330 beautiful French girl names & meanings: rare, chic, popular, old & more

Huge list of French girl names in France & meanings organized by category: rare, unique, traditional, French actresses, gender neutral and year the French names were popular.

Popular French Names For Girls In France
Popular French Names For Girls In France

I’ve compiled a list of over 300 beautiful French girl names given to baby girls in France and included their meanings. All the names are organized into convenient categories, from popular French female names by decade, and classic or traditional French girl names, to compound names, gender-neutral names, and rare French girl names.  (French boy names are here…)

French girl names used in France

Choosing the perfect girl’s name for your baby girl is a fun experience, but it can be stressful too.

After all, it will be her name FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!

However, if you have French ancestry in your family tree, maybe the perfect female name is one that reflects your French heritage. Even if you don’t have French ancestry, French is a beautiful language, and so are French names. 

Choosing the perfect french girls name for your daughter

So how do you pick the perfect French girl name?

It depends because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Some parents prefer trendy or popular baby names. Others prefer traditional, unique or unusual names that hold particular meanings.

Rather than organizing this list of French girl names based on what I think are the most beautiful or prettiest, I combed through the registrar of French Female names given to little girls in France and organized them into the following categories. 

How this list of French girl names is organized.

Beautiful French names for girls


  1. Popular French female names by year and decade: 2020, 2021, 1800’s to 1900, the 1920s, 1950’s and 1980s.
  2. Traditional and Classic French names for women. These have been around for a long time. 
  3. Rare French girl names. These might be new or old French female names.
  4. Disappearing French girl names in France.
  5. Compound baby girl names such as Marie-Antoinette.
  6. Gender-neutral French names (can be given to both males and females)
  7. Famous French female actress names. Sometimes names will spike in popularity based on the popularity of a famous French actress.
  8. French goddess names and meanings: these are Frenchified mythological names. 

*There may be some overlap: Certain French girl names show up in multiple categories. For instance, the name Marie has been popular for multiple decades so it may show up in vintage names and popular  names. 

FYI: French girl names tend to be more traditional or classical.

Traditional names in French for girls

For anyone looking for unusual, weird, made-up or unique female names like “Moonraker” or “Stormi,” you’re going to be a little disappointed. French girl names and French boy names in France tend to be more classic or traditional. And there is a reason for that. 

The government in France can control what parents in France name their children and force parents to rename their children with a more acceptable one. 



It might sound strange, as It did to my husband, but many countries, not just France, have baby-naming laws that prevent parents from legally giving their children certain names like strawberry. 

Baby naming laws are usually put in place to protect children from being given a name that’s offensive or embarrassing, like Adolph Hitler, which is banned in Germany and many other countries.

But some countries, like France, have taken baby-naming regulations a step further, and some French families think it may even be racist in some cases. Like when families in the region of Brittany in northwest France were forbidden from giving their children Breton (Celtic) names.

You  might be interested in reading: French baby name laws: 31 names banned in France.

Baby naming traditions: a brief overview

From 1803 to 1966, parents in France could only give their children a saint’s name from the Roman Catholic calendar of saints or a historical person.

It created a long-standing baby-naming tradition which explains why there are so many people with names like Jean-Paul, Marie, Pierre and Louis. 

Jade is one of the most popular names given to girls in France
Data taken from Insee.fr

French baby naming rules and regulations have relaxed quite a bit since 1966, and French parents are giving their French babies names that never existed in France before. 

For instance, the name Jade has been in the top 10 list of most popular French female names given to girls in France for years, but the name is fairly new. It didn’t appear in France until the early 1970s.  There are also more and more names that are foreign or not of French origin now. 

Now that you know a little history about baby-naming traditions in France, let’s get to the French girl name list and how it’s organized. 

The list of French names for girls starts here.

Get out your notebook!

Here’s what I suggest. First, go through this list of French female names and write down the french names for girls that stand out to you. Then revisit your top choices, and discuss them with your friends, family or partner.

Top 10 most popular French girl names by region in France 

In 2020, 2021 and for the past decade, there are certain names that always end up in the top 20 list of baby names given to children in France.

