Unique French Inspired Gifts For Kids & Teens Who Love France:

101 Cute & romantic French terms of endearment and nicknames

Kids can be French fanatics too. In this HUGE gift guide, there are over 50 French-themed gifts, games, books and more for Francophile kids, teens and parents looking for gift ideas. From 3D Eiffel tower puzzles and French flashcards to cross-stitch maps and macaron cooking sets. Quick before the holidays get here.

French gift guide and inspiration

I originally created this list of French gifts and French-themed toys and games for myself in a google doc. I love lists and am always on the hunt for unique gifts for friends and family. Most of the French gifts on this list have a French theme to them. A few are by French companies, and the rest are travel-inspired. There are approximately 50 different gift ideas on this list, but I hope to keep adding to it and sharing it here on my blog instead of keeping it private. I hope it inspires you. 

Cross stitch wall hanging map kit

Part map, part DIY and part wall hanging decor. This fabric canvas cross stitch map wall hanging kit is the perfect multifunctional gift. Designed for maximum creativity, you can cross stitch any design you like onto each of the countries and record your past, present and future travel adventures to France and beyond. It comes with a pine wood frame so you can hang it anywhere you want, 11-count polyester canvas, two embroidery needles and four coloured embroidery threads. You may want to order additional thread skeins.  Measures 23″ (W) x 17″ (H).

Swatch Watch with colours of the French flag


Games to help the kids learn French

These sturdy French flashcards are the perfect way to introduce over 60 essential and useful French words to your French language learner. 

Magnetic Poetry - Kids' French Kit Magnetic Poetry - Kids' French Kit

For Ages 5 and Up -200 magnetic word tiles that are printed on two sides and stick both ways, with a French word on one side and its English translation on the other. Basic vocabulary builder, but good for adults who want to learn too.

10/16/2021 05:15 pm GMT

KLOO’s Learn to Speak French Language Memory Card Game

Match it Paris put’s a whole new twist on the classic memory card game. The set contains 48 matching cards featuring the famous sights and symbols in Paris, The City of Light.

10/16/2021 04:54 pm GMT

Vilac metal racing car

This metal ride-on racing car by Vilac, a famous French wooden toymaker, is the perfect French gift for your future French race car driver. The car is perfect for kids between 18 months to 4 or 5 years old. Requires some assembly too. 

Red and white wooden tricycle

Your future French lover between the age 12-36 months old will love learning to ride on this red and white three wheels tricycle by Janod, yet another French toymaker that specializes in wood toys similar to Melissa & Dough. 

Don’t forget to pick up the matching Janod helmet!

Moulin Roty Les Parisiennes Tea Set

This adorable little Parisian tea set by Moulin Roty, another famous French toymaker, makes the perfect French gift for any self-respecting girl or boy who wants to throw a proper tea party. 

Hedgehog Bangle Bracelet with initial

Once a common sight in France, the hedgehog population could soon disappear from the country entirely by the year 2050. 

This hedgehog bangle bracelet is high-quality stainless steel and fits wrists measuring  6 “to 8”. Choose the initial you want stamped on a .5″ silver plated disc.

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Longchamp Le Pliage Folding Purse

If your French loving teen daughter loves purses, then consider the Longchamp le Pliage, a stylish utilitarian folding purse. The perfect French gift that does double duty as a purse, book bag, carry-on luggage and overnight bag. Plus, it’s super cute and folds up. This classic and iconic nylon bag with leather straps and flap is a favourite amongst many teens and adults in France and has a cult following because it’s so versatile and comes in almost every colour combination you can think of. Prices range from 100 USD for a small bag to over 200 USD for a large tote size bag. But well worth it, in my opinion, because of its durability and enduring style.

French Macaron Baking Kit

The perfect French gift for any aspiring little French baker in the house. This French macaron baking set includes all the necessary tools and recipe guidebook to make French macarons at home.

—Two non-stick silicone baking mats (makes 60 macarons), silicone spatula, angled icing spatula, reusable piping bag and stainless steel tip for piping the batter and filling.

If your little baker already has the tools in this kit, get them this multipurpose nonstick French macaron baking mat, which has guiding circles that ensure each macaron is perfectly sized. The mat is nonstick and made of high quality, BPA free, food-grade silicone and can be used to bake anything.

10/16/2021 04:41 pm GMT

Neoprene Lunch Tote Bag

Not only adorable but also a practical French gift is this stylish Paris lunch bag made of high-quality neoprene. It keeps your food hot or cold for hours. It’s also easy to clean, stain-resistant and machine washable. It measures 30cm (height) x 30cm (width), and it’s free of vinyl and PVC. 

