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The weird ways Movie titles are changed for the French market

31 Funny, Weird& Wacky French Translations Of Hollywood Movie Titles

Instead of translating Hollywood movie titles to French, sometimes they’re simply swapped out for another English movie titles which is supposed to make sense to the French audience. The results can sound super funny to English speakers.Here are 31 for you to giggle over.

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Don't be surprised in French people don't know the meaning of RSVP despite it being a French acronym

Why Don’t The French Know The Meaning of RSVP -A French Acronym?

RSVP, it’s what you write on an invitation when you want a response from the invited person. But RSVP is a French acronym not an English one so why don’t the French use “RSVP” and why do so few French people understand it’s meaning? Discover the answer to these questions and learn what you should write on a French invitation instead of the letters RSVP.

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Feature photo for French texting for facebook, phone and email

20 Must Know French Texting Abbreviations for Facebook & phone-infographic

Let’s face it, texting or using text message abbreviations like LOL or ROLF to communicate is no longer restricted to totally cool hipster adults or tweens anymore. The same is true in France. Here are 20 common text abbreviations you can use when staying in contact with your French friends via Facebook, email or text messaging.

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captain kirk pee pee dance

Video:20 Useful French Words and Phrases To Learn Before You Travel To France

  You Know This Embarrassing Scenario! It’s a hot summers day and you’re out sightseeing and drinking water by the gallon. Suddenly out of nowhere, you have this uncontrollable urge to go pee pee really bad. You ask someone where the restroom is but you don’t know the word for restroom in Swahili, Japanese or whatever language […]

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