330 beautiful French female names & meanings: rare, chic, popular & old

Discover popular French girl names with meanings based on the French registry of birth from the 1800s to the present. Plus, rare French female names and  French actress names and goddesses.

By Annie André ⦿ updated January 10, 2024  
Popular French Names For Girls In France
Popular French Names For Girls In France

Choosing the perfect name for a girl can be an exciting and fun experience, but it can be stressful, too.

After all, it will be her name FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE! If you’re here, my guess is you’re interested in French girl names.

Whether you’re interested in popular baby names, traditional, pretty French girl names, or a unique French baby girl name that reflects your French heritage, I’ve put together a huge list of more than 300 beautiful French female names and their meanings that are typically given to girls in France, along with their meanings. Beautiful French girl names

Rather than organizing this list of French baby girl names based on what I think are pretty names, I combed through the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies ( Insee.fr ) and listed the names that parents in France have actually given to their daughters since the 1800s and organized them into convenient categories. 

  1. Popular names by year and decade: 2022, the 1920s, 1950’s and 1980s.
  2. Traditional and Classic names between the 1800s and 1900s
  3. Rare names and ones that are disappearing

I’ve also included the following types of names in this list. 

  1. Hyphenated or Compound names such as Marie-Antoinette, which is a very royal French girl name. 
  2. Gender-neutral names: names for boys and girls
  3. Famous French actress names
  4. French goddess names and Frenchified mythological names. 

*There may be some overlap : Certain names show up in multiple categories. For instance, the name Marie has been popular girls name for multiple decades so it may show up in vintage names and popular names. 

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French names tend to be more traditional or classical.

Traditional names in French for girls

For anyone searching for an eccentric, made-up, or unconventional French name like “Moonraker” or “Stormi,” you may be in for a slight letdown. Names in France tend to be more classical and traditional. And there’s a rationale behind it, which you may find surprising or odd; I know it did to my husband. 

Many countries, including France, have strict baby-naming laws that prohibit parents from legally giving their children certain names. Typically, these laws are designed to protect children from being given offensive names like Adolph Hitler, which is banned in most countries. 

However, it’s not just those offensive names that are banned in France. If the French authorities think a given name will be embarrassing for a child, they can force parents to change it to something more socially acceptable.

For instance, a couple once tried to name their baby girl “Fraise,” which is French for strawberry. However, in another well-known case, parents attempted to name their daughter after Nutella, the popular chocolate hazelnut spread. In both instances, the parents were not allowed to use the names they had chosen and were forced to select different ones for their children.

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Since 1966, Foreign names have become more popular in France

Jade is one of the most popular names given to girls in France
Data taken from Insee.fr

From 1803 to 1966, parents in France could only give their child either a saint’s name from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints or a historical person’s name. This created a long-standing baby-naming tradition, which explains why there were so many people with names like Jean-Paul, Marie, Pierre and Louis during this period. 

French baby naming regulations have relaxed quite a bit since 1966, and French parents are now giving their babies nams that were previously unheard of in France. There’s also a growing trend for foreign names not of French origin, such as “Jade,” pronounced /Zhad/, a popular name which first appeared in France in the early 1970s and has consistently ranked among the top 10 names given to girls for years. Jade can also be a boy’s name in France, but it’s not as common. 

The list of French girl names starts here.

Top 10 most common and popular baby girl names given to females in France

Top 10 most popular and most common French girl names in France (2023)

For the past decade, there have been certain names that always end up on the top 10 list of baby names given to children in Metropolitan France

They are Jade, Louise, Emma, Alice, and Rose. Of course, there are ebbs and flows, like “Lina,” a popular French name that falls on and off the top 10 list every so often. 

Number 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018

Certain names are popular in certain regions. For example the names Lina, Mya, Chloé, and Mia, which were popular names given to girls in 2020 in several French overseas territories.

Map of the most popular French girls names in France by region for 2020

100 most popular names given to girls in 2023

Popular French female names in France; Capucine

Below are the Top French girl names that parents from France have chosen to give their babies born in 2022. Data is based on data from INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) and approximate numbers.

While most of the names on this list are traditional French names, there are some foreign names such as AÏCHA, INAYA, ASSIA, and NOUR which are of Arabic origins.

