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How The Millers Lost Their Money And Still Travel The World With Kids. (Series #8)

Millers travel the world with kids

What if you and your spouse spent years saving and planning for “THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME” which involved travelling with the kids throughout Europe for a year and during that year long trip, THE STOCK MARKET CRASHED and you LOST almost ALL YOUR MONEY?

Find out how the Millers (a family of 6 used this terrifying experience as a Catalyst to create an extraordinary lifestyle of fullt time family travel.

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Could You Slow Travel The World For 8 Years As A single parent? Lainie Can:Interview: (Series #6)

Meet Lainie, a beautiful single mom and her son Miro who set out on a mission to slow travel around the globe letting inspiration be their compass.

They started their travels in 2009 when Miro was just 10 years old and they intend to keep on travelling for a total of 8 years.

Lainie, was nice enough to take time away from her busy travel schedule to answer a few probing questions I had for her like how she pays for travels and how she educates Miro while on the road.

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5 Inspirational Families Who travel long term with their kids: Series #1

five amazing couples who travel the world

Meet five amazing couples and families who travel full time (in this ongoing series).

Not only are they making their dream of extended and long term travel a reality. they are doing it despite having kids, despite not being rich and despite all their obstacles and challenges. The first instalment of an ongoing series.

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