I Tried HelloFresh In France And Their Yummy Competitors: The Best Is

By Annie André

HelloFresh is my favourite meal kit delivery service in France. If you’re not familiar with recipe delivery services, or you’re wondering how the French version differs from other countries, I’ve included a review and an unboxing video plus some of my top recommended alternatives which I personally use. Sorry, there’s no Blue Apron in France as of yet.

What is Hello Fresh?

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service founded in Berlin in November 2011. They deliver (to your front door) all the ingredients you need to quickly cook tasty and healthy meals without the hassle of looking up recipes or shopping for groceries. They combine the efforts of chefs, nutritionists and personal shoppers to deliver pre-measured ingredients from a list of weekly recipes of your choosing.

How meal kit delivery works

Updated for 2020: HelloFresh France Review and Competitor Meal Kit Companies

You’ve probably never heard of Middagsfrid.se but this Swedish company is the reason we have meal kit delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.

In 2007,  Kicki Theander, a Swedish mother of three, created her company to help families enjoy home-cooked dinners without the logistics of planning meals or purchasing groceries. It was an instant success and her company became the first internet-based meal kit delivery service.

Her concept spread like crazy through Denmark, Switzerland, Germany (Home of HelloFresh) and eventually made it to the United States where millennials and generation Z make the largest part of this segment. 

It’s even gaining popularity in France; the world’s culinary capital where it’s called anything from Box repas (Meal box), Panier Repas (Basket meal or packed meal) or recipe kits (kits-recettes.)

Hello Fresh France packaging

Why did I choose To Use A Meal Kit Delivery Service?

I signed up for HelloFresh‘s to encourage my then 11-year-old daughter to cook meals outside her comfort zone.

I enjoyed the convenience so much, I decided to sign up and test a few other meal delivery services in France thinking that I might like those better. I’ve included a review below of the ones I recommend. The benefit of signing up with several companies is if you don’t like the recipes for that week on one site, you can order from the other sites you’ve signed up with.

1) HelloFresh

Recipe card for one of HelloFresh France Meal kits

HelloFresh is my favourite meal kit delivery service in France.

The company was founded in Berlin Germany in November 2011 by Thomas Griesel, Dominik Richter and Jessica Nilsson and has become a global meal kit delivery service. Their recipes are consistently good. The portions are just right, and they always have vegetarian options. 

Examples of Hello Fresh Menu Recipes in France

  • Duck confit with raisin, glazed carrots and mashed potatoes.
  • Veal chop with red cabbage and apples
  • Stewed veal in a puff pastry and fresh green salad
My Pick
Hello Fresh France- Discount Hello Fresh France- Discount

Here are two separate HelloFresh discount codes. If one doesn't work, try the other. Offers change sometimes without notice.

Where does HelloFresh deliver to?

You can have your box of groceries and ingredients delivered to your office in Paris, your friend’s house in Toulouse, or somewhere else of your choosing, anywhere in France.

Hello Fresh operates in fourteen countries across three continents.

1) France, 2) United States, 3) Canada, 4) United Kingdom, 5) Australia, 6) Austria, 7) Belgium, 8) Denmark, 9) Germany, 10) Luxembourg, 11) Netherlands, 12) New Zealand, 13) Sweden, 14) Switzerland

How HelloFresh Works!

HelloFresh France ordering meals online

In general, all meal kit delivery services work the same with slight variations. 

Here are the directions for Hello Fresh in Franch. 

Make sure you go to the French site HelloFresh.fr. If you’re located in another country, you have to use that countries version of HelloFresh

  1. Set up your account and select the number of recipes you want to receive for the number of people. 
  2. Choose the delivery day and time you would like to receive your boxes each week. Don’t worry; you can always change the delivery day if you need to.
  3. Choose your recipes you would like to receive. You only order a few weeks in advance. or you can let the site choose for you.
  4. Wait for your order to arrive at your front door. 
  5. Cook your meals and enjoy.

