How much does it cost to live in France? From visas and housing to food and entertainment, I tracked all of our expenses for a year and created a detailed accounting of our first 12  months living in France. How Much Did It Cost

If you’re an American working abroad, a retiree living overseas, or a digital nomad travelling the globe whose looking for an expat tax preparation service, I highly recommend Taxes For Expats.  My husband and I have been using them since 2017. Here’s my in-depth

A career break or sabbatical, as some people like to call it, may not be the status quo. However, if you’re in a rut or burnt out from the rat race, a career break may be just what you need. But what is a

Bastille Day in France, you’ve heard of it, but do you know why the French celebrate it? And what are the similarities and differences between America’s fourth of July and France’s Bastille Day? Here’s what you need to know. French National day explained. When

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are! Moving to France (or any new country for that matter) is going to be chock full of unexpected surprises. Some good, some bad. So here it is. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “SHOULD I MOVE