100 most popular
French girl names (2022)
Rank Name # of births Meaning
1 JADE 3420 Green gemstone
2 LOUISE 3412 Famous warrior
3 AMBRE 3380 Amber (a jewel)
4 ALBA 3280 Dawn
5 EMMA 3158 Whole, universal
6 ROSE 2692 Rose flower
7 ALICE 2520 Noble, kind
8 ROMY 2409 Beloved, adored
9 ANNA 2380 Grace
10 LINA 2355 Tender
11 LÉNA 2266 Torch, light
12 MIA 2173 Mine, bitter
13 LOU 2114 Famous warrior
14 JULIA 2056 Youthful
15 CHLOÉ 2004 Blooming
16 ALMA 1974 Soul, nourishing
17 AGATHE 1958 Good, kind
18 IRIS 1904 Rainbow
19 INAYA 1875 Care, concern
20 CHARLIE 1834 Free, strong
21 JULIETTE 1802 Youthful, downy
22 LÉA 1791 Weary
23 VICTOIRE 1772 Victory
24 LUNA 1751 Moon
25 GIULIA 1745 Youthful
26 ADÈLE 1718 Noble, tender
27 JEANNE 1699 God is gracious
28 NINA 1669 Grace
29 EVA 1630 Life, living one
30 OLIVIA 1546 Olive tree
31 ZOÉ 1523 Life
32 LÉONIE 1511 Lioness
33 ROMANE 1481 From Rome
34 VICTORIA 1452 Victory
35 NOUR 1372 Light
36 LYA 1284 Dark beauty
37 INÈS 1284 Chaste, pure
38 LUCIE 1261 Light
39 LYANA 1235 Softness
40 LOLA 1205 Sorrows
41 ALIX 1182 Defender of mankind
42 CHARLOTTE 1176 Free man
43 MILA 1173 Gracious, dear
44 SOFIA 1168 Wisdom
45 LOUNA 1163 Moonlight
46 MARGAUX 1153 Pearl
47 AVA 1153 Life
48 ELENA 1149 Bright, shining light
49 EMY 1138 Industrious
50 MYA 1135 Emerald
51 CAMILLE 1097 Free-born, noble
52 AYA 1087 Miracle
53 ALYA 1071 Sublime, exalted
54 SARAH 1067 Princess
55 MARGOT 1032 Pearl
56 THÉA 1027 Goddess
57 CAPUCINE 991 Nasturtium flower
58 MANON 987 Bitter
59 LYNA 933 Tender
60 ALBANE 928 From Alba (dawn)
51 CAMILLE 1097 Free-born, noble
52 AYA 1087 Miracle
53 ALYA 1071 Sublime, exalted
54 SARAH 1067 Princess
55 MARGOT 1032 Pearl
56 THÉA 1027 Goddess
57 CAPUCINE 991 Nasturtium flower
58 MANON 987 Bitter
59 LYNA 933 Tender
60 ALBANE 928 From Alba (dawn)
61 GABRIELLE 913 God is my strength
62 LIVIA 906 Blue, envious
63 CLÉMENCE 902 Mercy, clemency
64 MARIA 863 Wished-for child
65 LANA 842 Little rock
66 ELLA 832 Beautiful fairy
67 APOLLINE 829 Of Apollo, the sun god
68 CÉLESTE 819 Heavenly
69 VALENTINE 764 Strong, healthy
70 CLARA 754 Bright, clear
71 ASSIA 752 Ripe, rich
72 THAÏS 750 Bandage, healing
73 LILA 748 Night
74 ZÉLIE 741 Sunshine
75 LILY 737 Pure, innocent
76 YASMINE 735 Jasmine flower
77 JOY 735 Happiness
78 MAYA 726 Illusion, dream
79 HÉLOÏSE 704 Healthy, wide
80 ROXANE 702 Bright, dawn
81 DIANE 701 Divine
82 MATHILDE 665 Mighty in battle
83 VALENTINA 660 Strong, healthy
84 ALICIA 658 Noble
85 LISE 651 God’s promise
86 CONSTANCE 629 Constant, steadfast
87 AMÉLIA 625 Hardworking
88 ARYA 621 Noble, respectful
89 NORA 619 Honor, light
90 MADDY 614 Mighty in battle
91 ANAÏS 605 Grace
92 ARIA 599 Air, song
93 LILOU 596 Lily
94 JOSÉPHINE 596 God will add
95 SALOMÉ 595 Peaceful
96 MAËLYS 595 Princess
97 SUZANNE 590 Lily
98 CÉLIA 586 Heaven
99 LISA 582 Consecrated to God
100 AÏCHA 582 Alive (Arabic name)

Top 30 Most Popular Names in the 80’s

popular French female names in France in the 80s

Weren’t the 80’s fun? François Mitterrand was the president of France during the ’80s (from 1981 to 1995). It was the first time since 1958 that the socialist party was in power. The large glass pyramid in front of the Louvre was completed in 1988, and New Wave music was arriving in Paris with bands like Les Rita Mitsouko. I still love that band.

