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5 mix and match travel clothes items women should pack for warm weather

Planning a warm weather getaway in Spring, summer, or autumn? Explore 5 versatile mix-and-match travel clothes ideas that

By Annie André ⦿ updated January 10, 2024  
5 extremely versatile travel clothes women should pack for their next holiday
5 extremely versatile travel clothes women should pack for their next holiday

Very few people enjoy packing. It can be challenging to fit everything you need for a two-week vacation into just one suitcase and still stay within the airline’s luggage allowance.

However, it can be done if you know how.

Mix and match travel clothes items.

The key to successful packing is choosing items strategically and maximizing space.

By selecting versatile mix-and-match travel clothes, you can create numerous outfits with fewer pieces.

Here are a few examples of travel clothes that are extremely versatile.

Maxi skirts

A versatile maxi skirt is important, not only for your suitcase but for your entire wardrobe, because you can go from a casual afternoon of sightseeing to a more glamorous evening out on the town with just the change of your shoes, top and some accessories. If you pick a flowy, lightweight maxi skirt, you can even wear it out for your walk on the beach.

Maxi skirts are great to pack because they can be mixed and matched

A Pashmina Or long scarf

A nice pashmina is another clothing item that is great for your suitcase and your wardrobe. The term “Pashmina”, originally known for being made with pashmina cashmere, is now a term that some people use to describe a large scarf.

Regardless of the name, it’s a surprisingly versatile item that can be worn around the shoulders like a shawl for a glamorous evening out, wrapped around your waist as a skirt for a beachside restaurant or worn as a scarf for the trip between home and your departure airport.

You can see in this video, to see the many ways in which you can wear a scarf or Pashmina.

5 Ways to Wear 1 Scarf

There are some really beautiful ones out there, and it’s so easy to find one that suits your style.

Pashminas are a versatile travel clothing item to pack in your bagsLeggings

If you like leggings, pack a couple of pairs and maybe even a pair of jeggings (jean leggings) instead of jeans. They’re extremely comfortable, lightweight, virtually crease proof and can easily be rolled up to fit into a tiny space. They’re also very versatile. You can wear them to work out or as pyjamas. You can dress them up and wear them under a long button-down shirt or throw on a chunky sweater over them. If you’re travelling to countries where you want to visit a Buddhist temple, you can throw on a pair of jeggings over your shorts because you’re not allowed to wear shorts in Buddhist temples.

Make sure to pack a pair of leggings and or jeggingsTank Tops / Vest Tops

If you like tank tops, aka vest tops, it’s always worth packing a few in your bags. They’re not only great for the gym or while jogging, but if you choose the right type, they’ll also look good when worn with trousers, shorts, leggings, under a blazer or an appropriate skirt. On colder days, they can be worn under a long-sleeved top as an extra layer to help you stay warmer.

It's easy to dress up or down a vest top / tank top

A loose blouse or tunic

A slightly baggy blouse can quickly be given a new look by simply adding a belt. If it’s long enough, it can be worn as a mini-dress. For even more versatility, choose the type that has ¾ roll-up sleeves.

A long loose blouse can go from day to evening wear easilyMore smart packing tips

Be sure to mix and match your clothing items.

Team up your leggings with your long top or tunic. Wear that same top with your maxi skirt, or swap out the top for the tank and wear it with both the leggings and the maxi skirt. You’ll be surprised at how many different outfits you can make with five versatile clothing items.

If you’d like more packing tips, you might find this infographic interesting.

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