FRENCH chips in France: unusual flavours you can't get outside france

28 Unusual And Popular Chips You Can Only Get In France

The world is full of interesting and bold potato chip flavours that are hard to come by outside their home country. Here are some of France’s most popular potato chips,

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school lunches around the world: what kids eat

15 School Lunches Around The World Including France, Finland & USA

Would your kids eat goulash soup or mussels for lunch? What about seaweed? Here are photos of 15 actual school lunches from around the world. Let’s see how balanced the

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photos of what people eat in one week around the world

Discover What People Eat Around The World In Photos

Think you know what other people eat around the world? Take a look at how much and how little the rest of the world eats compared to your country. You

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Spotted Dick? 10 Weird Traditional British Foods You You Will Love or Hate

Try the Crepes in France, the Curryvurst in Germany or the Pad Thai in Thailand but what the heck do you try in the U.K., a country not really known

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