Jade, Louise and Lina tend to be the most common baby names in France given to girls throughout Metropolitan France. Of course, there are ebbs and flows. For instance, the name Emma makes the top 10 list every so often. 

Here’s a map showing the total number of births for the most popular names given to girls in 17 different regions of France and its territories in 2020.

Map of the most popular French girls names in France by region for 2020

French Region Name # of babies
given name
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes LOUISE 458
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté LOUISE 158
Brittany JADE 211
Centre-Val de Loire LOUISE 143
Corsica GHJULIA 25
Grand Est JADE 322
Guadeloupe MYA 15
French Guiana CHLOÉ 19
Hauts-de-France JADE 449
Île-de-France LINA 711
Réunion MIA 67
Martinique MYA 16
Normandie JADE 248
Nouvelle-Aquitaine LOUISE 386
Occitanie JADE 308
Pays de la Loire LOUIS 287
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur LINA 275

100 most popular French girl names in France in 2021 + meaning

Below are the most popular female names given to girls in France for 2021 based on data from INSEE (French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) and its approximate numbers.

Popular French female names in France; Capucine

100 most popular French girl names (2021)
Rank Name Meaning # of times
1 JADE “precious stone” 3802
2 LOUISE “famous warrior” 3768
3 EMMA “universal” 3202
4 AMBRE “amber” 3017
5 ALICE “noble” 2769
6 ROSE “rose flower” 2703
7 ANNA “favor” 2515
8 ALBA “dawn” 2504
9 ROMY “from Rome” 2446
10 MIA “mine” 2430
11 LINA “tender” 2366
12 LOU “famous warrior” 2222
13 JULIA “youthful” 2212
14 CHLOÉ “green shoot” 2210
15 LÉNA “tender” 2093
16 LÉA “weary” 2039
17 AGATHE “good” 2020
18 IRIS “rainbow” 2006
19 NINA “little girl” 1896
20 JULIETTE “youthful” 1870
21 INAYA “concern” 1867
22 ZOÉ “life” 1840
23 JEANNE “God is gracious” 1727
24 LÉONIE “lion” 1726
25 CHARLIE “free man” 1725
26 EVA “life” 1709
27 MILA “gracious” 1706
28 LUNA “enjoyment” 1686
29 ADÈLE “noble” 1661
30 VICTOIRE “victory” 1648
31 OLIVIA “olive tree” 1594
32 INÈS “pure” 1594
33 LOLA “sorrows” 1547
34 VICTORIA “victory” 1537
35 LUCIE “light” 1493
36 MARGAUX “pearl” 1472
37 ROMANE “from Rome” 1458
38 GIULIA “youthful” 1454
39 CAMILLE “young ceremonial attendant” 1428
40 SOFIA “wisdom” 1381
41 CHARLOTTE “free man” 1352
42 ALIX “defender” 1349
43 NOUR “light” 1274
44 LYANA “bright” 1237
45 MARGOT “pearl” 1225
46 SARAH “princess” 1214
47 LOUNA “famous warrior” 1209
48 MYA “mine” 1182
49 MANON “bitter” 1177
50 LYA “light” 1158
51 EMY “rival” 1156
52 CAPUCINE “like a little hood” 1103
53 AVA “life” 1100
54 ELENA “shining light” 1085
55 ALMA “nourishing” 1067
56 THÉA “gift of God” 1044
57 CLÉMENCE “merciful” 1037
58 ALYA “noble, bright” 1025
59 AYA “color” 940
60 CLARA “clear, bright” 927
61 LYNA “light” 925
62 GABRIELLE “God is my strength” 904
63 YASMINE “jasmine flower” 866
64 LILY “lily flower” 850
65 APOLLINE “of Apollo” 842
66 LIVIA “enlivener” 841
67 ELLA “all” 836
68 LANA “calm” 832
69 ASSIA “from Asia” 816
70 ZÉLIE “God is my oath” 813
71 LILA “night” 811
72 CÉLESTE “heavenly” 795
73 ALBANE “from Alba” 795
74 MAËLYS “princess” 793
75 ROXANE “dawn” 787
76 LISE “pledged to God” 774
77 MARIA “bitter” 765
78 MAYA “water” 757
79 JOY “joy” 749
80 MATHILDE “might in battle” 731
81 ALICIA “noble” 725
82 THAÏS “gift of God” 711
83 CONSTANCE “constant” 699
84 SALOMÉ “peace” 691
85 VALENTINE “strong, healthy” 688
86 HÉLOÏSE “famous warrior” 686
87 AMÉLIA “rival” 686
88 LILOU “lily” 680
89 ANAÏS “gracious, full of grace” 654
90 DIANE “sky, heaven” 646
91 MAËLLE “young warrior” 642
92 MARIE “bitter” 641
93 EMMY “rival” 631
94 LÉANA “light” 627
95 CÉLIA “heavenly” 624
96 ELISE “pledged to God” 618
97 NOÉMIE “pleasant” 614
98 GARANCE “pomegranate” 590
99 NELYA “bright” 589
100 JOSÉPHINE “God will add” 586

