Working In France

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Welcome to the Work and job section of this site where you'll find some useful information about making a French CV and other things related to working abroad in France.

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Job Search sites

Flex Jobs: I have personally used this site to find telecommuting which you can do while living anywhere in the world as well as one off freelancing jobs. 

Indeed: Find English speaking jobs in France.

Upwork: Find freelance work which you can do from anywhere in the world. 

People Per Hour: Another place for you to find various freelancing jobs online. 

Monster Jobs for France: Huge job board (in French) for jobs in France.

Best and biggest telecommuting jobs you can do remotely from anywhere in the world

Career Online Career Test

Career Fitters: Helps you discover the career path or job that is perfect for you. They have a free 60 question Career Test which which will show you..

  • Careers & Jobs that Fit You Best
  • Your Work Personality
  • Your Ideal Work Environment
  • Your Strengths at Work