Insulated Stainless-Steel ParisWater Bottle

Another useful French gift for your little Francophile is this insulated stainless steel Paris water bottle. Great for packing lunches or for when you’re on the go. Especially if you’re trying to cut back on your plastic consumption. 

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Paris themed rolling backpack

Another French gift your little Paris loving kids will love is this pink Paris themed rolling backpack. Great for not only school but also a travel or overnight bag

Paris street sign

Growing up, I thought having a street sign in my room was just so cool and unique. This Paris street sign is a fun way for your Paris loving Francophile to decorate their room and show their love of Paris. 

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Vintage style Paris poster


This vintage style Paris poster would make a great French gift for your big or little Francophile who wants to decorate their room with art. 

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Free printable paper Paris city


This printable paper Paris city is such a cute gift, and I think I might give it to myself. What’s not to love, the set includes the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame church, the Eiffel tower, French shops and adorable stick people, and it’s free. 

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Le paper globe (A free printable) 

This do it yourself printable terrestrial globe by Joachim Robert is the perfect craft project to give to your craft-loving French fanatic children. Not only is the template a free download, but the names of the countries are in French.

This is my Paris: Do-It-Yourself City Journal

“”This is my Paris” is a multifaceted do it yourself city travel journal. It’s hard to describe but think of it as a type of scrapbook for your memories of Paris; only it’s more. It’s part colouring, part creative activity book, part travel notebook and city guide in one. It contains beautiful illustrations, fun-to-do lists and unique facts about the city. It also leaves plenty of space for your stories, drawings, photos, souvenirs, cards, notes & tips for your friends. 

Little Prince music box

If your kids can’t get enough of the children’s book The little prince by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s, then this adorable little prince music box might be the perfect French gift for your budding traveller. 

You can pick up a dual language (English French edition) of the little prince here, complete with audio download so you and your little one can listen together. 


French cookbooks for kids

For kids who like to cook, check out these French cookbooks that show you how to create some of France’s most renowned dishes.

Tagada Candy Recipe Cookbook (French edition) Tagada Candy Recipe Cookbook (French edition)

28 recipes prepared using fraises tagada (strawberry Tagada candy): a cult favourite amoung French adults and children. panna cotta, mousse chocolat blanc-fraise tagada, millefeuille, tarte chocolat-fraise-tagada, milkshakes.

10/16/2021 05:09 pm GMT

Let’s eat France 

Older teens who are interested in French culture and French food might enjoy the beautifully illustrated book. Let’s eat France, that not only teaches you to cook French recipes but also teaches you about the history and culture. It has over 1 200 specialty foods, 375 iconic recipes, plus hundreds of maps, charts, tricks and tips. I bought this book for myself, but my daughter loves flipping through it. It’s a staple on our coffee table and inspires us in the kitchen.

Let's Eat France!: cookbook and history Let's Eat France!: cookbook and history

1,250 specialty foods, 375 iconic recipes, 350 topics, 260 personalities, plus hundreds of maps, charts, tricks, tips, and ... you want to know about the food of France

10/16/2021 09:45 pm GMT

French inspired Keychain

Macaron Eiffel Tower Keychain / Purse Pendant Macaron Eiffel Tower Keychain / Purse Pendant

Add some Parisian sparkle to someones life with this Macaron Eiffel Tower keychain.

10/16/2021 05:11 pm GMT

Mission Paris: A Scavenger Hunt Adventure

Going to Paris with the kids and worried they’ll get bored? This scavenger hunt adventure book takes your young travellers through the famous sights of Paris, engaging them in an exciting scavenger hunt as you explore city landmarks together. They’ll search for clues in the treasures of the Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, discover the fascinating stories behind landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, uncover clues on the façade of Notre Dame, and many more engaging activities.

Let’s visit Paris France book

If you’re planning a visit to Paris with kids between 8 and 13 years old and want them to learn as well as have fun while travelling, Let’s visit Paris France is the book for you. It’s full of interesting and fun facts to get them excited about the major things to do in Paris before you leave

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 05:13 pm GMT

This is Paris illustrated book

This is Paris, is another witty children’s travel book in the “This is…” series written by Miroslav Sasek. His other books include, This is London, This is San Francisco. This is Rome and many many more. This large-format book about Paris, first published in 1959 is not only visually beautiful, but it will also take your child on a journey to famous Parisian buildings, beautiful French gardens, museums, sidewalk cafes, and introduce you to the people who live there — artists, flower girls, and thousands of cats. 

