31 Strange French Translations Of Hollywood Movie Titles

You would think the movie titles of ALL Hollywood movies seen in France would be translated to French, wouldn’t you? Surprise, they’re not. Some movie titles are swapped out for another “English movie title.”  The results can be weird, funny or inappropriate to English speakers- like the movie “No strings attached,” which was changed to “Sex Friends” for the French audience. Here are 31 Wacky English to English Translation Of Hollywood movie titles for you to giggle over.

Who’s on first? I’m so confused.

Hey Annie.  Have you seen the American film with Ashton Kutcher called “SEX FRIENDS”?  My friend says this whole phrase in French except for the movie title “Sex Friends,” which she says in English.

Sex Friends?

I thought the movie sounded like some third-rate porno movie but with Ashton in it, how could it be? In any case, I had not seen the movie, nor had I heard of it.

It turns out I had seen it, only it was released under a different, less “sexual” name in the US.  This happens a lot in France.

How are movie titles changed when they are released in France?

When movie titles get translated into another language, they can sometimes get lost in translation.

Like the 1990 movie “Home Alone” starring Macaulay Culkin, whose title was translated into French as “Mommy I Missed My Plane” ( Maman J’ai Raté L’Avion).

What I find even stranger is when a movie with an English title is just changed to a shorter English title instead of to French. 

For instance, the word SEX, CRAZY, TRIP, VERY, and BAD tend to get used quite often in re-titled movies.

The results can be interesting, weird and sometimes inappropriate for English speakers. But hey, you be the judge.

Here are just 31 examples of perfectly good movie titles changed into strange, sometimes inappropriate English movie titles for the French movie market.

You won’t believe how many times the word SEX is used to make a new movie title in France.

Yeah, sure, there is a lot of sex in some movies, but there seems to be a lack of ingenuity in coming up with new “English titles.” The word sex gets used just a little too much, in my opinion. Why not just re-title the film to a translated version of the English title?

Below are a few examples of the overuse of the word sex in Hollywood movie titles for the French audience.

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1- No strings attached = Sex Friends

No strings attached = sex friends movie title for French audience
Here is an example of a title where I think adding the word sex to the new title is warranted. The term “no strings attached” is hard to translate to French, so it makes sense to change the English title for French speakers to “Sex Friends.” The French understand the word friends and the word sex.

2- What’s your number = Sex list

What's your number = sex list movie title for French audience
Sex list!  It changes the meaning of the entire movie, don’t you think?

3- Cruel Intentions= Sexe Intentions

Cruel Intentions = sex intentions movie title for French audience
All I have to say is sex sells.  But I’m pretty sure they didn’t just have sex in this movie.

4-Fired Up = Sea Sex and Fun

Fired Up = Sea Sex and Fun movie title for French audience

I haven’t watched this movie, but really?  Sea, Sex and Fun?  They couldn’t come up with something better than this?

5- Step Up 2 = Sexy Dance 2

Step Up 2 = Sexy Dance 2 movie title for French audience
Here’s another example where the original title is completely understandable to the French audience. 

6-If these walls could talk 2 = Sex revelations

If these walls could talk 2 = Sex revelations movie title for French audience

Really? Sex revelations?  How did we go from “If these walls could talk 2” to “sex revelations.” It’s as if the person who watched this movie and named it only thought about sex. SHEESH!

7- Made In Dagenham = We Want Sex Equality

Made in dagenham = we want sex equality movie title for French audience

This is not an American Hollywood movie; it’s actually a British comedy about car strikes in East London. There was one reference in the movie where the woman holds up a sign that says, “we want sex equality,” but the major gist of the movie is about equal pay.

What’s even funnier is in Germany and Italy, it was re-titled to “We Want Sex.” They dropped off the “equality” part.

8- The In Crowd = Sex & Manipulations

The In Crowd= Sex manipulations movie title for French audience

Is “The in crowd” the same movie as “Sex manipulations”?  Yup, you bet it is.

9- Wild Things = Sex Crimes

Wild Things = Sex Crimes movie title for French audience

More sex titles. I already know there is going to be sex in the movie. The title “Wild things” gives me a glimpse into what the film might be about. Whereas the French version of the English title makes me think they are having crimes of sex. Meaning is totally lost.


10- Shortcut to Happiness = Sexy Devil

Shortcut to happiness = sexy devil movie title for French audience

This one isn’t so bad, but the original title does give the movie more depth. Sexy devil makes me think of a sex-crazed woman.

11-Not Another Teen Movie =  Sex Academy

Not another teen movie = sex academy movie title for French audience

one of the rare occasions where I think the French version of the title is actually better than the American title.

12- Judicial Indiscretion = Sex Conpiration

Judicial indiscretion = sex conspiration movie title for French audience

Two words? Stupid Title- sex conspiration?

13-Bad Biology = Sex Addict

Bad biology = sex addict movie title for French audience

I’ve never seen this movie either, but bad biology vs sex addict can’t be the same movie, can they? Yes, they are.

