How To Pack Light Without Sacrificing Style Or Comfort: A Guide For Women Infographic

If you have ever over-packed, brought things that you never used on your trip or sacrificed style or comfort in your effort to pack your bags light….. LISTEN UP! 

I thought it would be fun to put together an infographic illustrating how easy it is to pack light without sacrificing your need to look cute and fashionable.

Below the infographic are four basic rules for packing light explained in more detail. Using this guide, you can literally carry over 15 outfits in one carry-on bag. 

how to pack light fashionable

4 Basic Rules To Pack Light AND Fashionable

#1) Pick clothing items that match your travel location, it’s culture, the weather and activities.

Packing clothing items to match your location isn’t just about checking the weather. In addition to bringing clothing for your night out on the town, day at the beach and lounging around town clothes, you need to make sure you check the culture if you are going some place significantly different than your home country.

For example, I have a friend who went to Egypt and wore a spaghetti strap top and shorts not realizing that this was a no no in a land where women dress very conservatively and do not show skin for religious reasons. She was getting cat calls and getting stared at a lot. Eventually she figured it out but Oy-vay how embarrassing.

#2) Choose a simple colour palette and clothing that is also light weight and layer-able.

When you choose a simple colour palette, you can mix and match. Suddenly, 5 shirts and 3 bottoms become 15 different outfits because they all go with each other. You could literally pack one carry on with 2 weeks worth of clothes,  nothing will clash and you’ll look effortlessly stylish.

If you need help choosing a colour palette, you can use your common sense or use online resources like this this one at

By choosing light weight items that you can layer, like a sweater and or a lightweight versatile tailored jacked, you add even more looks to your outfits. Plus, if it get’s cold, just layer up for warmth.

#3) Choose Versatile comfortable shoes

Shoes weigh a lot and take up a lot of space. The less you bring the better so choose shoes that are versatile that can do double duty. Make sure they are comfortable too.  I like to wear chunky heels because they are perfect for dressing up but comfortable for walking.

To cut down on the amount of space shoes take in your luggage, you should try to wear your heaviest bulky shoes rather than packing them. Also, don’t let those nook and crannies of your shoes go to waste. Pack your undies and or socks in them to maximize every inch of space.

#4) Use accessories to add colour, bring to life and expand the looks of your outfits.

Scarves are an easy and light weight way to add punch to your outfits. Plus They can also do double duty as a sarong or a shoulder wrap for the evening.


Question: Have you ever gone away for 2 weeks with just a carry on?  What tips do you have to share about packing lightly?

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