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The Fine Art of Greeting A French Person With A Kiss: How To Faire La Bise

Greeting a French person in France can be a complicated matter. Rather than shaking hands, waving hello or hugging, you lean forward, touch cheeks and kiss the air near the other persons ear while making a light air kissing sound with your lips. Here is a detailed look at cheek kissing best practices in France- the fine art of greeting a French person with a kiss: Who, when, where & how.

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French tattoos: french pigeon with Eiffel tower

25 Fabulous French Tattoos: ideas for men and women

When you think of France what comes to mind? The Eiffel tower? A French baguette? Perhaps something less obvious like a sprig of lavender or a painting by Dégas? Whatever images your mind conjures up when you think of France, they can easily be captured in a French inspired tattoo. Here are over 25 photos of French themed tattoos to get your juices flowing.

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The weird ways Movie titles are changed for the French market

31 Funny, Weird& Wacky French Translations Of Hollywood Movie Titles

Instead of translating Hollywood movie titles to French, sometimes they’re simply swapped out for another English movie titles which is supposed to make sense to the French audience. The results can sound super funny to English speakers.Here are 31 for you to giggle over.

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Don't be surprised in French people don't know the meaning of RSVP despite it being a French acronym

Why Don’t The French Know The Meaning of RSVP -A French Acronym?

RSVP, it’s what you write on an invitation when you want a response from the invited person. But RSVP is a French acronym not an English one so why don’t the French use “RSVP” and why do so few French people understand it’s meaning? Discover the answer to these questions and learn what you should write on a French invitation instead of the letters RSVP.

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