Weather in France in June. Average temperatures across France

woman standing in sunny grassy field with colourful umbrella
woman standing in sunny grassy field with colourful umbrella

Knowing the weather before you travel to a foreign destination is always a good idea. How else will you know what to pack for your trip and what not to pack? Here’s a brief look at the average temperatures in France in June by region. 

The weather in France in June by region.

France’s climate is classified as Marine West Coast, also known as oceanic climate, which means that temperatures are moderate with no extremes in temperature or rainfall.

But averages can be deceiving.

France’s weather and climate conditions vary a lot by region. The southern part of France along the Mediterranean sea is much hotter than the wetter northern areas near the English Channel. The weather also varies by season and by month. 
days of sunshine by region map of france

Overall, the weather in France in June is relatively warm and sunny, so it’s safe to say you can pack your sunscreen.

But just because June is usually sunny and warm doesn’t mean it won’t rain. The month of May receives the most rainfall in France, but sometimes rainy days carry over into June.

For instance, the average rainfall days for Paris in June is 14.7 days. I learned this the hard way, thinking it would be nothing but clear blue skies and sunshine. But I digress. 

Here are the average temperatures in French cities across France. I’ve broken them into three regions. 

  1. Central
  2. Southern
  3. Northern

For each region, I’ve listed some of the major cities with their average highs and lows during June. 

Average temperatures across France for the month of June

Central France in June

High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
73 57 Paris 23 14
74 54 Dijon 23 12
72 58 La Rochelle 22 15
71 55 Limoges 21 13
73 53 Orléans 23 12
74 53 Poitiers 23 12


 Southern France in June

High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
72 58 Biarritz 22 15
76 57 Bordeaux 25 14
74 51 Bourg-Saint-Maurice 24 10
78 59 Carcassonne 25 15
75 54 Grenoble 24 12
76 57 Lyon 25 14
81 62 Marseille 27 17
80 61 Montpellier 26 16
76 64 Nice 24 18
79 62 Perpignan 26 17
80 63 Toulon 26 17
77 58 Toulouse 25 14


Northern France in June

High °F Low °F Place High °C Low °C
74 54 Angers 23 12
73 54 Besançon 23 12
75 54 Colmar 24 12
74 54 Le Mans 23 12
69 53 Lille 21 12
73 54 Metz 23 12
73 53 Nancy 23 12
73 55 Nantes 23 13
71 51 Reims 22 11
74 55 Strasbourg 23 13

Wrapping up France’s weather in June

Don’t forget that these are averages. There will always be the unexpected heatwave or torrential downpours, even in the month of June. 

For a live update of the weather in France in June, or for any time of the year, check out méteo France’s website

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