5 extremely versatile travel clothes women should pack for their next holiday

5 Extremely Versatile Mix And Match Travel Clothing Items Women Should Always Pack

Very few people enjoy packing.  It can be challenging to fit everything you need for a two-week vacation into just one suitcase and still stay within the airline’s luggage allowance,

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10 common travel packing mistakes and how to avoid them

10 Packing Tips & Common Travel Packing Mistakes+ How To Avoid Them

I’ve made my fair share of packing mistakes, but through those mistakes, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing optimally. Whether you need to pack for a quick weekend

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4 Rules to help you pack light and fashionable

How To Pack Light Without Sacrificing Style Or Comfort: A Guide For Women Infographic

If you’ve ever over-packed your suitcase or packed things you never wore during your trip because they were so badly mismatched, don’t feel bad. There’s actually a kind of science

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51 Reasons To Pack Vaseline in your luggage on your next trip.

51 Amazing Uses For Vaseline: The Perfect Travel Companion

Vaseline is like Ductapte; it can fix almost anything. From chapped lips to stain removal. It’s also the perfect travel companion. Because it’s so versatile, one travel-sized tub can replace

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