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how to move to France and survive French Expat life
  • ​Hi I'm Annie, serial expat from North America, spicy food lover and French sabbatical expert.​
  • I live in France with my husband and 3 children where I work remotely as a digital /inbound marketing specialist for hire. At my other job- this blog which happens to be my passion, I help people like you who want to take a sabbatical from life and do what we did, move to France. 
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Despite the anti-sentiment surrounding an American style Halloween and the fact that the concept of Halloween is relatively new to France, it is still celebrated in small pockets throughout France. Here are a few things you should know before hand which might make it more enjoyable.
31 Movie Titles With Weird Or Inappropriate French Translations
In France, rather than translating Hollywood movie titles into French, sometimes film titles are converted to a more understandable "English" movie title. The results are usually OK but there seems to be an over use of certain words, especially the word "SEX". The results can seem weird, funny or inappropriate to English speakers.
Why Don't The French Know The Meaning of RSVP: A French Acronym?
RSVP, it's what you write on an invitation when you want a response from the invited person. But RSVP is a French acronym not an English one so why don't the French use "RSVP" and why do so few French people understand it's meaning? Discover the answer to these questions and learn what you should write on a French invitation instead of the letters RSVP.
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The French will drink anything including "Christmas Tree Liqueur"? Yes including that! My thoughts on this interesting after dinner drink. aka digestif


how to move to france step by step guide book

Everything you want and need to know about the French "Long Stay Visa" that let's you live in France for 1 year or more.

  • How to fill out the visa form which allows you to stay in France for one year.
  • What to expect and things they don't tell you but shout at the French consulate
  • How much money you need to have in the bank to qualify
  • What to do if you want to bring your family and kids!
  • How long does the process take?
  • Can you apply in France?
  • Whether or not you can work while you are in France
  • And more.....