Where to find 35 replicas of the STATUE OF LIBERTY in France

Where To Find 35 Statue of Liberty Replicas / Copies In France

You probably didn’t know that there are hundreds of statues of Liberty scattered across the globe. Some are scaled-down reproductions created and signed by Bartholdi (the original creator). Others use

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A TIMELINE AND dates of publich French holidays, school break and some fun French annual celebrations

A Complete List Of French Public Holidays in France Explained + Timeline

Every country has its fair share of bank holidays, and France is no different. Here is a complete list and timeline of France’s holidays, French school holidays, plus a few

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France's Bastille day vs Americas fourth of july explained

Bastille Day: France’s Independence Day vs. American Fourth Of July Explained

Bastille Day in France, you’ve heard of it, but do you know why the French celebrate it? And what are the similarities and differences between America’s fourth of July and

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