You can visit

Statue of Liberty

in france

France offered the Statue Of Liberty
to the United States as a gift.

To commemorate the alliance formed  during the American Revolution

There are dozens of replicas of lady liberty scattered throughout France


#1) Vascoeuil Castle

Desgned by Salvatore Dali

#2) Saint Affrique

Made of wrought iron

#3) Albi

In a strip mall parking lot

#4) Colmar

In the middle of a roundabout

at the end of the driveway

#5) Ploreren

At French Army artillery base (quartier general d'Aboville)

#6) Chaumont Air Base

Facing the Mediterranean sea

#7) Nice

Facing route national 75

#8) Montagnat

Carved with a chainsaw from a tree trunk 

#9) Plaintel

Donated by Freemason
(loges maconniques de Poitiers et de Neuville)

#10) Poitiers

At the musée des art et métiers

#11) Paris

I Found this one by accident

#12) Lunel

A tiny one on the chest of a Centaur statue

#13) Paris:
Place Michel Debré

Covered in a fine layer of gold

#14) St Cyr-sur-Mer

On Private property like a lawn gnome


On the ground floor

#16) Paris:
Musee d’Orsay

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