Why not get the French edition of This is Paris?

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 04:57 pm GMT
I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 05:27 pm GMT

A walk in Paris illustrated book

Young francophiles and armchair travellers will be charmed by the book A walk in Paris, yet another whimsical travel book for children by Salvator Rubbino with retro illustrations in soft, muted colours.  The book follows a girl and her grandfather through the streets of Paris. Throughout the book are brief informational captions about Parisian landmarks, cuisine, and language.

10/16/2021 04:49 pm GMT

Book and French mouse stuffed animal

Claris: Book & Toy Gift Set: The Chicest Mouse in Paris (The Claris Collection) Claris: Book & Toy Gift Set: The Chicest Mouse in Paris (The Claris Collection)

The Chicest Mouse in Paris follows an adorable mouse who dreams of moving to Paris to follow her fashion dreams. One day, she bravely takes the leap—only to fi nd a mean little girl with a horrible-looking cat standing in the way of her perfect Parisian apartment! Can Claris use all her wit, warmth and—of course—style to make her dreams come true?

10/16/2021 11:09 pm GMT

Mille Bornes: The classic French racing card game

Invented in 1954 by Edmond Dujardin, Mille Bornes translates to “a thousand milestones” and refers to the distance markers on many French roads. In this classic French racing card game, you must outrace your opponents as you dodge the hazards they put in your way—keep the tank full, find your way around the speed limit, and avoid accidents that may slow you down. 

Mille Bournes is listed in the GAMES Magazine Hall of Fame for “games that have met or exceeded the highest standards of quality and play value and have been continuously in production for at least ten years.

Top Pick
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

4D Cityscape of Paris Time Puzzle

The 4D cityscape time puzzle of Paris is the world’s first puzzle to incorporate the 4th dimension of time. You can build a complete replica of the Paris cityscape while learning history. 

This is a truly unique concept perfect for both kids and adults.  Unlike other puzzles, this can be played like a game, used as an educational toy and for entertainment purposes as you build it. You have to watch the video to understand how this 4D puzzle works truly. 


3D Puzzle Pendulum Desk Clock Model Kit by CubicFun 3D Puzzle Pendulum Desk Clock Model Kit by CubicFun

With this 3D puzzle from Cubicfun, you can build a Vintage Table Clock that really works. Foam Board,128 Pieces

10/16/2021 05:01 pm GMT
Le Vieux-Quebec (1000 Piece) Puzzle Le Vieux-Quebec (1000 Piece) Puzzle

All pieces are similarly shaped (except for border pieces) which makes this a challenging puzzle.

10/16/2021 05:09 pm GMT

French-inspired Lego Mini Figurines

Who doesn’t love Lego figurines? My favourite is the connoisseur with his baguette, French bulldog, striped shirt and French beret. The French Muskateer is pretty cute too. 

Lego Minifigures Series 6 - Lady Liberty Lego Minifigures Series 6 - Lady Liberty

France offered the statue to the United States as a gift to commemorate the alliance the two countries formed during the American Revolution. You can read more about her fascinating history here.

10/16/2021 07:38 pm GMT

Lego: ski and snow chalet

Your kids can pretend they’re skiing in the French Alps with this adorable 402 pieces Lego friends snow resort chalet.  It features everything you need to recreate the perfect French skiing vacation. A 2-story log cabin, outdoor hot tub, kitchen, lounge area with fireplace, dining area with table and chairs, upstairs bedroom with three beds a snowmobile, ski accessories, two ski ready mini figurines and more.

The cabin measures roughly 5x5x6 inches, which means it’s not going to take over your kid’s bedroom —a plus in my book.

Lego 3 in 1 winter ski slope and cabin

If you don’t like the purple and baby blue colour scheme of the ski chalet above, here’s a lego ski resort with a rooftop ski slope. The interesting thing about this particular lego set is that the ski slope converts into a bobsled track. Measures roughly 5x8x7 and come s with 347 pieces.

Lego Arc de Triomphe

Your France loving architects will enjoy creating a replica of the iconic Paris Arc de Triomphe. This Lego architecture Arc de Triomphe includes a booklet containing information about the design, architecture and history of the monument. Measures over 4” high, 5” wide and 3” deep and has 386 pieces.

Cubic Fun Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle

Your Paris loving teen and tween will love this 82 piece Eiffel tower 3D Puzzle, which doubles as a tabletop nightlight thanks to the included LED lights that mimic the real Eiffel tower in Paris.  It measures 15.4″ L x 14.2″ W x 29.9″ H. 