Rank Name Meaning
1 AURÉLIE “golden”
2 EMILIE “rival”
3 ELODIE “foreign riches”
4 CÉLINE “heavenly”
5 JULIE “youthful”
6 MARIE “bitter”
7 AUDREY “noble strength”
8 STÉPHANIE “garland, crown”
9 LAETITIA “joy”
10 VIRGINIE “pure, virgin”
11 SOPHIE “wisdom”
12 MÉLANIE “dark-skinned, black”
13 CAROLINE “free man”
14 SABRINA “from the Sabine tribe”
15 VANESSA “butterfly”
16 MARION “bitter”
17 JENNIFER “white wave”
18 AMANDINE “loving”
19 JESSICA “God beholds”
20 LAURA “laurel tree”
21 DELPHINE “dolphin”
22 CLAIRE “clear, bright”
23 PAULINE “small”
24 CINDY “from Cynthia”
25 SANDRINE “defender”
26 CÉCILE “blind”
27 ALEXANDRA “defender of mankind”
28 ANGELIQUE “like an angel”
29 SARAH “princess”
30 AMÉLIE “rival”

30 Top French names for girls in the ’50s

Popular French baby girl names from the 50s

In the 1950s, France was still very much the France of the cliché. It was pre-American culture, pre-television, and pre-globalization. Women could now vote thanks to a law that was enacted in 1944. France still had strict baby-naming laws, so parents had to choose traditional French female names for girls based on the Roman Catholic calendar. You won’t see the name Jade on this list.

Rank Name Meaning
1 MARIE “bitter”
2 MARTINE “warlike”
3 FRANÇOISE “French”
4 CATHERINE “pure”
5 CHANTAL “song”
6 BRIGITTE “exalted one”
7 DOMINIQUE “belonging to the Lord”
8 MONIQUE “sole”
9 CHRISTINE “follower of Christ”
10 SYLVIE “forest”
11 ANNIE “gracious”
12 NICOLE “victorious people”
13 PATRICIA “noble”
14 EVELYNE “wanted”
15 MICHÈLE “who is like God”
16 CHRISTIANE “follower of Christ”
17 CLAUDINE “lame”
18 JACQUELINE “supplanter”
19 NADINE “hope”
20 JOCELYNE “young”
21 ANNICK “gracious”
22 JOËLLE “God will add”
23 JOSIANE “God will add”
24 DANIELLE “God is my judge”
25 ELISABETH “God is my oath”
26 ISABELLE “God is my oath”
27 ANNE “gracious”
28 BERNADETTE “brave as a bear”
29 VÉRONIQUE “true image”
30 MARYSE “bitter”

70 Old-fashioned and vintage French female names (1800 to 1900)

Vintage or Old French names popular between 1900 to 1920.
Velocipede bike carousel Luna Park 1910

Although some of these names may be old-fashioned or rare girl names from the 1800s that don’t make it to the top of French baby name lists anymore, they were extremely popular in France during the Belle Epoque (1871 – 1914.), which overlaps with the British Victorian era (1837-1901) and the Gilded Age in the United States (1870s)

Like fashion, popular baby names in France come and go, and sometimes names come back into fashion. For instance, both Léa and Louise were extremely popular names in 1902 but declined in popularity for a few decades, then made a comeback in the 2000s.

Vintage names are a good choice for parents who want a more traditional or classic French name but also for anyone who wants to steer clear of a common French name like Jade.