Top 10 most popular and most common French girl names in France (2020)

Here are the most popular French female names given to girls in France, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies ( Insee.fr ). Keep in mind that popular also means common french female names. 

The french names for girls listed below are in order of most popular, with Jade being at the top of the list. 

Top 10 most common and popular baby girl names given to females in France

Top 30 most Popular French female names in the 80’s

popular French female names in France in the 80s

Weren’t the 80’s fun? François Mitterrand was the president of France during the ’80s (from 1981 to 1995). It was the first time since 1958 that the socialist party was in power. The large glass pyramid in front of the Louvre was completed in 1988, and New Wave was arriving in Paris with bands like Les Rita Mitsouko. I still llove that band.

30 most Popular French female names in the 80’s
Rank Name Meaning
1 AURÉLIE “golden”
2 EMILIE “rival”
3 ELODIE “foreign riches”
4 CÉLINE “heavenly”
5 JULIE “youthful”
6 MARIE “bitter”
7 AUDREY “noble strength”
8 STÉPHANIE “garland, crown”
9 LAETITIA “joy”
10 VIRGINIE “pure, virgin”
11 SOPHIE “wisdom”
12 MÉLANIE “dark-skinned, black”
13 CAROLINE “free man”
14 SABRINA “from the Sabine tribe”
15 VANESSA “butterfly”
16 MARION “bitter”
17 JENNIFER “white wave”
18 AMANDINE “loving”
19 JESSICA “God beholds”
20 LAURA “laurel tree”
21 DELPHINE “dolphin”
22 CLAIRE “clear, bright”
23 PAULINE “small”
24 CINDY “from Cynthia”
25 SANDRINE “defender”
26 CÉCILE “blind”
27 ALEXANDRA “defender of mankind”
28 ANGELIQUE “like an angel”
29 SARAH “princess”
30 AMÉLIE “rival”

30 most Common French girl names from the 50’s

Popular French baby girl names from the 50s

In the 1950s, France was still very much the France of the cliché. It was pre-American culture, pre-television, and pre-globalization. Women could now vote thanks to a law that was enacted in 1944. France still had strict baby-naming laws, so parents had to choose traditional French names based on the Roman Catholic calendar. You won’t see the name Jade on this list.

30 most Common French girl names from the 50’s
Rank Name Meaning
1 MARIE “bitter”
2 MARTINE “warlike”
3 FRANÇOISE “French”
4 CATHERINE “pure”
5 CHANTAL “song”
6 BRIGITTE “exalted one”
7 DOMINIQUE “belonging to the Lord”
8 MONIQUE “sole”
9 CHRISTINE “follower of Christ”
10 SYLVIE “forest”
11 ANNIE “gracious”
12 NICOLE “victorious people”
13 PATRICIA “noble”
14 EVELYNE “wanted”
15 MICHÈLE “who is like God”
16 CHRISTIANE “follower of Christ”
17 CLAUDINE “lame”
18 JACQUELINE “supplanter”
19 NADINE “hope”
20 JOCELYNE “young”
21 ANNICK “gracious”
22 JOËLLE “God will add”
23 JOSIANE “God will add”
24 DANIELLE “God is my judge”
25 ELISABETH “God is my oath”
26 ISABELLE “God is my oath”
27 ANNE “gracious”
28 BERNADETTE “brave as a bear”
29 VÉRONIQUE “true image”
30 MARYSE “bitter”

