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Hi, my name is Annie and I moved to France with my husband and kids
after we lost our jobs. Now I'm an aspiring writer and freelance content
strategist who works remotely. Read more about what you’ll learn here..

What I Write About Here

Get a peek into the lives of a family from California who moved to France. Learn how  you can do it too! Bonjour, whether you want to live in Paris for 6 months or move to the south of France for a few years like we did, I've got the tools, resources, inside tips and first hand experience to help you plan your own year abroad in France. (And be happy once you get there). Click here to start Reading the blog now.

How I Make A Living

I can help you create a new wordpress site for you small business or with your content marketing.

In addition to my travel writing, I use this site to reflect my varied passions and diverse skill set which I would love to put to use for you freelancing. From writing search engine friendly content your readers will love to creating strategic and affordable WordPress websites for your small business, I can help you reach your goals. It's easy to get started.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon
After living in France for 3 plus years, I've amassed an insane amount of information. This soon to be released book about "applying for visas to live in France" is the first in a series of books I will be releasing. All aimed at demystifying the process and helping you acclimate to the French way of life

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