Video: Should You Hire A Property Manager When You Move Abroad?

should you Hire a property manager

  • + Should you hire a property manager to rent your home and manage the details while you are out of the country?
  • + What does a property manager do?
  • + What is the alternative to hiring a property manager?
  • + How do you find a property manager?
  • + How much does a property manager cost?

Today I have a reader inspired question regarding what to do with your home when you move abroad temporarily.

If you own your home and you want to move abroad, you’re going to have to decide what to do with your home.

If you decide to keep it, do you hire a property manager to take care of the tenants or do you do it all yourself while you are abroad.

I can’t answer that question for you but I can give you enough information so that you can decide for yourself.

Stay tuned to find the answers to the above questions and watch me do a quick 3 second dance at the end where I look like a total moron.. (Adrienne, enjoy….… )


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Sarah’s Situation

Sarah is in her mid 50’s. She and her husband own their home and are thinking about spending a year abroad. They want to rent their home and possibly hire a property manager to handle the logistics of renting their property and handling the day to day needs of the tenants.


Check out Sarah’s site Called Hollistic Hot Sauce

So what do you think?  Should Sarah hire a property manager?

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