70 Old and vintage French female names (1800 to 1900)

Vintage or Old French names popular between 1900 to 1920.
Velocipede bike carousel Luna park 1910

Although these old and rare French girl’s names from the 1800s might not make it to the top of French baby name lists anymore, they were extremely popular during this period that included the Belle Epoque (1871 – 1914.), which overlaps with the Victorian era (1837-1901) and the Gilded Age in the United States (1870s)

Like fashion, popularbaby names in France come and go, and sometimes names come back into fashion. For instance, both Léa and Louise were extremely popular French women’s names in 1902, but declined in popularity for a few decades, then made a comeback in the 2000s.

Old Vintage French female names are a good choice for parents who want a more traditional or classic French name but also for anyone who wants to steer clear of common French female names like Louise or Jade.

70 Old vintage French female names (1800 – 1900
Rank Name Meaning
1 MARGUERITE “pearl”
2 GERMAINE “from Germany”
3 YVONNE “yew”
4 MADELEINE “woman from Magdala”
5 MARCELLE “warlike”
6 MARTHE “lady”
7 ANNE “gracious”
8 LUCIENNE “light”
9 RENÉE “reborn”
10 HENRIETTE “home ruler”
11 HÉLÈNE “bright one”
12 GEORGETTE “earthworker”
13 JOSEPHINE “God will add”
14 BERTHE “bright one”
15 EUGÉNIE “well born”
16 ANDRÉE “warrior”
17 FERNANDE “adventurous”
18 RAYMONDE “wise protector”
19 SIMONNE “to listen”
20 ANGÈLE “angel”
21 ODETTE “wealthy”
22 THÉRÈSE “harvester”
23 AUGUSTINE “great”
24 ANTOINETTE “beyond praise”
25 BLANCHE “white”
26 FRANÇOISE “French”
27 CÉCILE “blind”
28 GENEVIÈVE “white wave”
29 CHARLOTTE “free man”
30 EMILIENNE “rival”
31 ADRIENNE “dark”
32 PAULINE “small”
33 LÉONTINE “lion”
34 EMILIE “rival”
35 ALBERTINE “bright nobility”
36 CLAIRE “clear”
37 ELISABETH “God is my oath”
38 JULIENNE “youthful”
39 PAULETTE “small”
40 IRÈNE “peace”
41 PAULE “small”
42 ALINE “bright”
43 AIMÉE “beloved”
44 VICTORINE “conqueror”
45 ERNESTINE “serious”
46 REINE “queen”
47 ROSALIE “rose”
48 OLGA “holy”
49 FRANCINE “French”
50 ADÈLE “noble”
51 SOLANGE “solemn”
52 AUGUSTA “great”
53 ALPHONSINE “ready for battle”
54 ANDRÉA “warrior”
55 ISABELLE “God is my oath”
56 CÉLINE “heavenly”
57 CLÉMENTINE “mild”
58 CLOTILDE “famous warrior”
59 AGNÈS “chaste”
60 PHILOMENE “loving”
61 RACHEL “ewe”
62 IRMA “whole, universal”
63 CELESTINE “heavenly”
64 FELICIE “happy”
65 CAROLINE “free man”
66 ELISA “God is my oath”
67 ALEXANDRINE “defender”
68 VIRGINIE “maiden”
69 BERNADETTE “brave as a bear”
70 IDA “work”

Uncommon French female names

rare and uncommon French girl names

The following French names aren’t on any top 100 lists but they are well-known names for girls in France.

Uncommon French female names
  Name Meaning
1 ALINE noble
2 ELODIE foreign riches
3 FABIENNE the noble
4 FANNY (diminutive of Frances) free one
5 FRÉDÉRIQUE peaceful ruler
6 GAËLLE Irishwoman
7 LAURENCE (this is a female name in France)
8 LUDIVINE friend of the people
9 MAËLLYS princess
10 MAGALI or MAGALIE pearl
11 NADEGE hope
12 SABINE woman
13 SÉVERINE grave, serious or stern

Really rare French female names that are disappearing or have disappeared in France

rare, unique and uncommon French girl names

If you’re looking for extremely rare or original-sounding baby girl names, here are some female names that are so rare they’ve all but disappeared in France.