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 04:39 pm GMT

Lego Architecture The Louvre

This Lego Louvre architecture building kit is the perfect gift for your little Francophile who loves building replica models.  It contains nearly 700 pieces and measures over 5” tall, 6” wide and 7” deep.

3d Louvre puzzle

Your French loving kids can build a replica of the Louvre with this 3D Louvre puzzle. It comes with 137 pieces, and the beauty of this 3D puzzle is no glue or tape is required, just patience. LED lights are included so you can light it up the night. Measures 20.5″ L x 13.4″ W x 5.1″ H.

3D Paris Puzzles of the Louvre by CubicFun 3D Paris Puzzles of the Louvre by CubicFun

LED Architecture Building Model Kits for Adults and Kids,37 Pieces.

10/16/2021 04:59 pm GMT

Paris skyline 3D puzzle


Recreate Paris’s most famous landmarks, Notre Dame church, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel tower with this Paris skyline 3D puzzle.  Requires no glue or tools to assemble and measures 15″ L x 10″ W x 12.87.

3D Puzzle of Paris City line by CubicFun 3D Puzzle of Paris City line by CubicFun

Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre, Arc de triomphe, 114 Pieces

10/16/2021 04:37 pm GMT

French wooden doctors kit

6 piece wood French doctor set (Moulin Roty) 6 piece wood French doctor set (Moulin Roty)

The perfect gift for kids who want to play doctor. Includes carrying case made of sturdy cardboard.

  • 6 Piece wood set of doctors tools with French wording: Tube of Cream, Reflex Hammer, A Bottle of Tablets, A Syringe, A stethoscope and a Thermometer
10/16/2021 08:08 pm GMT

Lego Creator Carousel

Lego Parisian Restaurant

This adorable Lego Parisian restaurant (called chez Albert), complete with a Parisian apartment and artist’s studio above the restaurant. Measures over 11” high, 9” long and 9” wide, has 2469 pieces and adorable French figurines—French chef, French server, French artist, a French girl and her Vespa.

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 04:35 pm GMT

Lego Medieval Market Village

Your french loving kids can get medieval with this Lego castle medieval market village. It has everything you need to recreate a medieval city, including a cozy tavern, blacksmith, fishmonger, turkey drumsticks and sword yielding knights. Measures over 7.5 inches tall and over 9 inches long when open wide

Air France Concorde Model Plane

Build a piece of history and put it on display. For almost 30 years, from 1976 until 2003, a total of 18 Concorde planes took to the air in service with both Air France and British Airways. It had a top speed of Mach 2.2 (2400 km per hour – 1490 mph), flew faster than all its competitors and reduced the flight time between Europe and the USA by 50%. 

Wooden catapult/trébuchet kit

Build a working miniature trébuchet ( a kind of catapult) and pretend your living in medieval times when they were used to attack castles and destroy defences. Trebuchets catapulted huge boulders, smashing down walls. They could also be used to fire diseased bodies and dead animals into a besieged castle or walled city.

Pop Up Book Of Paris

Pop-up Paris (Pop-up Cities) Pop-up Paris (Pop-up Cities)

Paris will come alive with this beautiful and colourful pop-up book from Lonely Planet Kids.

Contains a set of six stunning pop-ups and gorgeous illustrations. This beautifully illustrated popup book includes six iconic landmarks that will kickstart the travel bug in young explorers -Eiffel Tower, the Pompidou Centre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Moulin Rouge, the Arc de Triomphe and a tower of delicious macarons!

Also available: Pop-up London, Pop-up New York

10/16/2021 05:08 pm GMT

Paris Eiffel Tower Duvet Cover Set

Transform your daughter’s room into a Parisian paradise with this Paris Eiffel Tower Duvet Cover Set. It comes with one duvet cover and two pillowcases. (duvet not included).

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 05:03 pm GMT

Puzzle of French landscape or city scene

A puzzle is not only a great gift but also a great family activity. This 750 piece jigsaw puzzle called “raining in Paris” measures 24 x 18 inches when complete. 

I may earn a small commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
10/16/2021 05:15 pm GMT

French Poodle balloon Money Bank

This whimsical balloon French poodle piggy bank is the perfect gift to give your little aspiring traveller who wants to save their pennies. 


If you still can’t decide that perfect French gift for that French crazy kid, here is a list of candies that all French kids love

Top 7 dandy souvenirs & gifts you can buy in French supermarkets or online

Fabulous French gifts and gift ideas for kids and teens in love with France and travelling

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