Sexy French Phrase You saying by accident that make you sound horny

French Dirty Talk:13 Naughty Phrases You Shouldn’t Say In Public

Some innocent-looking French phrases and expressions don’t mean what you think they do. They could actually be French sex phrases, curse words or French dirty talk: some are vulgar to

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Why French women don't get fat or is it a big fat lie

10 Reasons Why French Women Don’t Get Fat: Or Is It A Big Fat LIE!

Maybe you’ve heard: French Women Don’t Get Fat! But is it true, and if so, how does this nation of cheese-eating, wine-drinking people stay relatively thin? Especially women? On any

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Language culture shock

10 Real Examples Of Culture Shock That Will Amaze You: Dog Poop, Food And Beyond

Not all cultures share the same beliefs and values about what is normal, or socially acceptable. These differences can cause severe culture shock. It’s a term that people throw around

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fascinating facts about crepes

Fascinating Facts About French Crepes You Didn’t Know But Wish You Did

You know they taste good, but how much do you really know about crepes, France’s second favourite dessert? Want to learn more? Here are some fun and fascinating facts about

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Living in France: What it's really like: Expectations vs reality

Stop idolizing France! What It’s Really Like Living In France After 10 Years

Do you or someone you know idolize French culture or have a romanticized vision of France? Here’s a look at what it’s really like living in France. Unfortunately, reality seldom

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photo for French movies to watch

Fantastic French Movies On Netflix For Francophiles & Language Learners

If you’re a French film buff or French language learner who’s looking for some French movies worth watching, here are my top French drama and French comedy recommendations which you

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French Christmas songs in France

Christmas Songs In French Popular in France (Lyrics + Video)

Kick up your holiday Christmas cheer with this round-up of 15 popular Christmas songs in French. 9 are original French Christmas songs from France and a few are internationally famous

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