Looking For B.S. Free Advice, Inspiration And Insights About Living and Moving To France For A Year? 

Learn how to survive and thrive day to day life living in France. Get insider tips and useful resources to help you take a one year career break or sabbatical from life and achieve your own 

OH La La! Look Down Here!

Lets move to france for a year.

What I Write About

Read the blog to discover what it's like moving to France from the US and what it's like living in France. I spill the  beans and i don't sugar coat things either! 

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How I Make A Living

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Follow along and learn how to manoeuvre and survive day to day French life, get insider tips and useful resources to help you take career break or sabbatical from life and leave it all behind to achieve your own

The one question I get asked the most about  is Visas.

  • Coming soon! An A to Z guide for anyong who needs help figuring out the long stay visa application and process that let's you live in France LEGALLY for one year
  • Written for Americans and Canadians

About Annie et Famille…

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Hello, I'm Annie. After my husband and I lost our jobs in California, we decided to move to France for a year with the kids and launch our freelance careers while experiencing the trip of a lifetime as a family. 4 years later, we're still living in France. The kids are bilingual, Blake wrote a book and I'm a freelance content strategist and copywriter who works remotely from France.

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Leaving your life behind and moving to France for a year is no easy task, even if it is only temporary. It will take time, money, loads of research and more patience than you ever knew you had. I won’t sugar coat anything or feed you a bunch of fluffy unicorn dreams. My best advice is don’t panic and don’t give up. Follow your dreams! 

Annie André Let's Move To France
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