14- Love, Honour & Obey = Gangsters, Sex & Karaoke

love, honour & obey = gangsers sex & karaoke movie title for French audience

LOL? gangsters sex and karaoke?

15- Euro Trip = Sex Trip

Euro Trip = Sex Trip movie title for French audience
What pops into your mind when you hear the word “Sex trip”?  I think of a porn movie, but that’s me. What’s strange here is that the word “Trip,” which is used in the original title, is not used even though it is often used in other cases. (see the next example). As if they just wanted to change it for the sake of changing it to include the word sex.

16-The Hangover = Very Bad Things

The Hangover = Very Bad Trop movie title for French audience

Despite there being an exact translation for the word “hangover” (gueule de bois,” the movie title was changed to “Very bad trip.” I guess it was changed to this to associate it with a 1998 film called “Very Bad Things.” The two movies are not related; however, the themes are similar. They are both about a bunch of guys who go to Las Vegas before one of them gets married.

I bet the people who rename these films almost renamed this movie “The Sex Trip.” LOL.

17-Date Night = Crazy Night

Date night movie = crazy night movie title for French audience
The literal translation of date night is “Rendez-vous Lamoureux,” yet the title which the French know the film “Date Night” by is “Crazy Night.” Crazy is an English word the French understand well.. Look closely at the next movie title, which also uses the word crazy.

** French Canadian movie titles for American movies are often but not always different from French titles.  For example, “date night” in Quebec is called “Méchante soirée,” which can mean anything from “wicked night” to “nasty night.”

18- Train Wreck = Crazy Amy

Train Wreck =Crazy Amy movie title for French audience
The English term train wreck translated to French is “catastrophe ferroviaire,” but you can’t really say someone’s life is a train wreck in French. Instead, the French movie people decided to call this movie “Crazy Amy.” Crazy is an English word the French understand well.

19-American Hustle = American Bluff

American Hustle = American Bluff movie title for French audience
The essence of the word “Hustle” is difficult to translate and convey not only in French but in most languages, so it only makes sense that another more understandable and meaningful word would be used for the local market. In France’s case, the movie was renamed “American Bluff.” French people understand bluf.

Here are some other titles that the movie was translated to in other countries

  • Isreal: “American Dream”
  • Argentina: “American Scandal”
  • Portugal: “American Sting”
  • China: “United States Cheat Bureau” LOL
  • Spain: The Great American Swindle
  • Turkey: “Trickster”

In Quebec Canada, a French-speaking province, American Hustle is given a French title-Arnaque Américaine, “American scam.”

20- The other Guys = Very Bad Cops

The other guys = Very bad cops movie title for French audience

First, there was “very bad trip” now there is “Very bad cops,” which was released in the US as “The other guys.”

21- Youth in Revolt = Be Bad

Youth Revolt = Be Bad movie title for French audience
Very bad trip,”, “Very bad cops,” and now, “Be bad.”  The titles are starting to look a little similar, non? ”

22- Get him to the Greek = American Trip

Get him to the Greek = American Trip movie title for French audience

Another English movie title that was changed and used the word “Trip,” just like the movie “Very bad trip,” plus it uses the word “American” like the re-titled movie “American bluff.”

23- All Good Things = Love & Secrets

All good things = love & secrets movie title for French audience

Not so bad, right? NO use of the word sex or bad, but there is the word Love and secrets in the title.

24- Killers = Kiss & Kill

killers = kiss & kill movie title for French audience

25- Coyote Ugly = Coyote Girls

coyote ugly = coyote girls movie title for French audience

Ok, this makes sense.

26- Pitch Perfect = The Hit Girls

Pitch perfect = hit girls movie title for French audience

Hit is a word the french understand, and it usually refers to music or movies. Like that was a hit.

27- Jewish Connection = Holy Rollers

Jewish connection = Holy rollers movie title for French audience

This could have been kept as the “Jewish connection.” The French understand these terms, and besides, it bears a similar resemblance to the “French connection,” which, despite being an American film, is known in France. The word connection is the same in French also. While “Holy Rollers” is not really a term MOST French people know. WHY?

28- Cool Runnings = Rasta Rocket

Cool runnings = Rasta Rockett movie title for French audience

No comment.

29- Knight and Day = Night and Day

Knight and Day = Night and Day movie title for French audience

Look closely, the French version of the American movie “Knight and Day” was changed to “Night and Day.” Which doesn’t really have the same meaning, but I understand why it was changed. The word Knight is not really a word French people will understand. Night is.

30- Anger Management = Self Control

Anger management= Self control movie title for French audience

The new title, “Self Control,” actually works well, in my opinion. Good job, France!

31- Silver Linings = Happiness Therapy

Silver Linings t= Happiness therapy movie title for French audience

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  1. Apparently sex really does sell… Several of these translations involve language subtleties that, understandably, don’t translate well, (e.g. “No Strings Attached”, “Knight and Day”). It makes sense to translate these to something that conveys the essence of the movie in more straight-forward language. Nonetheless, most of these translations are pretty funny.

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