Calendar French Holidays in May

French Holidays In May: 6 Reasons Why May Is The Worst Month To Visit

Spring is a beautiful time of year in France. However, as a tourist or newly arrived expat, you could be caught off guard by all the French Public holidays and

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Poisson d'avril in France: French April Fools day traditions in France

April Fools Day Traditions In France: (Poisson d’avril aka April Fish Day) A French Invention?

April fools day is probably one of the most widely recognized non-religious holidays in the Western world, known as a day of pranks, gags and jokes. However, most people have

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carnival roi of Nice France

Mardi Gras France Traditions: From Pagan Party To Crazy Carnival

Here’s a look at how Carnival and Mardi Gras are celebrated in France, plus we’ll explore the origins: how Christianity and several ancient Pagan celebrations most likely influenced today’s party

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Mother’s Day In France + Dates For 200+ Countries Around The World

What day is mother’s day? Is it on the second Sunday or last Sunday of May? Are you sure Mother’s Day is even in May? Surprise, Mother’s day is celebrated

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French Christmas songs in France

Christmas Songs In French Popular in France (Lyrics + Video)

Kick up your holiday Christmas cheer with this round-up of 15 popular Christmas songs in French. 9 are original French Christmas songs from France and a few are internationally famous

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A TIMELINE AND dates of publich French holidays, school break and some fun French annual celebrations

A Complete List Of French Public Holidays in France Explained + Timeline

Every country has its fair share of bank holidays, and France is no different. Here is a complete list and timeline of France’s holidays, French school holidays, plus a few

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