(A-Z) Feminine French boy names that make powerful statements

cute boy with curly hair and paper moustache
cute boy with curly hair and paper moustache

Whether you want to avoid stereotyping, or you’re looking for unisex or gender neutral names for a little boy, here are nearly 200 softer, more feminine boys names given to males in France.

Softer sounding feminine and gender neutral names used in France

Lots of people have been giving boyish, androgynous and unisex names to girls, so why doesn’t it happen more often for boys?

One major concern might be that boys with feminine male names will get teased at school. 

While it’s true that traditional male names tend to be masculine and strong sounding, a new trend is taking hold as more and more parents are opting for gender neutral names, softer gender fluid or feminine boy names. 

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Why choose a feminine boys name?

There are a number of reasons why someone might choose a softer, less macho boy’s name, specifically a feminine-sounding or genderal neutral French boy’s name.

  • Maybe you want to avoid stereotyping or expectations that are sometimes associated with masculine names.
  • Maybe, you want to honour a family member.
  • Maybe you want to pay homage to your French culture.
  • Or maybe you’re just drawn to the cool French factor of feminine names for males. 

What is a feminine boys name?

As you read through this list of nearly 200 feminine boy names, keep in mind that the concept of feminine and masculine is subjective. What sounds feminine in one culture might not sound feminine in another and vice versa.

For example, the French boy names “Florian” /Flor-ree-yan/, “Michel” /Mee-Shel/ and “Paris” /Paw-Ree/. These three French boy names don’t sound feminine to a French person at all, but to an English speaker, yes they might sound very feminine, which is why I included these French male names and others like it on this list. 

What about the name Marie which has historically been a feminine name?

Would it surprise you to learn that In France, Marie can be used as part of a compound masculine name for boys (for example Paul-Marie and Jean-Marie. These names are masculine because the leading names “Paul” and “Jean” are masculine. They can be turned into feminine names by flipping the order from Paul-Marie to Marie-Paul. Suddenly, it becomes a strong female name. 

Names can switch genders or become unisex names.

Up until the 1950s, “Leslie” was a predominantly male name. Now you’ll be hard-pressed to find parents clamouring to name their newborn boys Leslie.

Ariel is another example of a name-switching genders.

In most English-speaking countries, Ariel sounds like a girl’s name but in France, this is a solid boy’s name unless you add “le” to the end.  “Ariel” then becomes “Arielle,” a very rare female version of a male name in France

If you’re ready, let’s dig into this list of softer more feminine sounding French boy names perfect for strong boys. 

French boy names: Feminine boy names that start with the letter “A”

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( A ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Adelin Adeline
Adrien Adrian
Alexandre Alexander
Alix (unisex) Alex
Alphonse Alfonso
Amandin Amandin
Ambroise Ambrosia
Amour (unisex)  
Anatole Anatole
Ange (unisex)  
Antonin Antonio
Ariel Ariel
Armand Armand
Arnaud Arnold
Arthur Arthur
Augustin Augustus

Feminine French boy names ( B through D)

twho cute boys dressed up with boy ties holding hands

( B – D ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Baptiste Baptiste
Basile Basil
Baudouin, Baudoin, Baldwin Baldwin
Baye Bay
Bénard Benard
Benoît Benedict, Benet
Bertrand Bertram, Bertand
Brice Brice, Bryce
Calliste, Caliste (unisex) Caliste
Camille (unisex) Cammy, Camilus?
Charles Charles
Charlie (unisex) Charlie
Cédric Cedric
César Caesar
Cheyne Shane
Christien Christian
Christophe Christopher
Clair Clare, Klare
Damien Damian
Désiré, Dési Desiree, Desi
Didier Desiderio
Dominique (unisex)  Dominic
Dorian Dorian

names for boys ( E through G)

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( E – G ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Élie  Eli, Elijah, Elias
Émile  Emil
Éric Eric
Étienne Steven, Stephan
Eugène Eugene
Fabien Fabian
Fabrice Fabrice, Brice
Florian, Florien Florian
François Francois, Francis
Frédéric Frederick (Fred)
Gabriel Gabriel
Gaël Gael
Gaspard Jasper
Gaston Gaston
Gaultier, Gauthier, Gautier Walter
Gauvain Gavin
Ghislain Ghislain
Gilles Jiles, Giles, Gyles
Grégoire Gregory
Guillaume, (Guy) William, (Bill)
Guy Guy, (Bill)

Feminine French names for boys ( H through L)

boy in the country wearing a hat and boots squatting next to a kitten

( H – L ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Henri Henry
Hilarion (unisex)  
Hugues Hugo
Ignace Ignatius
Isidore Isidor
Jacques, Jacquot Jack, James, Jacob, Jimmy
Johan Ivan
Jean, (Jeannot) John, (Johnny)
Jérémie Jeremy
Jessé Jesse, Jessie
Joël Joel
Jules Jules, Julius
Julien Julian
Laurent Lawrence
Léandre Leander
Léo Leo
Léon Leon
Léonide (unisex) Leonide
Lisandre (unisex) Liandre
Lionel Lionel
Loïc Loic
Louis Louis, Louie, Lewis
Luc Luke
Lucas Lukas
Lucien Lucien, Lucian

Feminine French boy names ( M through P)

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( M – P ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Macey, Macy Macy
Mallory Mallory
Marcel Marcel
Matéo Mateo
Mathieu, Matthieu Matthew
Maurice Morriss
Maxence (unisex) Maxentius 
Maxime Maxim, Max, Maximilian 
Maximilien Maximilian
Michel Michael
Morgan Morgan
Nathan Nathan
Nathaniël Nathaniel
Nicolas, Noël Nicholas
Noa (unisex) Noa, Noah
Noé Noah, Noa
Normand Norman
Norville Norvil
Olivier Oliver
Page Paige
Paris (yes, this is a boy’s name in France)  Paris
Pascal Pascal
Patrice (unisex) Patrick
Perceval, Percival Percy
Phénix  Phoenix
Pierre Peter

Feminine French boy names ( Q through S)

adorable chubby toddler wearing suspenders, sitting on a bench in a park

( Q – S ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Quincy Quincy, Quin
Quentin Quentin
Rainier Rayner, Rainor, Ragnar
Régis Regis
Renard Reynard
Renaud Reynold, Ronald
René Rene
Réginald Reginald
Robin (unisex) Robin
Rodolphe Rudolph
Roland Roland
Romain Roman
Rousseau  Russel
Sacha, Sasha (unisex) Sasha
Sébastien, Bastien Sebastian
Serge Serge
Simon  Simon 
Stéphane (unisex) Stephen
Sorrell (unisex)  
Sylvain, Silvain  
Sylvestre Silvester

Feminine boy names from France ( T through Z)

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( T – Z ) Feminine Names For Boys English version
Thaïs (unisex)  
Théophile Theophilus
Thibaut, Thibault Theobald
Thierry Terry
Timothée Timothy
Tristan Tristan
Urbain Urban
Valentin Valentino
Valéry, Valère Valery, Valerius
Victoire, Victor Victor
Vivien Vivian
Yann Ian
Yves Yve , Ives
Yvon Yvon, Ivan

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