Even Potato Chips Are Gourmet in France. Introducing Roasted Chicken and Thyme Crisps

By Annie André

CRISPS-CHIPS-ROASTED-CHICKEN saveur poulet rôti et thym


Forget cheese flavoured Doritos or spicy Cheetos that stain your fingers orange.

Lays Potato chips in France sound like something served in a four star French restaurant.

Enter ….“Chips Saveur Poulet Rôti Et Thym

They taste like the name implies, “Roasted Chicken and Thyme”.

The next time you visit France, give them a try. Maybe even pair it with a nice glass of Rosé.

I think Catherine likes them.

What do you think of French potato chips?



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  1. Sometimes they just don’t taste as good as the name might seem. But what the heck, give them a try anyway. Chips are chips.

  2. These are my favorite!! The perfect balance of chicken and chips. Not gross and overly seasoned and still taste like chips. Not sure why they don’t exist in the US. Gotta love France sometimes ;-)

    1. It is a mystery to me too why these don’t exist in the US. There are chips in Montreal that are the same as in France like Bolognese, ketchup, hamburger flavour but chicken and thyme is not one of them. why why why.

  3. I don’t really eat chips anymore, but I’d give them a try just to see what they’re like. It’s interesting that you mention looking through the chip section while traveling since I remember getting seaweed flavored chips while traveling through Asia. It was…interesting. Anyway, I always try to make it to a grocery store while traveling. There’s usually something interesting there to make going there worthwhile.

    1. I know what you mean steve but the novelty of such strange flavours are tempting. Granted, the flavours in France are nothing compared to Asia. But they are different nonetheless. Enough so that the kids were compelled to try them out.

  4. lol in Asia you have shrimp flavored chips.. Fish.. lobster.. We also have ketchup and I think that’s just always weird period. Very cute model in the pictures too :)

    1. I love Shrimp flavoured crisps. When i first came to the US after having lived in Thailand and Vietnam as a child, I actually didn’t like western chips like cheese and bbq flavour. I still don’t. My four year old daughter loves the shrimp chips mmmm.

    2. I am wild about shrimp chips! I used to get them when I lived in NYC. But now I’m in a more remote place where I cannot get much Oriental foods.


  5. You are very right, every country seems to have it’s own variation on chips. I really miss Salsa Verde chips! :)

    1. Meg, i miss good Mexican food which is really hard to find in europe. Black beans are very scarce too. LOL

  6. Yes indeed! They do make ones mouth water Annie!

    I remember the time when we were kids and the first thing that we put in our shopping carts were chips. And we always wanted a large variety!

    We have a lot of variety and flavors in our country too, without travelling around!! I guess people this end are more ‘chips crazy’ than anything else. :)

    Thanks for sharing and I’m sure your kids must be having a nice time with these when you travel too!

    1. Harleena,
      It’s funny how chips and crisps can tell a lot about a country. When i first came to the US i actually did not like chips, still don’t. But i do like a few here in France and Asia. They are much more savory.

  7. Hi Annie,

    Ah, chips are so addictive, that’s why I leave them at the store.

    By the way, on another subject, I made the detergent “recipe” that was on a previous post and I love it. I have detergent for months now before I need to make more. Thanks for that great tip :)

    1. Sylviane,

      You are so right. chips are so unhealthy.

      And i’m so excited for you, making that detergent. I know it’s a small thing but what i love about it is that it’s kind of green in that it’s saving the environment even just a little bit.

  8. They’re not ‘Chips’, they’re ‘Crisps’ ;-)

    We have even better flavours here in the UK.

    Who goes to France to buy Crisps anyway? Come on Annie… they’re unhealthy!!

    Having said that, thinking about it there are some awesome crisps (OK, ‘Chips’ just for you) in France…

    1. Alan,
      that’s why i put crisps and chips. Besides, the french call them chips too and that’s all that matters..

      And sometimes you have to eat unhealthy. Well, i don’t but my kids do. :)

      There is a crisp from the UK that i really like they are called Twizlers i think. I can’t remember but i used to work for a company that had heaps of brits and scots and i got hooked on the damn things.

  9. Hi Annie,

    interesting. As often as I have been to France so far (and to French supermarkets) I have never noticed this brand of chips, and these flavours either.

    Will have a closer look next time…

    Thanks for sharing

    Take care


    1. That’s a good thing Oliver. You probably didn’t see them because the crisp section is so tiny. We know about them because when we take the train, they are in those vending machines along with other unhealthy foods.

      Chips from Asia are even better flavored. I love shrimp flavoured crisps.

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