If you’re a foodie with a passion for French haute cuisine and plan on visiting Paris, it makes sense to plan your travels around restaurants that have earned the coveted Michelin three-star status. Here's a quick look at nine restaurants in Paris that earned

There are hundreds of coworking spaces in Paris, but not all are created equal. Some are bare-bones and depressing while others are hip, vibrant and offer additional amenities beyond basic WI-FI and printers. Those are the ones we care about. Whether you are a

I’m not one of those Disneyland moms. The price alone is enough to make me choke but then there are the long lines, the crowds, princesses, pirates and rides that make you throw up: so why go to Disneyland Paris? Here are MY 10

If you have a darker side to your personality, you might be interested in visiting these 5, weird things to do in Paris. They may be a bit morbid but it’s part of Paris’ history. Paris isn’t just about baguettes, cheese and romance after all. Five Off