Cute French Nicknames +Pet Names To Call Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

By Annie André

Forget sweetheart and darling. Whether you’re looking for some cute French nicknames to call your boyfriend or romantic French pet names to call your girlfriend, this huge list of 100+ French terms of endearment has a little bit of everything for everyone.

French terms of endearment and pet names =”Les surnoms amoureux” or “les noms d’amour.”

Cute, quirky, romantic and sexy French terms of endearment and French nicknames

According to a 2009 study conducted by TNS Sofres for Pèlerin magazine, six out of 10 French people use a French term of endearment instead of their partner’s first name.

It’s an endearing way to express love and affection for someone you care deeply about without actually saying I love you in French. 

How to use this list of French Terms Of Endearment:

Some things to keep in mind about these French pet names and nicknames.

  • You can use most French nicknames and pet names the same way you would use sweetheart, honey, sweetie, or darling.
    • Bonjour mon amour =”hello my love” but has the same connotation as sweetie and darling.
  • Some French terms of endearment and French nicknames translate into the English language seamlessly, like “mon ange,” which means “my angel.”
  • Some French terms of endearment are nonsensical and don’t translate very well, such as “mon bibou”, similarly to “schmoopy.”
  • Some French nicknames and pet names might sound strange to non-native speakers, such as “Mon chou,” which means “my cabbage.” It’s a little like calling someone “pumpkin.”
  • Most of these terms are unisex, but some tend to be used more for one gender.
  • French parents use many of the French terms of endearment on this list to call their children. 

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Stereotypical Or Classic French terms of endearment seen in movies and heard in French songs

These French terms of endearment stand out because they are recognizable even to non-French speakers thanks to movies and the media. 

  1. Chèrie (f) or (m) Chèri = My sweetheart or darling—(for someone who you are very close to and love. French couples often call one another Chèri(e).)
  2. Chère(f), cher (m) = Dear.  This is more formal and not as intimate as saying Chèri(e). You can write cher or chère on letters just like English speakers would write  “Dear John” in a letter. You could also use this when talking to someone you appreciate or respect, such as a teacher or family friend. Hello, my dear. 
  3. Mon amour =My love (this used to be very popular, but it’s a bit outdated these days).
  4. Ma raison d’être = My reason for being or my purpose. One of many French terms that have infiltrated the English language, others are Rendez-Vous, Déjà vu etc.

Popular French terms of endearment.

Although there are hundreds of cute and endearing French terms of endearment in the French language, the following are more common and versatile names to call your boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, husband, wife, lover, etc. You can even use them with a close friend. 

  1. Mon Loulou = Nonsensical diminutive of “loup” which means wolf
  2. Mon Chou = My sweet bun, as in chou à la crème (cream filed pastry). But chou also means cabbage. 
  3. Mon petit chou= My little cream puff
  4. ChouChou(m) / Couchoutte(f)= Cabbage Cabbage or cream puff cream puff, take your pick.
  5. Mon coeur= My heart
  6. Doudou = My blankie or cuddly thing
  7. Ma puce =My flea. 
  8. Mamour = contraction of “mon amour,” which means “my love.”
  9. Petit loup= little wolf
  10. Mon bébé or bébé = My baby (Used like it is in English, “hey babe or hey baby”)
  11. Mon ange = My angel (you can use this on both men and women)
  12. Mon chaton = My kitten


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Unisex French Terms Of Endearment using animals

French people love to call each other French nicknames and French pet names using animals. 

“Ma Minouche” is a really cute one. Here’s a cute french song called “Ma minouche (Oh minouche je t’ai dans la peau)”.

  1. Mon Minou = My kitty
  2. Ma Minouche (m)  / Minouchette (f) = Diminutive of “minou” kitten
  3. Ma biche / Ma bichette = My doe, as in do a dear
  4. Ma bibiche = derived from biche
  5. Mon lapin = My rabbit
  6. Mon Lapinou =My bunny
  7. Ma poule / Ma Poulette = My chicken / Baby chick
  8. Mon poussin = My chick (as in baby chick)
  9. Mon Petit Poulet = My little chicken
  10. Mon papillon = My butterfly
  11. Ma coccinelles = My ladybug
  12. Mon loup = My wolf
  13. Louloute=Derived from the word loup (wolf)
  14. Mon canard = My duck
  15. Mon petit caneton = My little duckling
  16. Ma crevette= My shrimp
  17. Mon ours / Mon ourson = My bear / Baby cub
  18. Boubounette” ou “Baboune”
  19. Ma tigresse = My tigress

Food related French terms of endearment

  1. Mon petit trognon = My little apple core (my aunt said my grandfather used to call her this when she was a child).
  2. pomme d’amour = My love apple
  3. Ma cocotte =My casserole
  4. Ma truffe= My truffle
  5. Ma chouquette = Popular desert, small round pastry sprinkled with pearl sugar

French Terms Of endearment to call your boyfriend

Here are a few pet names and endearment terms that tend to be used more for men: your boyfriend, husband, and sons. 

Again, these all have the general meaning of sweet, Hunny or darling.