I typically order meals once a month but sometimes skip a month depending on my schedule or my mood. The site makes it easy to pause and restart my subscription as often as I like. 

How much do meal kit delivery services cost?

A meal kit can cost anywhere from 7 euros to 11 euros per meal. The more meals you order, the cheaper it gets. 

How is HelloFresh delivered and packaged?

Hello Fresh France packaging

I’ve been using HelloFresh for almost two years, and every delivery arrives in a refrigerated truck, so you don’t have to worry about rotten or spoiled food. The meals are organized in individual paper bags so you know exactly what ingredients go with what recipe card. 

What’s inside each delivery?

HelloFresh France recipe card

  • A recipe card with detailed instructions and photos showing you step by step how to recreate and cook each meal. 
  • All the ingredients you’ll need for cooking the recipe with the exact portions and premeasured ingredients.
  • **Some subscription services purposely don’t include basic ingredients that they assume you already have in your pantry. (butter, oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, flour, etc.) 
  • Meals are grouped in individual bags (in France). I place them in the refrigerator together and just pull them out when I’m ready to cook them.  
  • Freezer cold packs are included for food and meat that needs to be kept cool. 

Meal kit recipe cards are always included in the boxes. They show step by step directions and plenty of photos

Our first Meal kit experience in France and ever was from HelloFresh.fr

What’s the difference between Hello Fresh in France and other countries?

In France meal kit recipes are usually localized, meaning they cater to French people’s palettes. 

Example of recipes in France vs in the US for the same week.

HelloFresh France recipes are not the same as Hello Fresh USA. They are localized to local cuisine and local taste.

In addition to French recipes, you’ll find international dishes, mainly Italian pasta dishes, Thai, Chinese, Indian and sometimes Japanese or Korean recipes. Moroccan food is also trendy in France. 


In general, there are certain things you won’t find in meal kit recipe services in France.

  • Mexican food is not popular in France.
  • Spicy recipes are scarce, and even when the recipes claim to be spicy, my young daughter finds them mild at best.
  • You probably won’t see things like Maple-glazed pork chop, Southern Fried chicken or Monterey jack burgers either.
  • Cheddar cheese is rarely included in recipes, even for hamburgers’ recipes. Monterey Jack is another cheese unfamiliar to most French people. Instead, you find cheeses familiar to French people such as Brie, Comté, blue cheese, Reblochon, mozzarella and feta etc. 

You might be interested in reading: Cheddar Cheese Substitutes And Why The French Don’t Like Cheddar.

Hello Fresh France Unboxing and Review Video

I did an unboxing of our first Hello Fresh box, which you can watch in the video below. 

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Other Recipe Subscription Services Located In France

2- Les Commis

French Meal kits from Les-Commis

Type of Cuisine: Mix of French and international cuisine

Coming in a close second is Les Commis, pronounced (lay Ko-me), which translates to “the junior chefs.” Launched in 2012 by Cyril Francine, Les Commis initially offered gourmet meals for special occasions like New Year, Christmas and St. Valentines.

In 2016 they expanded their offerings and now offer six new recipes each week, which you can cook at home in 30 minutes or less. Recipes are created by chef Owen Marlaud who finds his inspiration in French gastronomic tradition, his many experiences in the four corners of the world and fresh seasonal products.

Examples of French recipes from Les Commis:

  • Sole Meunière served with lemon parsley butter and potatoes.
  • Moroccan stewed chicken: Moroccan dishes are quite popular in France.
  • Hake fish poached in an aromatic white wine stock (court-bouillon)

3- Foodette:

French Meal kits from Foodette

Type of Cuisine: Mix of French and international cuisine

My third favourite on this list is Foodette. Founded in 2015 by Olivier Tangopoulos, you could classify Foodette as somewhat of an ethical meal-kit subscription service.

They claim 80% of their fruits and vegetables are organic. They also use organic eggs from free-range chickens. Their meat is of French origin, and all have the Red Label: an official sign that guarantees you’re buying superior quality or made with more rigorous standards than food that does not have the label.

