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French Texting: 20 Common Text Message Abbreviations For Phone, Emails and Facebook

infographic French texting: 20 must know common text abbreviations

Let’s face it, texting or using text message abbreviations like LOL or ROLF to communicate is no longer restricted to totally cool hipster adults or tweens anymore. The same is true in France. Here are 20 common text abbreviations you can use when staying in contact with your French friends via Facebook, email or text messaging.

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Video:20 Useful French Words and Phrases To Learn Before You Travel To France

captain kirk pee pee dance

  You Know This Embarrassing Scenario! It’s a hot summers day and you’re out sightseeing and drinking water by the gallon. Suddenly out of nowhere, you have this uncontrollable urge to go pee pee really bad. You ask someone where the restroom is but you don’t know the word for restroom in Swahili, Japanese or whatever language […]

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