.

6. Lily Of The Valley Flower Tattoo: “Muguet.”


Photo source: leehumphs_tattooer

Lily of the Valley flowers, known as “Muguet” in France, has a very special place in French culture. You’ll find it in everything from perfumes to teas. It has long been customary to offer a sprig or bouquet of Lily of the Valley to friends and loved ones on the 1st of May to celebrate the arrival of spring and the excellent weather that goes with it.

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7. French Fleur De Lis Tattoo

photo source: lyxy666

Fleur de Lis means”flower of the lily” and is a lily composed of three petals bound together near their bases. French monarchs first used this classical French emblem on their shields. English kings later used the symbol on their coats of arms to emphasize their claims to France’s throne.

French animal tattoos

8. French coq tattoo aka Gallic Rooster tattoo

Classic French rooster tattoo coq gaulois- gallic rooster tattoo

Coq tattoo photo source via David Hale

“Le Coq Gaulois” or the “Gallic rooster” is one of France’s most widely recognized and identifiable symbols. It has been used intermittently since medieval times on French engravings and coins and has become the hallmark of French country design. French brands that incorporate the coq in their logo include sports brand giant “Le Coq Sportif” and “Pathé” cinemas in France.

9. French Poodle tattoo

french poodle tattoo

photo source: daisybelletheheadtiltingpoodle

Despite its name, French poodles are technically not a French breed; however, the French were responsible for helping develop the breed and boost their popularity, which may be why most people associate them with France.

10. French Bull Dog tattoo


photo source: skinnysinktattoo

What could be more French than a super cute or scary French bulldog tattoo “Bouledogue.”

French art tattoos

11. French painting tattoo

edgar-degas-ballerinas-tattoo2Edgar Dégas ballerina tattoo photo source via Angie Leaf

If you’re into art from Famous French painters like Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne, Marc Chagall and countless others, there are thousands upon thousands of tattoo ideas out there waiting to be discovered. Just crack open an art book for inspiration.

12. Tattoos of famous cartoons and comics in France

Tattoos of famous cartoons in France

Asterix tattoo photo source from LTW tattoo studio

If you’re into comics and cartoons, you have quite a few to choose from. There’s Astérix et Obelix, Les Aventures de Tintin, Lucky Luke and Les Daltons, to name a few. Although many of the classic French cartoons are from Belgium cartoonist, they are extremely popular in France and recognizable by all French people. Bet you didn’t know that the Smurfs was also a Belgium creation by the Belgian cartoonist Peyou. They’re called “Les Schtroumpfs” in French.

French Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

France is filled with famous buildings and beautiful structures – all good artists should be able to draw any of these magnificent monuments onto your body in any style and size of your choosing.

13. Paris city skyline tattoo

Home is where your ink is. If your love for Paris goes beyond any one thing or you can’t get enough of Paris, then a Paris skyline tattoo is a straightforward way to say it.

Paris city skyline tattoo

Paris city skyline tattoo photo source via Tatto.com


14. Eiffel Tower tattoo


Eiffel tower wrist tattoo photo source via Travel Each Day

Eiffel tower tatoo idea

photo source: lamarink

15. Notre Dame church tattoo

Notre Damne Churtch Tattoo2photo source: Black Ink Story

Tattoos for budding French chefs

Forget the stuffy clean-cut image you have of French chefs. Yes, they exist, but these days, there’s a new breed of tattoo wearing chefs. Tattoos have become a sort of status symbol, almost standard attire in professional kitchens. Just take a look at the famous French chef Ludo Lefebre who is covered in meaningful tattoos- like little badges of memory.

16. Butchers cut tattoo: beef, chicken or pork

A quaint way to express your inner chef is to dawn an antique-looking butchers cut tattoo. Take your pick, beef, chicken or pork.

Classic beef cut tattoo idea like the great French chefs

photo source of beef cut tattoo: Juanita Mac Photographer

diagram of pork cuts tattoo

photo source: tattoosalonen

17. Chef Knife

chef knife tattoo

photo source: summerfaith96

A chef knife is the perfect tattoo for home chefs and professional chefs with mad chopping skills. Take it a step further with a cooking term such as “Mise en place”- which means “putting in place” or “everything in its place.”  It’s the preparation of dishes and ingredients before the beginning of service.

French food and wine tattoos

France is the founding country of dozens of famous foods and is known globally for its production of the perfect wines, brilliant cheeses and scrumptious breakfast pastries. If you’re a foodie, then the possibilities are endless when it comes to French cuisine-inspired ink.

18. French macarons

French macaron tattoo

photo source: Raptorazor

The French macaron, not to be confused with coconut macaroons are the delight of France. This sweet meringue-based confection is commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling in every flavour you can think of. The macaron‘s colour always matches the filling- Brown ones are usually chocolate or coffee, red ones are strawberry, blue ones are blueberry, etc. Get a tat in every flavour and in full colour to show your love of French confectionery.

19. Red Wine or Champagne tattoo

wine glass tattoo idea

photo source unknown

No explanation is needed here. The French consume more wine per capita than any other nation of people- possible designs are endless. Just take a look at a wine magazine for inspiration. If you have a favourite bottle of wine or champagne, why not get a tattoo of that?

20. Croissant Tattoos

croissant umbrella tattoo

photo source: danetattoo

21. French baguette tattoo

French baguette tattoo

Photo source: bitchinkworldwide

22. French Cheese

Photo source: jadee.ellen

The French produce over 450 different types of cheeses. Pick one- anyone for your next tattoo.

23. Escargot tattoo (snails) YUMMY!

escargot snail tattoo idea

photo source: bradywillmott

A pervasive cliché is that the French eat snails called escargot in French. Who doesn’t love escargot floating in butter and garlic?

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French Inventions

A little-known fact about the French is that they’re responsible for many important inventions and technological advances, including (but not limited to): The hot air balloon, the bicycle and the submarine!

24. French HotAir Balloon & Submarine Tattoo:


Photo source: sarahktattoo

Two French brothers were the first to attempt a manned hot-air balloon ascent in 1783 successfully.

Although the French didn’t invent the submarine, the French Navy did create the first non-human powered sub in 1863 called le Plongeur, meaning “the diver.”

25. Bicycle tattoo:

Bicycle tattoo, a French invention. Not the tattoo, just the bike

Photo source: small.tatoo

And Much More


French smoking pigeon with Eiffel tower, wine and baguettes tattoo: created by Shaw Hebrank

The more you delve into French culture, the greater the chance of exposing even more fabulous tattoo ideas. If you’re still short of ideas after looking through the article above, then other French tattoo inspiration is never far away, with books, magazines and French-themed websites available in the thousands just waiting to light your imagination. Remember, though – tattoos are for life. Make sure you’re certain that you want something inked onto your body forever, and make sure you take care of your new tattoo as best as possible to ensure it looks beautiful for as long as you live.

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