130 Cute masculine girl names: Female versions of French male names

I’ve put together a list of over 130 unique, chic, rare, and cute French masculine girl names used in France.

By Annie André ⦿ updated January 10, 2024  
French girl wearing a mans beret and fake paper moustache
French girl wearing a mans beret and fake paper moustache

Whether you want to break down gender stereotypes or you’re looking for boyish girl names for tomboys, I’ve put together a list of over 130 unique, chic, rare, and cute masculine French girl names used in France.  

A to Z: List of masculine French girl names that are female versions of French boy names

Jacqueline, Michelle and Géraldine sound lovely, but did you know that these classic French girl names are actually female versions of male French names?

There are actually quite a few French given names that have both a masculine and feminine version. 

Generally, the male name is the root, and a feminine suffix is added to create a female version of male names.

Feminine French suffixes include “-ie”, “-ine”, “-que”, -elle”, “-ette”, “-ane”, and “-anne”.

For example, Géraldine is the female version of the male name “Gérald”+ “ine”, and Antoinette is the female version of the boy’s name “Antoine” + “tte”. 

There are also quite a few traditional French names that are unisex, such as “Alex”, “Charlie”, and “Jules” which are spelled exactly the same for either gender, also known as epecene names.

I’ve compiled a list of both unisex French names and female versions of French first names. If an English translation exists for the French girl name, I’ve included that as well. 

If you’re ready, let’s jump into this list of alphabetically-organized female versions of male names from France.

Masculine girl names that begin with the letter “A.”

cute French girl in a boys suit holding hands with boy in suit

(A): Masculine Girls Name  Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Abélie, Abeline, Abelle Abel Abeline
Adrienne Adrien Adriana, Adrienne
Adeline Adelin Adeline
Aimée Aimé Amy, Aimie
Alaine  Alain Alana, Alaina
Alexandrine, Alexandra, Alexine, Alexane, Alexiane Alex Alex, Alexa
Alphonsine Alphonse Alphonsine, Alphonsina
Amadine Amandin Amandine, Amanda
Ambroisie, Ambroisine Ambroise  
Amor, Amorette Amor (unisex) Amor
Amy, Ami Amya Amy
Anaëlle Anaël  
Anatolie, Anatline Anatole  
Andrée André Andrea
Ange Ange (unisex)  
Antoinette Antoin Antoinette 
Ariane Arian  
Arielle Ariel Ariel, Arielle
Arthurine Arthur Arthurine, Arthurina
Austine Austin Austine
Axelle Axel Axel, Axelle

Masculine girl names “B through D”.

Cute teenage girl dressed in a vintage boys outift with bowtie, hat and suspendors

( B – D ) Boyish Girl Names Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Basil, Basile Basil, Basile (unisex) Basil
Baye, Bay Bay, Baye (unisex) Bay
Bénédicte Bénédict  
Bernadette, Bernadine Bernard Bernadine
Calliste, Caliste, Calista Calliste, Caliste (unisex) Calista
Camille Camille (unisex) Camille, Cammy, Camilla
Charline Charles Charlie, Charline,
Charlie Charlie (unisex) Charlie
Chistiane, Christine, Christiane, Christabelle Christien, Christian (unisex) Christine
Claudette, Claudine Claude Claudet, Claudia 
Clémentine Clémen, Clémence Celmentine
Danielle, Danièle Daniel Daniella, Daniela, Danielle
Demi Demis Demi
Denise Denis Denise
Désirée Désiré / Dési Desiree
Didiane Didier Desiderio
Dominique Dominique (unisex) Dominic
Dorianne Dorian Dorian
Dorothée  Théodore Dorothy

Masculine girl names “E through G”

Beautiful girl wearing a straw hat

( E – G ) Boyish Girl Name Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Élie Élie (Unisex) Eli, Ellie, Elie,
Émelie, Émeline, Émilienne Émile (unisex) Emilie, Emeline, Emilienne
Emmanuelle Emmanuel Emmanuella 
Ernestine Ernest Ernastine
Étiennette Étienne Stephanie
Eugénie Eugène Eugenie, Eugenia
Fabienne Fabien Fabia, Fabienne, Fabiana
Faustine Faustin, Faust Faustine
Félicité  Felix Felicite, Falicity
Férnande Fernand Fernand
Flavie Flavien  
Flora, Florie Florian, Florien Flora, Florie
France, Françoise, Francine, Francette  François Francine, Francoise, Francette
Frédérique Frédéric Frederica
Gabrielle Gabriel Garielle
Gaëlle Gaël Gael, Gale, Gayle
Georgette George Georgette
Ghislaine Ghislain Ghislaine
Guilaine Guilain  
Gilberte Gilbert  
Guillemette Guillaume  
Gustavine Gustave  
Gwenaëlle Gwenaël  

