Want To Move To France?

Get honest advice and unique insight that made it possible for my family of 5 to move to France.

 Hey, Annie here. I created this site to help anyone interested in taking a career break or sabbatical from life to live in France for a year or two to do something truly amazing, worth while or life changing.  Read more...

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What I Write About

how to move to france for a yar and be happy once you get there

I write about taking a career break or a sabbatical from life with your family to live in France for a while so you can do something truly amazing. I also write about life in France and what it's like for us as a family.
My goal is to give you plenty of tips, resources, insight and inspiration to help you plan your own year abroad no matter where it is. I hope it will be France. Read more.

Step By Step A to Z
French Visa Guide

Everything you want and need o know about the
French Long Stay Visa Process 

how to move to france step by step guide book

-How to fill out the visa form which allows you to stay in France for one year. 
-What to expect (things they don't tell you on the French consulate site)

- How much money you need to have in the bank to qualify
- What to do if you want to bring your family and kids!
-How long does the process take?
- Can you apply in France?
- Whether or not you can work while you are in France?
And more.....Based on my own personal experience and research after having lived in France and gone through the visa process over 4 times so far.....