French berets, escargot, unshaved armpits. Some French stereotypes are so deep-rooted, they seem to transcend time; however, have you ever wondered if any of these French cliches were true or not? Or wondered how a stereotype began? Here’s a look at some of France’s

If you are looking for a winter vacation spot to ski, why not look to Europe? Is it because you think it is too expensive? Skiing in Europe is cheaper than you think. In fact, some of the most affordable skiing spots in the

You know that expression “ A Day At The Beach? ” It implies that something is easy or simple right? We spent a day at the with our kids at a beach in Le Pradet in the South of France in the Winter. It should have

It’s a beautiful Friday morning here in the South of France. The town square comes alive with over 100 local vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade tapenade, blood sausage and the stinkiest cheeses you have ever smelled. Not to mention the

Forget cheese flavoured Doritos or spicy Cheetos that stain your fingers orange. Lays Potato chips in France sound like something served in a four star French restaurant. Enter ….“Chips Saveur Poulet Rôti Et Thym” They taste like the name implies, “Roasted Chicken and Thyme”.