FRENCH chips in France: unusual flavours you can't get outside france

28 Popular & Unusual French Potato Chip Flavours You Can Only Get In France

The world is full of interesting and bold potato chip flavours that are hard to come by outside their home country. Here are some of France’s most popular potato chips,

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French stereotypes and cliches explained.

Origins Of French Stereotypes & Cliches Explained: Beyond Baguettes

French berets, escargot, unshaved armpits. Some French stereotypes are so deep-rooted, they seem to transcend time; however, have you ever wondered if any of these French cliches were true or

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ski-europe- cheap unheard of ski places in europe

5 Cheap European Ski Destinations You Have Probably Never Heard Of

If you are looking for a winter vacation spot to ski, why not look to Europe? Is it because you think it is too expensive? Skiing in Europe is cheaper

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dog poom france infographic

The Day We Found Dog Poop On Our Front Door Step! True Story Living In France

It’s a beautiful Friday morning here in the South of France. The town square comes alive with over 100 local vendors selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade tapenade,

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Adventures In France #2: One Day In Marseille + Why We Moved To France

In This video Blake and I explain why we came to France and you’ll also follow us around Marseille just living, running around and having fun. Next week I’ll share

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