(1800 – 1900)
Rank Name Meaning
2 GERMAINE From Germany
3 YVONNE Yew (as in the tree)
4 MADELEINE From Magdala
5 MARCELLE Warlike
7 ANNE Gracious
9 RENÉE Reborn
10 HENRIETTE Home Ruler
11 HÉLÈNE Bright One
12 GEORGETTE Earthworker
13 JOSEPHINE God Will Add
14 BERTHE Bright One
15 EUGÉNIE Well Born
16 ANDRÉE Warrior
17 FERNANDE Adventurous
18 RAYMONDE Wise Protector
19 SIMONNE To Listen
20 ANGÈLE Angel
21 ODETTE Wealthy
22 THÉRÈSE Harvester
24 ANTOINETTE Beyond Praise
25 BLANCHE White
27 CÉCILE Blind
28 GENEVIÈVE White Wave
32 PAULINE Small
34 EMILIE Rival
35 ALBERTINE Bright Nobility
36 CLAIRE Clear
37 ELISABETH God is My Oath
38 JULIENNE Youthful
40 IRÈNE Peace
41 PAULE Small
42 ALINE Bright
43 AIMÉE Beloved
44 VICTORINE Conqueror
45 ERNESTINE Serious
46 REINE Queen
48 OLGA Holy
49 FRANCINE French
50 ADÈLE Noble
51 SOLANGE Solemn
52 AUGUSTA Great
53 ALPHONSINE Ready for Battle
54 ANDRÉA Warrior
55 ISABELLE God is My Oath
56 CÉLINE Heavenly
58 CLOTILDE Famous Warrior
59 AGNÈS Chaste
62 IRMA Whole, Universal
63 CELESTINE Heavenly
64 FELICIE Happy
65 CAROLINE Free Man
66 ELISA God is My Oath
68 VIRGINIE Maiden
69 BERNADETTE Brave as a Bear
70 HORTENSE Gardenr

Uncommon and unique French female names 

rare and uncommon French girl names

A pretty French girls name doesn’t always make it the the top of popular name lists. Here are some less common but well-known names for girls.

Uncommon names
  Name Meaning
1 ALINE noble
2 ELODIE foreign riches
3 FABIENNE the noble
4 FANNY (diminutive of Frances) free one
5 FRÉDÉRIQUE peaceful ruler
6 GAËLLE Irishwoman
7 LAURENCE (woman name in France)
8 LUDIVINE friend of the people
9 MAËLLYS princess
10 MAGALI or MAGALIE pearl
11 NADEGE hope
12 SABINE woman
13 SÉVERINE grave, serious or stern

Really rare names that are disappearing or have disappeared in France

rare, unique and uncommon French girl names

If you’re looking for extremely rare, original-sounding, and unique French girl names, here are some French female names that are so rare they’ve all but disappeared in France.

  Rare, names and names that are disappearing
  Name Meaning
1 Amantine “lover,” “beloved,” “true love,” or “eternal love: From Latin name amantēs
2 Amaranthe “lover,” “beloved,” “true love,” or “eternal love”; From Latin name Amants
3 Anatoline French form of Greek name Anathalia: God is my judge.”
4 Brunelle French form of Latin word brunus: “dark-haired.” Diminutive form of the name Bruno: “brown.”
5 Cléore French female form of boy name Cléo of Greek origin: “fame” and “victory.”
6 Cyrienne From Latin name Cyriacus, derived from Greek name Kyriakos: “lord” or “ruler.”
7 Colombe Latin origin “Columba”: dove)
8 Douceline French form of Latin name Dulcis: “sweet.”)
9 Emiliane From Roman Latin family name Aemilius:”rival” or “competitor.”
10 Emiliette (French diminutive of Emilie, from the Roman Latin family name Aemilius: “rival” or “competitor.”
11 Eudora From Greek “Eudoros”: well-gifted
12 Fleury From Latin “Florus”: flowery
13 France From Latin Francia:”land of the Franks.” 
14 Herminie French version of Hermione and Herminia, and female version of greek god Hermès) 
15 Huguette Diminutive of Huguenote and female version of  Hugh (Germanic origin): “mind” or “spirit”
16 Laurentine Feminine form of the name “Laurent,” which is of Latin origin. It means “crowned with laurel” or “victorious.”
17 Léonelle Feminine form of Léon from Latin: Lion 
18 Marcelline Feminine form of Marcel from the Roman family name Marcellus: “little hammer.”
19 Mariette French diminutive form of Marie of Hebrew origin from Miriam: “wished for child.”
20 Rosine From Latin rosa: “rose”
21 Fleur French origin: “flower”
22 Théophanie manifestation of God: From Greek “Theophania”
23 Gisèle German origin from Gisela: “pledge” or “hostage”

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Compound hyphenated French female names

compound French GRIL names

Sometimes, French names are “Compound names” (prénom composé), which are a set of two or more first names used together, usually separated by a hyphen, but not always.

