carnival roi of Nice France

French Mardi Gras Traditions: From Pagan Party To Crazy Carnival

Here’s a look at how Carnival and Mardi Gras are celebrated in France, plus we’ll explore the origins: how Christianity and several ancient Pagan celebrations most likely influenced today’s party

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In Edinburgh, the day after we got married. We eloped

We Eloped To Scotland “With The Kids”! How To Get Married Abroad!

Here’s a high-level “how to elope to Scotland” guide for foreigners looking to get married in Scotland. From required documents and residency requirements to what to expect. *NOTE: This is

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photo of a lone croissant on a plate

44 Fascinating French Croissant Facts For Curious Foodies & Francophiles

Everyone loves French croissants, but how much do you know about them? From its Viennese origins to the wacky things people do with croissants, here are 44 interesting, unusual, and

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Make The Most Of Your Day Trip From Nice To Monaco- Places To Visit

Just 20 minutes by train from Nice To Monaco, it’s the perfect day trip to see the playground of the rich and famous. Surprisingly many things are free or low

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Photo of Christmas market food chalet selling various street food

Surprising Facts About Must Try French Christmas Market Food In France

Crepes and wine aren’t the only Christmas market food and drink you’ll devour at holiday markets across France. From mulled wine and oysters to regional foods such as Socca and

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Lyon France, Christmas Market

15 Fabulous French Christmas Markets In France (The Real France)

Here are 15 standout French Christmas markets in France, including the biggest, oldest and off the beaten track markets that rival the bigger cities. French Christmas Markets In France Something

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