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I'm Annie. "Frenchd Up Inklings" is my online shop and extension of my blog. I love turning weird, wonderful and fascinating facts about French life, pop culture, and the French language into fun, educational, nerdy and visually appealing infographics, posters, greeting cards, and printables.

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  • Coco Chanel Greeting Card Quote Birthday Card For Gorgeous & Irresistible women

    “Gorgeous & Irresistible” Coco Chanel Greeting Card Quote

  • Free printable wall art of coco chanel quote: I regret nothing but the things I have not done

    I Regret Nothing In Life (Coco Chanel Quote Poster)

  • printable wall art quote: Coco Chanel: I only drink champagne on two occasions

    I Only Drink Champagne On Two Occasions (Coco Chanel Quote)