Do you or someone you know idolize French culture or have a romanticized vision of France? Here’s a look at what it’s really like living in France. Unfortunately, reality seldom measures up to the picture-perfect image we fall in love with. I should know.

The French version of Jingle Bells, “Vive le Vent” has the same catchy tune and is just as joyous as it is in English, however, the French lyrics and title are completely different and have nothing to do with the English version of Jingle

Do you know how to say corkscrew in French? Impress your wine drinking friends and French bistro waiters with your wine bottle opener knowledge and French vocabulary of a waiters corkscrew. The French didn’t invent the corkscrew, (tire-bouchon) pronounced Teer-boo-shown. We can thank Samuel Henshall from

From traditional Thanksgiving dishes to table manners and customs, here is what a French person might find strange, unexpected or surprising about a North American Thanksgiving. When is Thanksgiving in France? For many families in North America, Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday

Some French stereotypes seem to are so deep-rooted; they seem to transcend time; however, have you ever wondered if they were true or not? Or wondered how a stereotype began? Here’s a look at some of France’s most pervasive stereotypes and clichés that most