Video showing what we travelled with for one year before moving to France

Back when we were transitioning from our comfy suburban lifestyle and before we decided to move to France, we had no permanent home for one year. Here is a look at how much stuff we travelled with.  


In case you are new hear and don’t know our story, here’s a recap of our situation. It’s very, very, very condensed…..

After losing our jobs in California and being unemployed for a couple of years, we left our home in search of jobs on the east coast in August of 2010. We ended up selling a bunch of our stuff and putting the rest in storage until we could find jobs on the east coast. We set up camp with my aunt in Montreal for most a year looking for jobs.

We occasionally made the journey to see my husband sister in Maryland, about a 14 hour drive.  In this video I show you what our family of 5 travels with.

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