Living In France Travel Meme: What People Think I do vs What I Really Do

Travel Meme Living in France:

People have all sorts of contorted ideas about what it’s like for North Americans to live in France. Most of these ideas are based on stereotypes spread through the media and Hollywood.  I created a travel meme called “What I really Do” to show all the different preconceptions that different groups of people have about living in France. Enjoy and please share it on Facebook and Pinterest. 

What’s it like living in France travel meme?

What’s it like? Simple, it’s just like anywhere else except in France, they speak French and eat lots of cheese and baguettes; no lie, not a stereotype. But seriously, it is really just like living anywhere else.

  • Like anything new, it’s fun and exciting at first but then you adapt, overcome and slip into a routine.
  • There are cultural differences, different foods, belief systems, styles and more but for the most part my day to day routine looks a lot like it id when I lived in North America.

Luckily I travelled extensively and lived abroad a few times before we decided to spend a year in France, so I knew full well that my preconceived ideas about living in France might be far fetched or completely wrong. Yes, luckily I knew all this before moving to France and I adjusted my expectations, otherwise I think I might have been pretty disappointed.

What my family thinks I do

My Canadian relatives don’t see me that often so they probably think I spend my days strolling around the champs Elysée and hanging around the Eiffel tower.

What society thinks I do

Society in general has so many stereotypes about the French. I know I did before moving to France. It’s only natural that people think I wear striped shirts, dress to kill, wear a beret and look smoking hot as much as possible on my Vespa with a cigarette hanging from my mouth after i stop for a glass of wine and cafe.

What my friends think I do

Like my family, my friends get a healthy dose of my life in France but again, they only see the fun, happy stuff. So they see pictures of me at the beach, smiling, holding my hubby and eating baguettes with the kids.  All are things we do but not nearly as much as they think it happens.

What I think I do

What I think I do is a mixture of what I do and what I want to do more of.  More friends, more fun, more laughing. This is what my mind chooses to believe I do.

What the French think I do

Ok, how shall I say this. The French have this distorted idea about Americans that is very skewed, thanks to the media and Hollywood.  For example, they think Americans are rich and love guns. But the one thing 99 percent of French people think is that ALL Americans just gobble up McDonald as much as possible.

What I really do

Living in France is not all baguettes, cheese and wine. I work a lot.  Working for myself as a freelancer means that I spend a lot of time on my computer, writing, finding clients,  marketing and basically trying to make a living. As a result, my laptop is my best friend.

Your experience living in France will be much different than mine but one thing will be the same. Life in France will be like nothing like you imagined.

That’s a good thing.

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Annie André Is a half Thai, half French Canadian/American freelance writer, digital marketer and FOUNDER OF THE LIVE IN FRANCE GUIDE which features travel tips, food, festivals, photography and more from France. Annie currently lives in France with her husband and three children.

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