I doubt Halloween in France will ever be as successful as it is in the United States, Canada or the UK, but there are enough options for adults and parents visiting or living in France to keep you in the Halloween spirit. Understanding how

So you want to travel or live abroad with your kids and expose them to other cultures, but your ex is saying “NO WAY.”  What do you do? Here is my personal story of how I was able to get permission to travel and

Why bother travelling with young children? They won’t remember anything! It’s too much work to travel with kids, besides they won’t appreciate it! These are just some of the sad things I’ve heard people say about travelling with children. My response is, you don’t know what

You know that expression “ A Day At The Beach? ” It implies that something is easy or simple right? We spent a day at the with our kids at a beach in Le Pradet in the South of France in the Winter. It should have

One of the problems, when people travel long term or live abroad, is how to educate and keep your kids on track with the rest of their schoolmates back in your home country. We chose to mainstream our kids in public French school while