Rare French female names in France that are disapering
  Name Interesting Facts
1 Amantine (French form of Latin name amantēs, meaning “lover,” “beloved,” “true love,” or “eternal love.”)
2 Amaranthe (French form of the Latin name amants, meaning “lover”, “beloved”, “true love” or “eternal love”)
3 Anatoline (French form of Greek name Anathalia meaning “God is my judge.”)
4 Brunelle (French form of Latin word brunus, meaning “dark-haired.” Diminutive form of the name Bruno, meaning “brown”
5 Cléore (French female form of boy name Cléo of greek origin meaning “fame” and “victory.”
6 Cyrienne (French form of Latin name Cyriacus, derived from Greek name Kyriakos meaning “lord” or “ruler.”)
7 Colombe (from Latin “columba” meaning dove)
8 Douceline (French form of Latin name Dulcis, meaning “sweet.”)
9 Emiliane (from the Roman Latin family name Aemilius meaning “rival” or “competitor”)
10 Emiliette (diminutive form of Emilie, from the Roman Latin family name Aemilius meaning “rival” or “competitor.”)
11 Eudora (from Greek “Eudoros” meaning well-gifted)
12 Fleury (from Latin “florus” meaning flowery)
13 France (from Latin Francia, meaning “land of the Franks.” Franks means “free men” in the Germanic language of the people who lived in what is now France and western Germany in the 5th and 6th centuries.)
14 Herminie (French version of Herminia) Herminie Cadolle is a French woman who invented the modern bra.
15 Huguette (Diminutive of Huguenote and French female variant of the name Hugh (Germanic), meaning “mind” or “spirit”)
16 Laurentine (feminine form of Laurent, from Latin name Laurentum, an ancient Roman city of Latium meaning “crowned with laurel” from “laurus” meaning “laurel tree”)
17 Léonelle (feminine form of Léon from Latin meaning Lion)
18 Marcelline (feminine form of Marcel from the Roman family name Marcellus, meaning “little hammer.”)
19 Mariette (diminutive form of Marie from the Hebrew name Miriam, meaning “wished for child”)
20 Rosine (from Latin “rosa” meaning rose)
21 Soléa (from French “solenelle” meaning solemn, from Latin  “sollemnis” meaning “alone” or “only,” but can also mean “sun” or “sunny” from French “soleil”)
22 Théophanie (French form of Greek “Theophania” meaning manifestation of God)

Compound French girl names

compound French names for girls

Sometimes French names are “Compound names” (prénom composé) which are a set of two or more first names used together, usually separated by a hyphen but not always.

Compound names are one single name and not a first and middle name.

For instance, if you met a French person with the compound name Anne-Laure or Anne Laure, you would call her Anne-Laure, not Anne, and not Laure, unless she asked you to call her by a single name. 

Compound girl names can contain a male name.

Compound French names are usually composed of two names of the same gender but can also be composed of a male and female name. 

If a compound name has both a male and female French name, the first part of the name dictates whether the name is for a man or a woman. 

I know it might sound strange to some people that a girl’s name can contain a male, but not if you’re a French person. 

For example: 

  • Marie-Paul and Marie-Joseph are both French female names. 
  • Paul Marie and Joseph Marie are both French male names.  

Paul Marie (born in 1995) is a French professional footballer for MLS club San Jose Earthquakes.

Now, on to the list of compound French girl names.

  1. Ange-Marie (Ange can be a boy’s name or a girl’s name in French.)
  2. Anne-Claire
  3. Anne-Françoise
  4. Anne-Lise
  5. Anne-Louise
  6. Clara-Rose
  7. Eva-Louise
  8. France-Line
  9. Laure-Anne
  10. Lee-Lou
  11. Lili-fleur
  12. Lilu-Rose
  13. Lou-Anne
  14. Marie-Adélaïde
  15. Marie-Antoinette
  16. Marie-Carmen
  17. Marie-Claire
  18. Marie-France
  19. Anne-Laure
  20. Marie-Lou
  21. Marie-Océane
  22. Marie-Soleil 
  23. Sarah-Lou

Beautiful French goddess names and meaning: 


pronounced /Ah-Lee-Aye-Nor/

This particular spelling has Breton roots and means “spark”.

