Very few people enjoy packing.  It can be challenging to fit everything you need for a two-week vacation into just one suitcase and still stay within the airline’s luggage allowance, however, it can be done if you know how. The key to successful packing

I’ve made my fair share of packing mistakes, but through those mistakes, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing optimally. Whether you need to pack for a quick weekend getaway or a year-long sabbatical abroad, here are ten common packing mistakes you should

Here are five beauty products every woman, mother, sister, girlfriend or conscientious guy should consider packing on a road-trip because nobody wants to feel or look like crap. Staying fresh and looking good on a long road trip can get a little tricky since you can’t

Can a tablet be a useful travel device to bring on your next vacation or road trip? YES! A tablet is not only a fun and entertaining gadget BUT it can also be an extremely convenient and useful tool to use while travelling or while on the

If you’ve ever over-packed your suitcase or packed things you never wore during your trip because they were so badly mismatched, don’t feel bad. There’s actually a kind of science to packing light and fashionable and it’s not that difficult to do if you