The Day We Found Dog Poop On Our Front Door Step! True Story Living In France

It’s a beautiful Friday morning here in the South of France. The town square comes alive with over 100 local vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade tapenade, blood sausage and the stinkiest cheeses you have ever smelled. Not to mention the various nick-knacks only found in France. It gets so animated and it gives me an excuse to peruse and socialize with the locals.

It’s on these days’ that I truly feel like we actually live in France.

Today however, I had a special reminder that we really live in France. Can you guess what it was?

True story, I found dog poop at my door step AGAIN and captured the moment in photos. Yes, I am this demented but i wanted to show you how normal it is here;

true story; The day we found Dog Poop on our front doorstep in France AGAIN!

You might think I’m obsessed with dog poop since i also wrote about dog poop and culture shock here. 

Well I’m not obsessed with dog poop. it’s just that you can’t avoid the merde because it’s everywhere.

But I’m ok with that because life’s too short to worry about a little CRAP here and there!!

I’m off to the market now

I'm off to the market to buy some juicy tomatoes and stinky bleu cheese

This post was in good fun. There are so many GOOD things to talk about when you LIVE IN FRANCE. I just thought it would be fun to poke a little fun at this ehem (shitty problem). 

Photo of Annie André:

Annie André

About the author 

I’m A Bilingual North American With Thai And French Canadian Roots Who's Been Living In The South Of France For Over 10 Years. I Love Writing Weird, Wonderful, Interesting, Forgotten, And Fascinating Articles For Intellectually Curious People Amazed By France, French Culture, And World Travel.

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  1. Hey Annie,

    I found this post really funny. I remember walking through the streets in France and seeing poop all over the sidewalks. I kept on having to watch where I was going or else I’d end up messing up my shoes.

    Being in Morocco, there is a lot of French influence. But thankfully dog poop all over the streets isn’t one of them. Although there are stray cats EVERYWHERE. So instead of dodging poop, I dodge cats. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.


  2. Hi Annie

    Market day sounds great. Those tomatoes look fantastic!

    There was always a market in my local town growing up in rural England and to a large extent that still happens in many towns in the UK.

    There’s a fantastic farmer’s here in Edinburgh along Castle Terrace with the imposing backdrop of the castle. I definitely recommend it if you visit the city again some time.

    And then there’s the dog poo. My son stood in some the other day and your post reminded me of my wife’s reaction as she had to clean it off when he got to school!

    I hope you’re having a great weekend Annie!


    1. Hi Tim, when we were in Edinburgh we never saw the markets. I’m looking forward to going again. I think it would be a great anniversary trip for us. Plus with all the dop poo we’ll feel right at home. LOL… Thanks for stopping by

  3. Lol…that DID make me laugh Annie :)

    Oh yes…I love Friday’s too, because of the weekend right next door. Though we have our markets generally open and quite nearby all the time, it’s during the weekends that even the kid’s are off from their schools and our workloads a little lesser than usual. So there is a little outing for each one of us. :)

    Hope you had a nice time at the market picking up all your groceries, fruits and veggies :)

    1. Thanks Harleena,
      we did have a nice time. I squeezed a few tomatoes, tried some unidentified meat from the butchers truck and talked to the florist too. Market day is tomorrow too and they are having a chef demonstration of some sort. ..

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