The origin of this female French name is uncertain but is usually considered a variant of the Greek first name “Helena” goddess of beauty and the more recent “Eleonore” such as Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. 


pronounced /Ah-Zyah/

Asia is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys and mother of Atlas and Prometheus. She is also known as Clymène.


pronounced /Oh-Roar/

Mythological Roman goddess of dawn (and the French word for “Dawn”) 


pronounced /Suh-Leen/

Also spelled Sélène. She was the goddess of the moon


pronounced /Sear-Say/

Circé was a minor goddess in Greek mythology of magic and Sorcery. 


pronounced /Sib-Ell/

Cybèle is of French and Greek origins meaning “the mother of all gods.” In Greek mythology, Cybele was the goddess of health, fertility and nature.


pronounced /See-Ren/

Cyréne is a feminine name of Greek origin, meaning “supreme power“. In Greek mythology, Cyrene or Kyrene was sovereign queen and ruler of the North African city of Cyrene. According to the myth, the city was founded and named after her by Apollo. 


pronounced /De-Neez/

Denise is from Dionysius and is primarily a female name of French origin that means Devotee Of Dionysos.


Pronounce /Daf-Nay/

Daphne is of Greek origin that means Laurel Tree or Bay tree and was a Greek water nymph.


 pronounced /Gah-yah/

Gaïa is the Greek goddess of Earth, mother of all life, mother and wife of Uranus (Heaven).


pronounced /ee-zee/

Isis was the goddess of rainbows and messenger of Hera and Zeus, riding the rainbow between Olympus and Earth. She was also an Egyptian nature goddess and wife and sister of Osiris.


pronounced /Vay-Nusse/

Venus is the goddess of love in Roman mythology. 

You might be interested in readingThe names of the 7 days of the week in French: And their curious ancient Roman and Greek origins

French Actress names

French female actress names

If you love French movies, here are some Famous French female actress names throughout the ages. 

  1. Adèle Haenel
  2. Annabella (born Suzanne Georgette Charpentier)
  3. Anaïs Demoustier
  4. Anouk Aimée
  5. Audrey Tautou (she started in the French cult film Amélie)
  6. Brigitte Bardot
  7. Capuchine (born Germaine Hélène Irène)
  8. Carole Bouquet
  9. Catherine Deneuve
  10. Cécile de France (Belgian actress)
  11. Charlotte Gainsbourg (daughter of French singer Serge Gainsbourg)
  12. Danielle Darrieux
  13. Élodie Bouchez
  14. Émilie Dequenne
  15. Emmanuelle Devos
  16. Eva Gaëlle Green
  17. Frédérique Bel
  18. Isabelle Huppert
  19. Juliette Binoche
  20. Julie Depardieu (daughter of Gerard Depardieu)
  21. Lætitia Casta
  22. Léa Seydoux
  23. Lily-Rose Depp (daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Chantal Paradis, a French singer, model, and actress.)
  24. Ludvine Sagnier
  25. Louise Bourgoin
  26. Marion Cotillard
  27. Mélanie Laurent
  28. Romy Schneider
  29. Sophie marceau
  30. Vanessa Paradis
  31. Virginie Efira

Gender neutral French names

The following are gender-neutral names for girls in France (les prénoms mixtes): given to both boys and girls in France.

Gender neutral French names for boys or girls
Name Meaning
Alex or Alix from Alexandre meaning: defender of mankind
Anaël God’s messenger
Ange Angel
Ariel Lion of God
Camille French version of Camilla, meaning religious helper or ceremonial attendant
Charlie Free Man
Dominique Of the Lord
Eden Place of pleasure and delight or Paradise
Sasha/Sacha diminutif slave d’Alexandre meaning defender of mankind
Mahé or Maé short variant of the name Mazhev, a Breton form of Matthew meaning: gift of god
Thaïs Greek for “beloved”


More about French Culture

By choosing a French female name for your baby girl, you’ll be paying homage to French culture, which places a huge emphasis on family and tradition. 

Alternatively, you might love the way French names sound, and that’s also an excellent way to choose the perfect French baby name for your little girl. 

Happy baby naming and good luck!

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