They also have kid-friendly recipes.


Examples of some French recipes from Foodette:

  • Crepes made with organic black wheat flour (blé noir), topped with artisanal ham (nitrate-free), organic egg, mushrooms and raclette cheese.
  • AOP Roquefort cheese tart with Greek yogurt, pears and organic nuts.
  • Tartiflette- a very popular winter dish in France, consists of Reblochon cheese and lardons (similar to fresh bacon bits), all topped with an organic mash potato served with a mâche salad.

4 -Quitoque: Pronounced (Key-Tokh)

French Meal kits from Quitoque: competitor to Hello Fresh In France


Type of Cuisine: Mix of French and international cuisine

I’ve only tried Quitoque a few times but I really do like their recipes.  Their meals start at 8 euros per person per meal but can decrease as low as 4 euros per person if you order the max number of recipes each weak (which is 9 recipes for 5 people / week.)

Quitoque is owned by Carrefour ( a huge grocery store chain where I shop for my groceries) which bought a significant stake in this company in 2018. 


Examples of French recipes from QuiToque:

  • White (pork) sausage in a puff pastry with an apple endive salad.
  • Turkey paupiette in a cream sauce
  • Creamy winter hazelnut and comté cheese soup

5- Rutabaga:

French Meal kits from Rutabago


Type of Cuisine: Mainly French with an occasional international dish.

Rutabago was founded in 2015 by Pierre Pathy and serves up ethical recipes that focus on the quality of the ingredients, which are 100 percent organic, eco-responsible and sourced locally as much as possible. Each week four chefs consult with dietician-nutritionists to come up with five new recipes.

You can also add breakfast, fresh fruits or bread to your order for an additional fee.


Examples of French recipes from Rutabago:

  • Leek fondue goat cheese gratin
  • Empanada filled with dried tomatoes and reblochon cheese.
  • Endive au gratin with a mâche salad

6- Simple Et Bon:

French Meal kits from Simple et Bon

Type of Cuisine: Mainly French with recipes.


Simple et Bon is the only subscription service on this list that had no international dishes. That could change in the future, but for the moment, their meals are a little fancier than the other companies on this list and recipes are European centric.

Where other subscription delivery services only allow you to pick from that week’s menu of recipes, Simple et Bon enables you to select any of the recipes from their archive of 250 recipes. Like a recipe? You can have it sent to you week after week.

Another interesting feature is you can remove or add items from the list of ingredients. Already have too many onions? Just remove them from the list. Want carrots just because? Add them to your basket. You can also add little extras like desserts and cookies etc.

Overall, I liked their recipes. It’s a great way to discover and cook classic French recipes you might not otherwise think to cook.

Examples of French recipes from Simple et Bon:

  • Mushroom French onion soup
  • Gratin Dauphinoise and pork chops
  • Roasted beef en croûte (wrapped in a pastry). Very similar to beef wellington.
  • Apple blood sausages

7- Moi Chef

Gourmet chef French Meal kits from Moi Chef

Type of Cuisine: Michelin star recipes


Moi Chef does not offer daily or weekly delivery service. Instead, they offer one recipe box per trimester created by Michelin star chefs and other world-renowned chefs. 

The idea behind this gourmet recipe subscription service is to teach you the grand chefs’ techniques so you can recreate them at home, preferably with someone.

It’s a little pricey at 79,90 € / box per trimester; however, it’s a unique idea and makes a thoughtful gift.

Which meal kit delivery is the best in France?

I don’t think I can actually answer that for you because it’s such a subjective thing. I prefer HelloFresh because they had the widest selection of international foods. 

If you want fancier French recipes go with Simple Et Bon or Moi Chef for Michelin star recipes.

If you want a more ethical recipe, go with foodette. 

I suggest you try them all and see for yourself which one you like the best. These are all my favourites and I switch between them all from time to time. 

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