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Hi, my name is Annie. After my husband and I lost our jobs in California, we decided to pack up our 3 kids to live in France for a year and kick-start our freelancing goals while experiencing the trip of a lifetime together as a family. 3 plus years later, the kids are bilingual, Blake wrote a book and I’m a freelance content strategist and copywriter working remotely in France. I created this site to inspire and help you achieve your own “live abroad dream!”.  Read More Now!

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What I Write About!

What’s daily life like? Tips about moving to France from the USA, living abroad for a year, surviving the French culture and more an occasional sneak peak into our lives abroad. Start Reading

How I Make A Living In France

I am a hire-able content and inbound marketing specialist as well as content writer for medium to small businesses and bloggers.Hire Me

book 1: Applying for long stay visa to live in france for 1 year

Applying for visas

an A to Z Guide for Americans who want to move to France

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