Compound names are one single name and not a first and middle name.

For instance, if you met a French person with the compound name Anne-Laure or Anne Laure, you would call her Anne-Laure, not Anne, and not Laure, unless she asked you to call her by a single name. 

Compound girl names can contain a male name, and vice versa.

Although compound names in France are usually composed of two names of the same gender, they can also be composed of both a male and a female name.

The first part of the compound name dictates whether the name is for a man or a woman. 

For example: 

  • Marie-Paul and Marie-Joseph are both female names. 
  • Paul Marie and Joseph Marie are both male names.  

Paul Marie (born in 1995) is a French professional footballer for MLS club San Jose Earthquakes.

Now, on to the list of compound French names for girls.

  1. Ange-Marie (Ange can be a boy’s name or a girl’s name in French.)
  2. Anne-Claire
  3. Anne-Françoise
  4. Anne-Lise
  5. Anne-Louise
  6. Clara-Rose
  7. Eva-Louise
  8. France-Line
  9. Laure-Anne
  10. Lee-Lou
  11. Lili-fleur
  12. Lilu-Rose
  13. Lou-Anne
  14. Marie-Adélaïde
  15. Marie-Antoinette
  16. Marie-Carmen
  17. Marie-Claire
  18. Marie-France
  19. Anne-Laure
  20. Marie-Lou
  21. Marie-Océane
  22. Marie-Soleil 
  23. Sarah-Lou

Beautiful French goddess names and mythology names

Although the concept of gods and goddesses originated in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, the French variation of their names have been adapted and used in various cultures and languages around the world.

In France, for instance, certain goddesses have been incorporated into the French language and culture, and when needed, French accents were added for the pronunciation of certain letters. For example, the name “Hélène” has an accent on the first “e” to indicate that it is pronounced with an “ay” sound.  

These are just a few examples of French goddess names, but there are many more that have been adapted and used in French culture.


Pronounced /Ah-Lee-Aye-Nor/

This particular spelling has Breton roots and means “spark.”

The origin of this female French name is uncertain but is usually considered a variant of the Greek first name “Helena,” which means torch or light. In Greek mythology, Helena was not a goddess; she was a mortal woman who was known for her extraordinary beauty. She was abducted by Paris, a prince of Troy, which was one of the events that led to the Trojan War.

Other more recent versions of this name include “Eleonore,” such as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. 


Pronounced /Ah-Po-Lean/

The feminine version of Appolo, the Greek god of the sun, healing, music, and prophecy. Apolline means of “Appoll,” or “belonging to Appolo,” and has been popular in France for centuries. 


Pronounced /Ah-Tay-Nah-ees

Athénaïs means “wisdom” or “intelligence.” Athénaïs is a French adaptation of the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, and crafts, Athena.

In 17th century France, Françoise d’Aubigné, who later became known as Madame de Maintenon, took the name Athénaïs when she converted to Catholicism. After Françoise married King Louis XIV in 1683, the name Athénaïs became popular in French society. Today, the name is still used in France and is considered a classic French name.


pronounced /Oh-Roar/

Aurore is the French equivalent of Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn who brought the light of the new day. Her name is from the Latin word “Aurora,” which means “dawn.”

Sélène: Alternate spelling Séléné


Séléné =Alternate spelling 

Pronounced /Say-Leny/

Sélène is the French version of the name Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon who was often depicted riding a chariot across the night sky, pulling the moon behind her.

Also spelled Sélène. She was the goddess of the moon


pronounced /Sear-Say/

Circé was a minor goddess in Greek mythology of magic and Sorcery. In French literature and culture, the name Circé is associated with femininity, beauty, and mystery and became popular in France in the 19th century.


pronounced /Sib-Ell/

Cybèle is of French and Greek origins, meaning “the mother of all gods.”

