Adventures In France #2: One Day In Marseille + Why We Moved To France

This is an old video we made during our first year living in France.

At the time we were living in Marseille, and our daughter was just four years old. She’s a teenager now. 


Photo of Annie André:

Annie André

About the author 

I'm Annie André, a bilingual North American with Thai and French Canadian roots. I've lived in France since 2011. When I'm not eating cheese, drinking wine or hanging out with my husband and children, I write articles on my personal blog for intellectually curious people interested in all things France: Life in France, travel to France, French culture, French language, travel and more.

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  1. Hi I just watched you on Househunters international I’m excited to learn of your adventures and more about international travel I hope all your dreams are coming yo life

  2. Hi Annie,

    how amazing is that. Marseille is awesome. I’ve been to the Midi many many times, but only last year, I went to Marseille for the first time. It’s a great city…and I remember the Vieux Port very well and even the place where you did the last part of the video, must be near the Town Hall with the Vieux Port in the background.

    I want to congratulate you to your decision, it certainly takes a lot of courage, but it seems that you didn’t have to lose much, did you ?

    Looking forward to seeing even more !

    Be blessed


  3. Great video. I enjoyed seeing what life is like over there for you. I think it’s great that you’re immersing your kids in another culture like that. Those are the great experiences I wish I had when I was growing up.

    1. Steve,
      lucky for you, you are setting yourself up so that you can give your future kids the experience you never had…

  4. Another wonderful video Annie, great job. You gave us a great sense of what it feels like to actually live there.

    I can’t believe that the kids eat so well, I loved hearing that almost the most. I know you’re very pleased with that I’m sure.

    I’m really enjoying your series Annie and thank you so much for sharing a little of your life with us. You and Blake make a great couple and you have a wonderful looking family. I’m so very pleased that everything is working out for you guys.


    1. Thank you Adrienne. I can’t believe how well the kids eat too. They come home everyday from school and i always ask what did you have to eat today. it’s so amazing still even after five months of being here.

      And so far everything is going well. knock on wood.

  5. Hey Annie,

    What an awesome video. I love it – the editing, the scenes… really great stuff.

    You guys are really great together in the video too – great work!

    a bientot,

    1. Aaah thanks Alan. I really feel that it’s easier for people to get a sense of what it’s like to live in france through video. I hope that i can inspire more people to travel and live abroad. This is my fourth time abroad LIVING and i really believe in the benefits of travel.

  6. Wow they serve that there for school lunch? That’s sounds really good!

    Love your videos! Your daughter is so stinking cute! Your intro is hilarious! Off to watch more.

    1. Yes they really do serve that at the kids schools. My daughter has some outstanding meals too. I think this week i saw veal meatballs and lamb kebabs. always a cheese and always a salad. No milk though. just water and sometimes juice. It’s amazing. I want to eat at their school.

  7. Great video! Hoping to get to Marseillles this summer. What a beautiful family – keep up the good work!

    1. It’s supposed to be wonderful to be here in Marseille in the summer. It’s the south of France right? I’ve only been in Nice France so being here will be new. Looking forward to meeting up with you in Marseille in the summer.

  8. Very Cool Annie. Your little girl is darling. It looks like you are living it up in France. I am very jealous. What a neat town! Thanks for sharing your adventures and letting us all know that if your family of 5 can do it, we can too.

    1. Meg, on the good days its quite fun but i plan to do an expose soon showing the ugly side of Marseille France. A LOT OF POVERTY. I actually live in one of the more sketch parts of Marseille but i’ve lived in third world countries before so it doesn’t phase me.
      My former soccer mom neighbors might be frightened to death by the area we live in.

      1. The poor cities are my favorite cities. They have much more character and I find you can really meet awesome people in those parts of town. I would love to see the film “Soccer Moms take Marseille!” Ha!!

  9. I really enjoyed the video. You did a nice job of giving us a sense of what life is like. Love the Mediterranean, one of my favorite oceans.

    1. I love the Meditaranean too. Plus being near the water and mountains is just so nice. I hope to many more videos to give people a sense of life abraod. It’s not all peachy keen. In fact, there are a lot of homeless people and poverty.

  10. Hi Annie,
    Great video…very funny…especially le “degueulasse” comment :P
    I think you have a great time there in Marseille…
    Do you know that Marseille was initially constructed by Greeks?
    If you have a look in the city center…do you like it?
    Personally no because I find it quite “bordelique”!
    That is the result of a Greek construction…LOL
    I am Greek myself, this is just an ironic joke!
    Thank you for sharing with us that video.

    1. Lenia,
      Marseille is nothing like i imagined. It is beautiful but at the same time there is a lot of ugliness. We live near the center and you are right it is very chotic here. We are looking to move nearer the water and to a better area.
      I have been doing a lot of research about Marseille and i did learn a lot about the greeks and the Phoceans. It’s all very fascinating.

      1. Hi Annie,
        Yes I agree with you. The center is quite dirty. I hope you find a beautiful place near the sea. The “calanques” are amazing. You will notice that when summer comes there are many amazing spots for swimming! I also advice you to visit Casis…if you have car it is not very far away!
        Have a good day!

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