5 Cheap European Ski Destinations You Have Probably Never Heard Of

If you are looking for a winter vacation spot to ski, why not look to Europe?

Is it because you think it is too expensive?

Skiing in Europe is cheaper than you think.

In fact, some of the most affordable skiing spots in the world can be found In Europe. You just have to know where to look.


5 cheap European ski destinations you probably haven’t heard of.

Let’s first get a base cost for how much skiing can cost for a single 6 day ski passes for one adult in the US and Canada

  • At whistler in Brittish Columbia Canada = 460 Dollars
  • At Vail Colorado US =700
  • Sugarloaf in Main USA = 460

Pretty pricy right? That’s not including food, extra people, transportation. That’s just a ski lift for 6 days. Ouch!

Now let’s look at some of the more affordable European ski spots in Europe

1- France


France is probably the most famous and the most expensive place to ski in Europe but not as expensive as you think. .

You’ve heard of the Alps right?  Méribel is a an affordable ski resort that lies in the very centre of the Three Valleys. It’s not only affordable, It’s also one of  Frances most popular and most attractive ski resorts.

It has a modern lift system that virtually eliminates queuing up.

This resort is perfect for all skiing abilities and would be a great place to take your family.

2- Livigno, Italy


Bring an extra bag because Livigno is a duty free zone.

Livigno is located fairly close to the Swiss border and has excellent skiing for both intermediate skiers, advanced skiers and even snowboarders to.

Livigno has many attractions but one of the biggest ones is its amazing terrain park which has huge pro-sized jumps as well as rails and kickers.  Have fun all you dare devils.

6 day ski pass: £161, $255

3- Borovets, Bulgaria


Borovets is one of the oldest and biggest resorts and is supposed to be one of the largest Alpine resorts in the country. It’s been completely modernized so no rickety chair lifts or decrepit run down areas can be found.

The ski resort is perfect for most beginners and intermediates. For those that enjoy after ski activities, the town is lively with bars that are cheap and cheerful

6 day ski pass: £129, $204 (including skis and poles)

4- Russia- Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana


Two hours from Krasnaya Polyana, Russia’s most famous ski and just 45 minutes from the Black Sea is a town called Sochi. If you recall, that is where the country’s first Winter Olympics was held in 2014.  The ski centre Krasnaya Polyana was pretty un-modernized but that changed rapidly in preparation for the Winter Olympics.

Lift tickets are a little over 25 usd.

5- Romania- Brasov


Poiana-Brasov is the most popular resort in Romania. It’s small and very well suited for beginners or families. If you’ve never tried night skiing, here’s your chance because the floodlights light up the runs. After skiing and after dark the bars offer cheap food and drink in a cheerful atmosphere.

6 day lift pass: £87, $138


The next time you are planning a ski trip, look towards Europe. Not only will you get an awesome and affordable ski vacation but you’ll get an international one at that.

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Annie André

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I’m A Bilingual North American With Thai And French Canadian Roots Who's Been Living In The South Of France For Over 10 Years. I Love Writing Weird, Wonderful, Interesting, Forgotten, And Fascinating Articles For Intellectually Curious People Amazed By France, French Culture, And World Travel.

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  1. Great post. Amazing list of destination. Thank you so much for sharing this useful information. I’m sure to try them.

  2. Hi
    Romania and Bulgaria alike are really cheap and your spending money goes such a long way compared to France and Italy and we can get some really good flight deals from the uk which makes it even more I citing.

    Great Info thanks lee

    1. Hello Lee,
      Bulgaria is defenitely one of those place that is under-rated. It’s just not on the radar of many people on the other side of the globe like the US or Canada.

  3. I was actually looking at going skiing in Romania on my next trip, before we changed it to a summer trip instead. Its amazing how cheap it is!

  4. Yeah Annie, the skiing is reasonable but getting there is where the costs come in I’m sure. But I tell ya, if I were to plan a skiing trip I’d much rather travel to Europe then stay here in the states.

    I’ve never skied a day in my life so it’s not the type of vacation I would plan. Would love to at least try it some day before I’m old and senile! lol…

    Thanks for sharing these deals with us. Another lesson learned from this great traveler.


  5. Those look like great options to try. I’ve gone skiing a few times, but each one of those times was in Bozeman, MT. Just being able to compare that price to the ones you listed and it seems like they are some great deals. Skiing in the Alps would definitely be a great experience. Knowing that it’s not as expensive as I think makes it more appealing too.

    Although one of my fondest memories of skiing is still in Bozeman. A group of friends and I rented a cabin right on the mountain so we could just hike a few yards to the ski lift every morning.

  6. Hey Annie,

    I had to check this one out just to see especially as I’m coming over to France in a couple of weeks for my regular yearly ski trip. I’ll be going to Auron in the south of the Alps (not far from Nice).

    So anyways, nope – never heard of any of those – but I’ll beat all of those prices with my trip anyway ;-)


  7. Hey Annie

    I’ve heard of the resorts in France and Italy but none of the others. It would certainly be an adventure going to Bulgaria, Russia or Romania and a very interesting one too.

    The resort in Russia will certainly change somewhat before the Olympics I’m sure.

    I’ve never been skiing; always wanted to but just never got around to it. We love going to Switzerland but generally in the summer and we usually stay in the Bernese Oberland. We’ been thinking of going in the winter season when the kids are a little older and maybe I’ll get to try out skiing then!

  8. Awesome indeed Annie!

    Just about heard of a few of these, or perhaps one’s never really planned anything towards Europe – though it all sounds worth a visit. :)

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with all of us. Am sure those who want to find a ski destination would love this. :)

  9. I’ve been to Borovets, Bulgaria, skiing, it was great, I was about 13 years old, a school trip. My favourite budget ski destination is Andorra, it was less expensive than anywhere else when I lived in Europe. It was tax free and lift passes were way cheaper, I’ve been 3 times, there are great runs for novices and experts.

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