Cybèle was originally a Phrygian goddess from Asia Minor, in modern-day Turkey, who was worshipped in ancient Greece and Rome. Her cult spread throughout the Roman Empire, and her name was later adopted by the Gauls, the Celtic people who lived in what is now France.


pronounced /See-Ren/

Cyréne is from the Greek word “kyrios,” which means “lord” or “master. In Greek mythology, Cyrene or Kyrene, was the sovereign queen and ruler of the North African city of Cyrene. According to the myth, the city was founded and named after her by Apollo. 


pronounced /De-Neez/

Denise is a French version of the Greek name Dionysus, who was the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy in Greek mythology. Denise is a French version of the Greek name Dionysus, who was the god of wine, fertility, and ecstasy in Greek mythology.


Pronounce /Daf-Nay/

Daphne is of Greek origin, which means Laurel Tree or Bay tree and was a Greek water nymph.

Daphné is a French girl’s name from the Greek mythological character of the same name. In the myth, Daphne was a beautiful nymph who was pursued by the god Apollo. To escape Apollo’s advances, Daphne prayed to her father, the river god Peneus, to help her. As a result, she was transformed into a laurel tree, and Apollo made the laurel his sacred tree.


 Pronounced /Guy-yah/

popular french girl name

Gaïa is the French spelling of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the earth and mother of all life who was married to Uranus (Heaven).

Gaïa was first used in France in 1989 and became a popular French girl name in 2009, with 113 girls be given this name. 


Pronounced /Ee-Ree/

In Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of rainbows and messenger of Hera and Zeus, riding the rainbow between Olympus and Earth. She was known for her speed and agility, and she was often depicted with wings on her ankles and shoulders. As the messenger of the gods, Iris was responsible for delivering messages between the gods and mortals, and she was also associated with the rainbow as a symbol of hope and renewal.


Pronounced /Vay-Nusse/

Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Roman mythology and was associated with the planet Venus. The name became popular in France during the Renaissance when the ideas and culture of ancient Rome were revived.

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French Actress names

French female actress names

If you love French movies, fashion, and French music, here are some famous French and Belgian personalities in France — past and present. Sometimes, names will spike in popularity based on the popularity of a famous French person.

Actress Description
Adèle Haenel Actress
Annabella (Born Suzanne Georgette Charpentier) French-American actress.
Anaïs Demoustier Actress
Anouk Aimée related:Anouk Name Meaning: Actress
Audrey Tautou Actress known for the French cult film “Amélie.”
Brigitte Bardot Actress and international icon.
Capucine (Germaine Hélène Irène Lefebvre) Actress and fashion model
Carole Bouquet Actress and fashion model
Catherine Deneuve Actress
Cécile de France Belgian actress
Charlotte Gainsbourg French-British actress and singer.
Danielle Darrieux Actress
Élodie Bouchez Actress
Émilie Dequenne Belgian actress
Emmanuelle Devos Actress
Eva Gaëlle Green Actress
Frédérique Bel Actress
Isabelle Huppert Actress
Juliette Binoche Actress
Julie Depardieu Actress, daughter of Gérard Depardieu.
Lætitia Casta Actress and fashion model
Léa Seydoux Actress
Lily-Rose Depp French-American actress, model, and daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis
Ludivine Sagnier Actress
Louise Bourgoin Actress and television presenter.
Marion Cotillard Actress
Mélanie Laurent Actress and filmmaker
Romy Schneider French-Austrian actress
Sophie Marceau Actress
Vanessa Paradis French singer, model, actress and Ex-wife of Johnny Depp
Virginie Efira French-Belgian actress

Gender-neutral French names

The following are gender-neutral, aka unisex French names (les prénoms mixtes) given to both boys and girls in France. 

Gender-neutral French names
for boys or girls
Name Meaning
Alex or Alix defender of mankind: from Alexandre
Anaël God’s messenger
Ange Angel
Ariel Lion of God
Camille Helpful, attendant
Charlie Free Man
Dominique Of the Lord
Eden Place of pleasure and delight or Paradise
Elie The lord is my god
Loan Light
Loïs Superior; Most beautiful
Sacha defender of mankind. diminutive of the name Alexandre
Mahé or Maé gift of god: Breton form of Matthew 
Thaïs Greek for “beloved”

Wrapping up French baby names for girls

If you’re considering a French name for your baby girl, you’ll be paying homage to French culture, which places a huge emphasis on family and tradition.

On the other hand, you may simply love the melodic way a name sounds, which can also be a great way to choose the perfect name for your little one.

Best of luck in your search for French baby names.

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