Masculine girl names “H through L”

Cute girl wearing knit hat and sweater touching cheeks

( H – L ) Boyish Girl Names Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Henriette, Henryanne Henri Henrietta
Huguette Hugues, Hugo  
Jacqueline Jacques, Jacob (Jacquot) Jacqueline (Jackie)
Jeannette, Janine, Jeanine, Jeannine Jean Janet / Gene
Jocelyne Jocelyn Jocelyne, Joyce
Joëlle Joël Joelle
Josephine Joseph Josephine
Julie, Julia, Juliette, Jules Jules (unisex name) Jules, Julie, Julia
Justine Justin Justine
Laurence, Laure, Lauraline Laurent Laurence
Léonide Léonide (unisex)  
Léonne ou Léontine, Léonie Léo, Léon Leonie
Lionelle Lionel Lionelle
Louane Louan Lou-Anne
Louise  Louis Louise
Lucienne Lucien Lucienne, Lucianne

Masculine girl names “M through P”

Cute girl wearing knitted pink beret wearing a trench coat

( M – P ) Boyish Girl Names Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Mady, Maddy Madisson, Mady Madisson, Maddy
Manon Manon (unisex)  
Marcelle, Marceline Marcel Marcela 
Martine Martin Martina
Mauricette Maurice Morrissa
Maxence Maxence (unisex)  
Maxime, Maximilienne Maxime (unisex) Maxime
Michèle ou Michelle,  Micheline  Michel Michelle
Morgane Morgan Morgan
Narcisse, Narcissa Narciso, Narcisse (unisex)  
Nicolette, Nicoletta, Nicole Nicolas Nicole, Nicolette 
Noée Noé  
Noëlle Noël Noelle
Noa, Noah Noa, Noah (unisex) Noa, Noah
Océane Océan Ocean
Octavie Octave Octavia
Page Page (unisex) Paige
Pascale, Pascaline Pascal Pascale
Paule, Paulette, Pauline Paul Paulette
Philippe, Philippa, Philippine Philippe (unisex) Philipa
Pierrette Pierre  

Masculine girl names “Q through S”

Cute baby portrait in a basket while sleeping

( Q – S ) Boyish Girl Names Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Quentine Quentin Quin, Quentine
Quincey Quincy Quincy
Raphaëlle Raphaël Raphaella
Raymonde Raymond Ray, Rae
Remy, Remi Remi (Unisex) Remy, Remi
Renée René Rene
Richarde Richard Ricky
Roberte Robert Roberta, Robbin
Robin, Robine Robin (Unisex) Robin, Robyn
Rochelle Roch Rochelle or Rachelle
Rolande, Orlan Roland  
Romane Roman, Romain  
Sable Sable Sable
Sage Sage Sage
Sacha, Sasha Sacha, Sasha (unisex) Sacha, Sasha
Sébastienne Sébastien Sebastiane, Sebastiana
Séraphine, Séraphina, Séraphie Séraphin  
Servane Servan  
Simone, Simonne Simon  Simone
Silvaine, Sylvaine Sylvain, Silvain Sylvie, Silvia
Sorrell Sorrell (unisex)  
Stéphane, Stéphanie Stéphane (unisex) Stephanie

Masculine female names “V through Z”

French girl wearing a mans beret and fake paper moustache

( T – Z ) Boyish Girl Names Male Name English Girl name version (if it exists)
Thaïs Thaïs (unisex)  
Timothée Timothé Timothy
Valentine Valentin Valentine
Valérie, Valériane Valéry, Valery Valerie
Victoire, Victorine Victor Vicotoria, Vicky
Vinciane Vincent  
Vivienne Vivien Vivian, Vivianna
Xavière Xavier Xaviere
Yvette Yves Yvette
Yvonne Yvon Yvon
Zéphirine, Zéphyrine Zéphirin, Zéphyrin  


Didn’t find the perfect masculine female name you were looking for?

I’ve compiled a list of nearly 400 Bilingual French & English Baby Names For Boys and Girls.

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