  1. Mon Petitou= My little everything (shortened from “petit tout” for boys)
  2. Mon Titou / Titi= My little boy / Dimintive of titou.
  3. Mon beau= My handsome
  4. Mon Bébé d’amour = My love baby
  5. Mon râleur = My grumpy or complainer
  6. Mon homme = My man
  7. Mon Bonhomme = My good man but also means snowman
  8. Mon petit Monstre = My little monster (great for the kids)
  9. Mon roméo = My Romeo
  10. Mon Vilain = My naughty one (another good one for the kids)
  11. Mon nounours = My teddy bear or plushy
  12. Mon tendre (m)/ Ma tendress (f)= My tenderness
  13. Mon prince = My prince

French Terms Of Endearment to call your girlfriend

Here are a few things you can say to your girlfriend, wife, daughter or other young girls. 

  1. Ma Reine = My queen
  2. Ma Juliette = As in Romeo and Juliette
  3. Ma fée = My fairy
  4. Ma lolita = My lolita
  5. Ma petite sirène = My little mermaid
  6. Ma poupée / Ma poupette = My doll / derived from poupée, my dolly
  7. Ma princesse= My princess
  8. Ma douce =My sweet
  9. Mon bijou= My jewel
  10. Ma belle = My pretty like the Beatles song “Michelle, ma belle.”  
  11. Ma bohême = My bohemian
  12. Ma râleuse = My grumpy or my complainer
  13. Ma lutine = My elf, or maybe pixie

Romantic and Affectionate French Terms Of Endearment

The French terms of endearment below can be used romantically with that special someone and with your kids in a lovey-dovey way. For instance, “Mon Amour” means my love and can be used for your kids or your boyfriend.

  1. L’amour de ma vie = Love of my life
  2. Ma foi = My faith
  3. Ma passion = My passion
  4. Ma perfection = My perfection
  5. Mon étoile = My star
  6. Mon avenir = My future
  7. Mon bonheur = My happiness
  8. Mon désir = My desire
  9. Mon destin = My destiny
  10. Mon Essentiel = My essential
  11. Mon Exception = My exception
  12. Mon idéal = My ideal
  13. Mon indispensable = My essential or indispensable one
  14. Mon préféré = My preferred one
  15. Mon rayon de soleil = MY ray of sunshine
  16. Mon rêve = My dream
  17. Mon souffle = My breath
  18. Mon trésor = My treasure
  19. Mon coquelicot = My poppy as in the flower
  20. Mon Amoureux = My lover

Nonsensical French Terms Of Endearment 

  1. Mon Namoureux / Namoureuse = Made up word playing on the phonetic liaison between the “N” and “A” in the phrase “Mon Amour”
  2. Mon Bibou= Means something like “shmoopy”
  3. Mon Roudoudou = This used to be the name of a candy eaten out of a shell made of plastic.
  4. Mon Choupinet / Ma Choupinette = No translation but might be diminutive of “chou”, french cream puff or cabbage. 

Unusual, unflattering or outdated French Terms Of Endearment

Not all pet names are created equal. Here are a few that are outdated or old fashioned. You probably don’t want to call anyone you’re romantically involved with one of these.

  1. Ma raison de vivre = My reason for living
  2. Mon biquet = My lamb (old fashioned ) or goat baby
  3. Mon Vieux = My old one(but closer to “big guy” or “old friend”
  4. Mon pétard = Idiomatically can mean my sweetie, but literally means so many different things: gun, joint, firecracker, pretty woman. 
  5. Mon Pépère = Old Guy, fella, big guy
  6. Ma grande (for woman) mon grand (for man)
  7. Ma Grosse = My fat one
  8. Mamounette or Mamoune= This is like calling someone your MAW as in mommy. 
  9. Mon papounet = Kind of like calling someone daddy or daddy’ O
  10. Ma moitié= MY half (similar to my better half)
  11.  Maman or papa = self-explanatory (In the olden days, this was an affectionate way to call your spouse)

(BONUS!) STRANGE or RISQUÉ French terms of endearment


I saved the best or worst for last, depending on how you look at it. The following French nicknames and pet names are on the raunchy and dirty side. 

102 -Ma crotte :
Literally means my turd. Some Belgians use this to refer to their women, like Ma chérie.

103 – Ma quequette:
A childish or cute name for a penis, like willy. A friend of mine used to call me this for fun. Weird right?

104 – Ma nénette and Ma Salope:
Nénette can mean slut but can also mean chick or broad. Salope can also mean slut, but here, it can also mean “My Bitch.”

105 – Ma chatte:
 Be careful! This means pussycat, and it has the same double meaning in English “pussy.”

106 – Ma couille:
Literally means my testicle, but young men use it to refer to their friends, like “hey dickhead,” only it would be “hey testicle.” LOL.

107 – Mon petit poil de cul:
 Literally means “my little butt hair.” I found this on a French forum from someone who said she uses this to address her boyfriend.

108 – Mon Dieu de sexe:
My sex god. Please don’t use it in public unless you want to perk up their ears and get a smile.


There you have it mes chers. There are probably 100’s more French terms of endearment that I could have included, but these should take you a while to memorize.

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